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    Ua Neej Nrog Game [2011]

    is this movie out yet? my sister been tryin to look for it
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    Niam Tee Ntsha [2010]

    thank you so much!
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    Niam Tee Ntsha [2010]

    where in youtube? i dont seem to find any preview or anything on this movie??
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    Believe or Not (Nom Phaj & Maiv Puv New Horror Movie)

    if u go to loojceeb web site u should see the cover, but idk if that the one
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    Teya Rogers

    love her smile!! cute!!
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    wow havent been on since forever!!

    wow havent been on since forever!!
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    is this air friday to sunday??
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    i agree! they are the kutest couple!! ^_^
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    ^^ same here! ^_^
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    hmong the grudge..LOL
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    aww.. i like toey she's soo kute!!
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    Pok Piyatida [Enjoy Life]

    she's Gorgeous!!
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    ss501 are freakin hella hot woot woot!! i love love love Kim hyun joong
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    Aff Taksaorn: Black & White Chic

    BEAUTIFUL! Awww..
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    2ne1 is sooo down to earth i love them!!!
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    oh i miss rita and i can't wait for this one.
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    Piny Savika: Sexy Spicy Girl

    sooo kute!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    LOL i too want to see the kissing scene :P yay! it's going to air tomorrow!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    awww so kute.. pinky is so freakin gorgeous!!.. she is so damn skinny!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    YaY! :D its airing tomorrow!
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    tik got married!

    nooo im soo sad :( he was the first thai guy that i like...
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    NichKhun on Woody Show

    omg nickhunie is a kutie pie loveee 2pm!!!!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    thanks for the pic!! they so kute together!!
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    20th annual TV POOL Party: 2009

    cee and amy are so kute together!!
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    goshhh!! she's sooo pretty!!!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    the teaser look sooo good!! whoo i can't wait for this.. ^____^
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    Tangmo Pattarathida Patcharaweerapong [I Feel Good, I Knew That I Would]

    haha she's so kute in these photo! :lol:
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    OMG its airing soon. yesssh!!!.. is any one going to sub this lakorn??
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    Sawika Chaiyadech [Pinky]

    nice! i love her eyes!!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    thanks!! OMG! Pinky is gorgeous!! love her hair she's so flawless
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    Best vs Toey

    ToeY!!! she's too kute!! :P
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    ARENA vol. 3 no. 34 June 2009

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    Sudsapda vol. 27 no. 633 June 2009

    Noon is beautifuL!! Son is HOTNesS!! Vill, doesn't look like her!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    really hoping that we get to see it this yrs.. :D
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    i can't wait to watch this LOL... i heard they almost done filming...
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    she's so purdy!
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    Kao Jirayu Laongmanee ! (:

    omg he is soo kute hehehe
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    hahaha i agree they do
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    Help with asian diet pill

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    Taew vs. Vill (article)

    i'll vote for Taew!!! she's so kute and purdy!! but i do think vill is kute too..
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    Tai & Toey

    luv toey smile ^__^
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    awww the pic are soo kute hehehe...thanks for sharing!!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    haha i can't wait to see this air...
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    Baan Na Cafe (Kantana)

    wow she kinda resemble pancake in a way.. but very pretty
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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    picture pls..LOL
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    kute! :D kute! kute! :D
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    when is this lakorn going to air???
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    yeah hope it air this year too ^___^
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    Kwaan Usamanee

    i don't like her long nails...
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    Paj Thoj (Maiv Puv)

    kool i want to see her too lols
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    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    wait so what is this lakorn about? haven't seen the old version yet...
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    Jarinporn Junkiat [Toey]

    wow! she look totally different!! but, very kute i like it!
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    Anne Thongprasom & Pae Arak

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    Dang she's hella FINE!
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    Anne Thongprasom & Pae Arak new photshoot

    pae is soo adoraBle!!
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    Bee Namthip

    hahahhaaha i like it she soo japanish...
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    Aff & Bie @ Ratree Samosarn : Prajun See Roong

    BeautifUl smile she have and nice outfit...
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    Kat English

    awww i misses her too she was soo kute and still is..
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    Woranuch Wongsawan [Noon]

    i like her make up
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    2 pm

    omg i love LovE LoVe 2Pm!!! Jaebum and Khunie <<33
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    oh wow!! hehehehehe i like it!
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    Pat New Hair Cut

    i agree she's so purdy...
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    ^^^ thanks!!
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    ohh i want to see the teaser too ^____^
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    yay!! its airing!!
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    Aum Patcharapa

    she look so purdy and kute...
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    Sririta Jensen VOLUME magazine issue April/2009

    god DamN she'S HOTT!!
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    Taew Nathaporn

    she's such a kutie!!
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    i like the street version better becuz gd is in there lols... go 2NE1 Fighting!!
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    Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah 2

    awwww soo kute :wub:
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    dang Rita is gorgeouS!!!
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    BeaUtifuL Smile!! ^____^
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    Hi! Magazine: Volume 7 Issue 8 | April 2009

    i love Pinky!! she soo freakin GorgeoUs!!!
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    Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada (Polyplus)

    hehehe i agree he is pretty good lookin when he has his hair tied up ^___^
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    she look hot with black hair!!
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    Dok Bua Kao (Kantana)

    oh kool thanks for the update y can't pinky pair up with teng instead.
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    thanks tehehe.. i cant wait to watch this now!!
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    Suay Rerd Cherd Sode (Broadcast)

    omg i soo want Rteam to reunited again!! ^_^
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    I KISSED MOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    awww lucky you...... i sat at the back so i didn't get to touch him at all :(
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    Janie at Ch3 39th Anniversary Soccor Game

    she has gotten prettier...
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    kool im soo going to support them i like park bom
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    thanks i like the song hahaha...big bang and 21
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    2NE1 Official Thread

    omg i can't wait kool thanks...
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    Rita Jensen

    i miss her long hair..
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    awwwwwwww :wub: they look soo kute together i can't wait for this one too...gosh hurry up already..lols..
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    Nat Thepasadin

    i want to be her now....hehehe
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    Nat Thepasadin

    dayuuummm..he's hella fine!!!
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    i want to read the summary...lols...
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    Namfon Patcharin : Papayorn Bunterng

    she have gotten prettier and hotter too ^_^
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    PI LI MIT!!

    i need to finish this one... its ending already...
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    Akkapan-new actor from polyplus

    yeah i tHinkiNg he's Good LookiNg...
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    Amy Klinpratoom

    wow she's hot lols...
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    yay! i want to see more picture... :D
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    Mon Rak Khao Tom Mud (Polyplus)

    :lol: i know hahahaha they so funny
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    The look you'll love

    Pinky is Soo it...
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    daddy ken and his baby boy

    awwww how kute the baby is soo adorable along with the daddy too
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    Rome is HANDSOME!! ^_^
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    Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah 2

    awwww they soo kute...
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    kool so they start to film already hope to see this soon ^_^
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    where did ya see the teaser at??
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    ohhh how sWeEt!! tehehehe...KisseS...
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    so is there any pic yet?
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    so when are they going to start filming...j/w
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    Soot Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    omg willy....
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    how kute hehee...
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    Soo Sarn Poodaesah(Chulumpee)

    the new hair cut make her look older... eh not bad i think she look kute..
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    yupp.. i agree Rita is one gorgeous lady...
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    Valentine's day Promotion

    how kute...
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    Oil and Fang back together

    wow fang is still young i thought she was in her late 20... she's friggen skinny... but still kute...
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    rita is so beautiful....
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    Mon Rak Khao Tom Mud (Polyplus)

    KutE!! so when is this airing???
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    thanks i can't wait for more hehehe...
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    she's look hawt in any hairstyle...
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    Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah 2

    thanks for the picture...aww whose the other guys..he's kute.. Toey is kute...
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    continue pls....
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    Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah 2

    uh golf with a sickness..osh a korean drama i hate when they get sickness and die it suck!
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    *Upcoming Movie* Nuj Nplaib Special

    he's fUnny...lols...
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    i want to see some picture too...
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    Nichkhun Horawechakul [Khun]

    awwww i love him...hahahaha 2pm hotties....
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    Ubat Ruk Kaam Kaub Fah 2

    ^^^hahahahaha... its kute...
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    Pat's Engagement?!

    i think her bf or ex bf is kute looking..lols
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    Nat Thepasadin

    he's kute...
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    Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)

    dang Art has a hot body...
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    Waratya Nilkooha [Jui]

    gosh her eyes is so big and purdy
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    Natalie Davis

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    Sai Seub Delivery (Good Feeling)

    the teaser look funny and good..
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    what the storyline about...
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    is this lakorn done filming yet?..j/w
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    omG! and PinkY! tats HOt!..can't wait for this one!
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    ::Brenda Song::

    brenda song is hoT!
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    Soot Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    wow they have a lot of lakorn lately...
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    Some pictures of Tik J. Pholdee

    awwwwwwww i miss tiK think god he's still hot!..haha
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    Ruj the Star

    he's kute
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    Nat Myria

    wow she's sOOooo PurdY... haven't seen her for a while...
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    Weir Sukollawat

    i hope he have one with Pinky....
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    Sririta Jensen

    rita has a hi5 what is her hi5 i want to go add her...
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    oh wow i really want to see some picture now!!
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    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    hecka yeah im loving this drama minho ahhhhh so freakin hot and so is hyun joong...
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    Katreeya English : Cosmetic Magazine Cover Girl

    omg KAt is back i love her! thanks for the good news...
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    Kob's Wedding Picture

    good luCk to her and her husband!!!
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    [pic]Ch3 dara attended a wedding

    omg everyone looks nice!! Rita is soo PurDy!!
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    Plik Fah Lah Tawan (DaraVDO)

    omg i just saw the look so real...hehehe...
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    aww i want to see more pixs of them.. any news for this lakorn...
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    i really want to see this... btw when is this airing after???
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    aw i really want to see this lakorn now...
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    Jai Rao (in hmong dubb) by TNT Entertainment

    why don't they just have it in dvd english sub title...
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    Mam Kathleeya: Sophisticated

    SeXy Mama!
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    TV Magazine & Dara Pappayon: Kaew Lorm Petch

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    Rome & Rita

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    Random pix of Wiew Wonarot

    she's sooo kute..
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    i think her voice is okay too, i like it, very noticeable ahahaha...
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    Plik Fah Lah Tawan (DaraVDO)

    so have episode 2 come out yet??
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    Katreeya English : updates on new lakorn

    omg are u forreal kat is coming back... yay...
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    Ice Sarunyu - In Magazine In Korea

    he so Kuteee!!
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    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    wow... any news or update yet ^_^
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    Poy Treechayapa

    her boobs look so fake on the first photo....
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    ohhhhh... i wonder what is the storyline for this...hehehe...
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    oh i want to see them together... hope we get to see the pic very soon...
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    wah Vicky yay i love her she so pUrdY!!
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    omG Rita and Andrew.... interesting pairing i want to see...
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    aww hope she's alright.... she's a strong girl.... i can't wait till tis come out......
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    Sapai Glai Peun Tiang(Polyplus)

    ^^ Wow he look like the Prince in PInky and New lakorn... is it him???...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    yeaH i really can't wait for the third episode....
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    How come Rita jensen and ken Therdeth dont have a lakorn together yet?

    i second that!! i waNt Ken and Rita to starr in a lakorn hopefulLy!!
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    Nkauj Nyab ?

    it should really be only one part instead of making it to two parts...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    haha.. i can't wait to see eposide 2... piNky lOoK soo Purdy as a Jao Ying
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    Pinky Savika: Blossom Love

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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    yay i love Pinky i miss her on screen!!!
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    Models Vol. 1 #26 .. June 2008

    kool all the guys are hawT!!...
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    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    Oh i wanna know who is the n'ek....
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    Pancake Khemanit & family

    wow her brother is kute...
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    thanks for the caps...
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    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    hahaha Pinky is Gorgeous.....
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    I thInk the Guy with the babyiSh lookin face look weird somehow iono...lols... omg can't wait till moday come....
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    kool ima go watch ep 3 now...
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    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ahhhhhhhh kool............. pinky and Aof will have a Lakorn coming...........
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    sO faR i liKe it cAn't wAit tilL them tWo mEeT...lalalalala...lols.....
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    so have they start film this yet??
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    yay it air tomorrow!!
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    [Movie] Twilight

    i'm Soooooooooo in LOve wiTh EdwArd CullEn TooOO... lOve TwiLight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    GorgeOus picture!!
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    Toey Jarinporn

    tOO KawaII...
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    Nplooj Siab Poj Ntsuam

    i hate crybabies movie sooooooo borIng when they cry!!! all his movie seem the same to me im all confuse....
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    whoa! the p'ek is hawt and Tall too!! i like tall guys ^_^
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    can't wait mo more from the look frm the pic...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    oh it look good i want to watch this too...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    PinkY is GorgeoUs!!!
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    it look interesting... just saw the teaser..
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    omg i love this drama too love Hiro ahhhhh so sad :(
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    what they have a new album out just the three of them or do u mean they all... i love their new album!
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    omg top kiss hyori so lucky!!!
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    [Film] Heaven's Postman

    YAy im so glad to see Jaejoong play in a drama... yupp he is playing with the beautiful Han Hyo Joo frm "spring waltz" and "Iljimae" i adore this girl... man hahaha jaejoong is too pretty don't ya think so too... its coming out somewhere in 2009 Credit to Soompi...
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    PI LI MIT!!

    Love and bread ep1 is also out i saw a couple part of it with english sub.. that one is also good too, ariel and joel are one hot couple
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    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    Rita!! :yahoo:
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    PI LI MIT!!

    oMg i'm so Addicted to this drama rite now! so far so good loving arron and guigui in hea.. can't wait to see the kissing scene between these two hahahaha...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    oH so when is this airing again?? i'M sO eXicitinG for this lakorn...
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    Noon Sirapun: Turn To Comedy

    dayYum! she's looking HOt!!
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    omg i lOve superNatural!!!! i watched all the episode never wanting ti miss this.... hahaha love Dean Wenchester!!!
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    Love or Bread

    it's already air ahhhhh just saw the first couple part of it with sub cuz its not finish yet so far so good hahaha Joel and ariel are funny always going at it so kute...
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    Seu Ruk Chuck Yai Olaworn (Broadcast)

    i like Noon she soo purdy with long hair...
  205. S

    Paula Taylor

    wow WILD hair!! hahaha...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    omg omg the teaser is out yay!! thanks so much!!!
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    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    december seem soo long hahaha... can't wait to hear the good news....
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    Pleng Ruk Kharm Pob

    Pancake has so many lakorn out...
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    i don't know if ya see this photo yet but i think NAt and Rita look good with each other... Rita doesn't look that old with NAt...
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    Jakjaan Akumsiri: Living With Mind

    awwwwww the photo shoot is adorable!!!
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    Sririta Jensen

    Rita is Gorgeous... she's my idol i love her
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    Paula Taylor

    she's so kute!!
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    Her hair is AMazIng pRetTy...
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    Omg PinKy is so PretTy as A Princess!! awww i can't wait till this is out glad that it's airing next month
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    Tik Going Inter ?

    Yay fOr TiK i tRulY miSs hIm!!
  216. S

    ngao asoke

    I don'T liKe Hmong Production! Period.
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    ^^ omg hope its true!!
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    Silamanee (Compordee)

    dang Kob is hecka purdy in here....
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    Kaew Nah Maa (hmong dub)

    thanks for sharing....
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    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    omg the picture make me want to cry already by just looking at the pic... :(
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    kool i want to see this too....
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    Hua Jai Sila

    omg i love Bie and Fang in hea!!!!
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    kute can't wait till this air...
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    aum and pinky photoshoot in japan

    awwwwwww... they do look kute together....
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    hahahaha... Oil is so Dorky and funny in hea hahaha...
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    Pinky Savika: Glamerous Style

    so mUch make-up... but still loves Pinky she's so Purdy!!!
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    Mai Visa: Girl Gone Wild

    she's pretty
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    Peung Kunya Leenuttapong Official Thread

    she is soo not FAT!!! hahahaha she's adorable!!! dang onliee 18 omg same as me can't believe that she's only older than me by ONE day ONLy!! lols..
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    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    OMG Pinky is Drop dead Gorgeous!!! i seriously want to watch Aof and Pinky together AGAIN SOON!!!
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    will to me he does look GAY in Picture but in lakorn he's pretty kute...
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    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    haha what's wrong with guys with tight pants unless its not too tight on them!!!...lols yup i like guys with tight pant but not too tight!!
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    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    hahaha not that bad looking but Rita look hotT!!...
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    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    Num is hawt and Poo is purdy in hea!!
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    Taew Nattaporn: Winter Love Song

  235. S

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    oIl is sO hawT witH hiS TiGht PanTs iN hea!!
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    HAMBURGER vol. 7 no. 124 October 2008

    its so Hawt dang she loOk gooD!! hahahaha... plus the dude too!!
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    any news update??...
  238. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ^^ hahaha i agree that Cheer do look older then Cee and Aof... awwwww no i want to see them in 2009!!! i miss them together!!!
  239. S

    Pei Parnward: She’s Hot!

  240. S

    Sedtee Karng Kiang (PJJ-Hunk Manoga)

    OMg that other guy who is he?? he's kute!!!
  241. S

    Manee Yard Fah

    i saw someone upload it to youtube with englisg subb but its not finish yet...
  242. S

    New Wongsakorn & Jui Warattaya: Sweet

    Jui's Hot like her top! umm New has lip stick on hahahaha...
  243. S

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Roly-Poly

    she's gotten Hotter!!
  244. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    CHEER!!...ummm... iono she doesn't look to seem to match Aof
  245. S

    Heeb Lon Sawn Winyaan (Exact)

  246. S

    Nuer Mek (Metha Mahaniyom)

    who's Koy???
  247. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    have they start filming yet i wanna see more photo!...hahaha...
  248. S

    PINKY...KWAN...YARD..and BEE M.

    Pinky All the Way!!!! But Kwan is PurdY too :)
  249. S

    Heeb Lon Sawn Winyaan (Exact)

    Yeah same here too... when i first saw her with Peper i was like whoa she's kute and natural then all the other that i saw...
  250. S

    Mas Miab & Tub Ntxawg

    what the title in hmong???
  251. S

    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    omg the teaser look interesting and look SAD already :(
  252. S

    Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)

    hahaha kute he does remind me of Ken the mini Ken!! hahahahaha
  253. S

    Kularb Son Narm

    She's prEtty and Kute...
  254. S

    Lay Reetai (ch3) [Unconfirm]

    ugg... Pang why her... sorry just don't think they match!!...
  255. S

    Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)

    hahahaha..omg the glasses are tight lols...
  256. S

    Pat Napapa

    Omg i loVe her HaIr!!!! VerY KutE!!!
  257. S

    Mario Maurer & Lee Dong Wook: Binary Star

    ahhh.... Lee Dong Wook!! koolz...
  258. S

    Noon Woranuch: Rumor Has It

    Gosh Her Hair Is BeaUtifUl!!!! LonG and BlacK vErY Nice!!!
  259. S

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    yeah He does i also think so too!!!... Mart Matches Janie best!!!
  260. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    aww i like this picture of them hahaha kuteNess!!! thanks i hope they will too...
  261. S

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    vicky and Ace haven't met yet?? man i gotta catch up with this lakorn....
  262. S

    Kularb Son Narm

    aww i like the pairing its kute!
  263. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    awww they both are so kute together!!!
  264. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    is there any news??... i really want to hear the good news if they are going to be pairing up for the next up coming lakorn
  265. S

    Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)

    oh thanks! :)
  266. S

    Nor Sor (Nang Sao) Yenrudee (Step Onward)

    hahaha... art and noon look pretty good together!! Kute!!
  267. S

    Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)

    is out on youtube yet???
  268. S

    The World That They Live In

    i knOw same here!!!.... it airing soon too....
  269. S

    Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)

    dang LoMe lOOk GooD!
  270. S

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    hahahahaha thanks! it look hecka funny!!
  271. S

    Sanae Narng Ngiew (Kantana)

    oh i miss film i'll watch for him!!
  272. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ahahahaha... how kute....
  273. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    kool so creative!
  274. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    aww it's going to be long to see this lakorn out next years!
  275. S

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    ah no nat doesn't match with Rita at all NOOOO i would rather chose Por!
  276. S

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    please i don't want Paul to be in here...
  277. S

    Patty Angsumarin

    i don't know her but she's ADORABLE
  278. S

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    awww almost the same cast but no ROME... i'm sad...:(
  279. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ^^ ThankS!!
  280. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    i also pray that it's pinky and aof again!!!
  281. S

    The World That They Live In

    Yay the treaser is out just a short clip only
  282. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    thanks PinKy is soO PuRdY!!!!
  283. S

    ideas for losing weight?

    Diet, exercise, like going to the gym, thats what i do and i need to lose some weight it help i go to the gym often
  284. S

    Nor Sor (Nang Sao) Yenrudee (Step Onward)

    i know same here, want Art and Namfon to play again they were kute together!
  285. S

    Meu Nang (Dida)

    OMG he is a Cutie!! ha totally going to watch this one for him and kwan!!
  286. S

    Heeb Lon Sawn Winyaan (Exact)

    Fang is drop dead Gorgeous in hea she got hella thin...
  287. S

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    hahahahaha this look like a fun lakorn to watch dang Oil still look hecka good for his age!! looking young each time i see him!!
  288. S

    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    i want him with ne n'ek!!!!!! like Rita!! not Ann...
  289. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    :yahoo: whoot hope to here there new lakorn soon!!!! i'm praying for a good storyline :spin:
  290. S

    Tub yaj

    hahahaha i guess that how they take picture when my parents or all some other "Og" that i see they don't smile alot when taking pic, i don't know why....
  291. S

    Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)

    yeah i knoe i'm starting to like Tle too, there is something about him that make him attracted... he look handsome!!
  292. S

    The World That They Live In

    omg u guys totally need to watch this a little behind the scene of the making of it.. Hyun bin is so darn kutie!...
  293. S

    Sririta Jensen: Make It Right, Make It Bright

    Wow she has nice curve!! i Love it!! hahaha very SexY!!!
  294. S

    Vicky Sunisa & Tah Warit, Som Thansinee

    awww how kute i really like Vicky she is so pretty!!
  295. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ^^ awww that's kute it was one of my favorite scene to... :lol:
  296. S

    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk(Quiz & Quest)

    ^^ ah thank you for explaining now i get it! ^_^ feel so sad for Por then... what days does this air??
  297. S

    Dao HoTT sister

    hahahahaha.. look just like him it funny!!
  298. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    i'M Jealous Pinky is always so pretty and cHarminG.... Love her and Aof!!
  299. S

    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk(Quiz & Quest)

    is that Por real mom?? y she dislike Por??
  300. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    Yay! January awsome!
  301. S

    The Bad Campus Belle

    No she's not in here not that i know of it... but Michelle Chen is in here she is in Why WHy Love with Rainie too her friend..
  302. S

    Bie Sukrit

    pueng with bie sound awsoMe!!
  303. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    awww.. love the pic!...
  304. S

    Fai Chon Saeng (Feeling Good)

    awwww.. i hated to see the n'ek die at the end! :(
  305. S

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Omg Por!!!...hmmm... iono but he seem alrite standing next to Rita!..
  306. S

    Wonder Girls

    i like their new song "Nobody" anyOne seen it???
  307. S

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    omg thanks for leting us knoe that it was eng sub i'mma go watch it!
  308. S

    PI LI MIT!!

    is that kissing in the mouth or on the cheek???
  309. S

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    yeah i know Vicky should be more tougher!..Grrr... but i still like her she so PrettY in hea! is she going to be with Ace in hea??
  310. S

    Boy Pissanu

    Nice Body he hAve theRe!
  311. S

    PI LI MIT!!

    thanks i can't wait to see Arron and gui gui together!!..
  312. S

    The Bad Campus Belle

    yupp its out and english sub up to eposide 3 already!
  313. S

    [Movie] Painted Skin

    i'm so going to watch this, Love Donnie and vicky is it out yet?? like in youtube or veoh??
  314. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    Me too ^_^ Missed Rome and Rita together! they should hurry up and pair again i want more sweet scene of them two!
  315. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    awwwww thanks for sharing the pix! if onlie they were together!...
  316. S

    Rome & Great

    Rome Rome Rome..... i miss him!
  317. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    i knoe he does he look so small like a lido
  318. S

    Funny picture

    ah Gayluss!!....
  319. S

    Rome model w/ Pageant girl

    DanG! he iS FinE!!
  320. S

    Prince: Prince Is Just Not The Prince

    who r they??? the r alrite lookin...
  321. S

    K-Otic: Dancing In The Rain

    i love these boys!!
  322. S

    Sririta Jensen

    she is gorgous!!!
  323. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    wow she is so gorgous....thanks for sharing the pixs...
  324. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    awwww :wub: they look soo kute painting together.... Pinky is so purdy like always...
  325. S

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    he seem cute in a way...
  326. S

    The World That They Live In

    i heard they already start to filming...
  327. S

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    what's the storyline anywais??...
  328. S

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    i like Vicky she is so pretty...
  329. S

    Toey Jarinporn: Sweet and Saucy

    awww i love Toey she is soo Dran Cute!! tehehehehe....
  330. S

    Chakrit & Jakajan

    i can't see the pixs....
  331. S

    Janie Tienpusuwan:Along Came Janie

    wow she look nice..
  332. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    oh sound interesting! thanks for the summary...
  333. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    yuPp Jan. that hecka long will to meeh! ha... i can't wait to see it already!!
  334. S

    The Bad Campus Belle

    omg this is funny rainie is soo funny i mean her character..
  335. S

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    aww they suit each other very well.....
  336. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    KooL fiNally i want to know the story line too!! :D
  337. S

    Chompoo Araya

  338. S

    Yardthip Rajapal: Sexy All The Time

  339. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ^^ same here i can't watch it too...
  340. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    i Love her long Curly hair!! Pinky is so kUte!!
  341. S

    Golf | Mike | Peak | Toey

    awwww... i love the Pixs!!!...hehehehe
  342. S

    Golf | Mike | Peak | Toey

    ahahahahahahaha they shopping without Mike.... the pixs are kute! they're so funny!!
  343. S

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    Omg i LOVe this lakorn Rome and Rita are so meet to be together can't get enough of them!
  344. S

    Ruk Son Kaen(Polyplus)

    it end today?
  345. S

    Yardthip Rajapal

    wow shE RocK!! :dude:
  346. S

    Rome Patchata : P'ek Hole in One

    ahhhhh dang! he's so fine love that sMile of him!! make my day Thank you!!
  347. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    :yahoo:Yay Hope to hear the good news of there upcoming lakorn :clap:
  348. S


    iono but i do use it all the time to my close frewn and cousiN...:)
  349. S

    Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)

    is ep.3 out yet??
  350. S

    Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)

    the pics are kute look like they have fun!
  351. S

    Who do you really want to see Sririta with?

    Omg i Love Rita too >_< anD i woUld Love to See her Pair up With Chakrit!!
  352. S

    Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)

    Man Cee is HawT!!
  353. S

    Num Sornram and....who?

    i woulD love to see Num with Rita! :)
  354. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    Love the Banner of Pinky and Aof!
  355. S

    Golf, Mike, & Toey, JKI

    hahahaha how kute! lOve the pixs!
  356. S

    Mon Rak Khao Tom Mud (Polyplus)

    dang i can't wait till this air! thanks for sharing the pic!
  357. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    hahaha thanks for the news on Aof!...
  358. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    haha the ending was kute and funnY!!
  359. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    same here i want to watch Pinky and aof again!!
  360. S

    Peak P. - Tai C. - Focus J. - Pat A.

    peak is pretty but i don't like her mouth, it kind of bother me
  361. S

    Sapai Glai Peun Tiang(Polyplus)

  362. S

    Joop Patta

    omg i love her doggie!!
  363. S

    C-Quint: Black

    Yoshi is kute!
  364. S

    Rita's sister commits suicide

    aww how sad :(
  365. S

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    awww i want to knoe alreadY WHO IS THE GUY??? Yike!
  366. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    any news yet??...
  367. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    awww i pray we get to see them VERY soOn!!!...
  368. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    ^^ hahahaha Toey was kute in yesterday episode!!
  369. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    awww seeing the kute pics i want more of Aof and Pinky!!
  370. S


    I Love TAeMin!!!
  371. S

    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    i wanna see the pic too!
  372. S

    Anyone going to support Chakrit in Bangkok Dangerous this weekend?

    yUpP! Me TOo!!! AloNg wIth MY CousIn!!
  373. S

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Yay another Rita lakorn, i want to see more of her! it better be with a hot p'ek!!
  374. S

    Aum Patchrapa: Perfectionist

  375. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    awwwww the pic is soo kute gosh Rome is just soo Hawt and Rita is always soo pretty!! looks like they have fun too!! i miss Gae Roy Rak alreadY!!
  376. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    the kidnap part and the "willing" scene!!..hahahahaha
  377. S

    Dome Pakorn Lum: Konnichi wa Kobe

    i think Dome is Hawt!!
  378. S

    Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying (Makers Group)

    whaT POR agaiN!!!
  379. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    thanks for the summary! i'll be waiting for this lakorn anywais when is this airing???
  380. S

    Sririta Jensen

    Dang she's HOT!!!
  381. S

    Pancake Khemanit

    Dang i love her body its nice and slim!! plus her hair too hehehe...
  382. S

    Mon Rak Khao Tom Mud (Polyplus)

    awww pat and film!! thanks for the pix!!
  383. S

    DoaKaJai--30 Chinese Fans flew to see Tik in Bangkok

    omg Tik is lookin FINE like alway!!! i miss him soo much!!
  384. S

    IMAGE vol. 21 no. 8 August 2008

  385. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    yupP i agreE today epiSode was too Kute!! teehehehe....
  386. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    is there going to be today ep. i really want to watch this???
  387. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    hahaha love ep8 rome and rita are so kute and funnY ^_^
  388. S

    Mix european or white child stars

    i'll say RitA aNd poO!!
  389. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    yay sat. is coming up can't wait till Toey and Mike meet!
  390. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    kOol... i'm excited to see this lakorn too i think New is goOd lOOKin....
  391. S

    Chompoo Araya

    Wow i love those pose she does with those doll...
  392. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    aww they look so nice together! anywais thanks for the pic!
  393. S

    [Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3

    Aww... I so hope gillian will come back I miss her....
  394. S

    Tik Jessadaporn, Ruj Suparuj & Toey Jarinporn

    aww Tik is baCk miss him and dang he is so damn hot hehehe....
  395. S

    Mon Rak Khao Tom Mud (Polyplus)

    awww i so bad want to watch film and pat again they look kute together....
  396. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    ^^ahahahaha mike is so kute!!
  397. S

    Siam Paragon World Watch and Jewery Fair 2008

    aww i like her dress!
  398. S

    Koo Kik Prik Gub Kleua (Sitcom Lakorn)

    where did you watch it from? i've been trying to find it
  399. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    Here u go
  400. S

    Golf-Mike new look

    omg they are such a hottie!! still loven the
  401. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    ^^hahahahaha i saw that little preview and it was funny when he pull it off of her hair....hahahahahaha....i was like is that her hair Ouch!
  402. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    there is sumone who is uploading it in english sub at youtube...
  403. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    omg ep.6 is so fun to watch i love every scene of aof and pinky together....teehehehe... kute... can't wait till friday to come....
  404. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    i can't wait for ep3 so far i like it...
  405. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    this lakorn is kute!! hehehehe...
  406. S

    Golf-Mike: By the Sea

    dang they are loOkin hellA fiNe!! i don't mind about the eyeliner hahaha it look good on i seen and knoe guys who do wears them...
  407. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    yay! i found it on youtube Novova uploaded....
  408. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    oh dang they both look so kute!! teehehehe... thank yoU so much for the pic! gotta go watch this!....
  409. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    so is it out today?
  410. S

    Golf-Mike: Boom Boom

    awww they look so hawT hehehe mike look like a girl
  411. S

    Bowie Attama

    wow she look totally different i didn't know it was her it look like she lost some weight...
  412. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    hahaha.. i love golf hope this'll be goOd!!
  413. S

    Monica Muller

    awww i think she's kute...
  414. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    i hope sumone would sub this lakorn...
  415. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    it out?
  416. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    thanks! for the pix.. omg they alL loOk gOOd!!
  417. S

    Weir Sukollawat & Noon Sirapan

    i can't see the pic.. :(
  418. S

    Who Looks Better?

  419. S

    Anticipating New Lakorns...?

    i can't wait for rome and rita!!! Gae Roy Ruk
  420. S

    Num Sornram & Yardthip Rachapal

    Num is HOT!!!
  421. S

    Tik Jadsadaporn

    Yay!!! Tik i miss him and he is Back!!...a movie seem interesting hope its good...
  422. S

    Weir Sukollawat & Win Tawin

    awwwww... they r too kute!!!
  423. S

    Pim Pimmada: Chef & Chic

    her hairstyle is kute hehehehe....
  424. S

    Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn, Ginnie Thanida: Cheers

    woW they lOOk GoOd tOgeTHer... awww... ken is soO sExY!!...
  425. S

    Nor Sor (Nang Sao) Yenrudee (Step Onward)

    awww i miss Art!!!
  426. S

    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    Rita!! woUld be reAlly nIce...
  427. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    i can' wait anY mOre yay!! so its airing the first week of auguSt!! Thanks foR the pic!!
  428. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    ah i can't wait til its AugusT!!! teehehehehehe Love Mike N Golf!!!
  429. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    ah i can't wait til its AugusT!!! teehehehehehe Love Mike N Golf!!!
  430. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    PinKy iS sO PretTy aS a pRinCesS....
  431. S

    Superstar Express | 愛就宅一起 | Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi

    its not out yet they are still filming it.... i hope someone would sub this one once it's oUt!!
  432. S

    Paula Taylor & Stefan Sunthi: Where the Love Is

    wow they lOOk gooD toGetheR!!!
  433. S

    Ken Theeradeth

    Omg he is One fIne Hot Man!!!!
  434. S

    Bittersweet Lakorns

    can u give me a little summary about this lakorn??
  435. S

    Xais Yaj (Tub Yaj's cousin) - New Hmong P'ek

    is THAt SoMCHAI YANG??
  436. S

    Soo Sarn Poodaesah(Chulumpee)

    awww Tye and Rita!! Kute!..hehehehe
  437. S

    Pei Parnward

    DanG haWt!!!
  438. S

    Pinky Savika @ IIFA AWARDS

    Omg she is GorgouS!!!! Love PinKy!!!
  439. S

    Pinky Savika: Better in Time

    she is soO prettY!!! lOve hEr eYe!!!
  440. S

    Sarang, Chun Rak Tur

    interesting!!! keep updated pls...
  441. S

    Cowboy Socialite :: Rome/Rita *COMPLETE*

    so far so good.. more ps...
  442. S


    there was also a movie but they made it into a drama too... i really want to watch this drama but can't find it anywhere??? anyOne know or have watch this? plus i think the main guy is kute...hehehe...
  443. S


    omg i didn't know about this.... so sad...
  444. S

    Mon Rak Khao Tom Mud (Polyplus)

    OMG Film is Back!!!
  445. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    YeaH i hOpe sumEoNe sUb this One tOo....
  446. S

    Four-Mod: True Colors

    i lOve it kute!!!
  447. S

    Noon Woranuch: I Feel So Fabulous

    Wow she is GorgoUs... lOve the Hair...^_^
  448. S

    Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

    oh i'm starting to watch tis too and so far i like it....
  449. S

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    golF and MikE!!!!
  450. S

    It Started With A Kiss 2

    i need to finish this i'm so behind... i heard that they are having a new drama out but not sure....
  451. S

    Wish To See You Again (2008)

    omg i want to watch tis but only got to ep.1 :(
  452. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    yupP i think Toey is so Kute too!!
  453. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    ahhhh...i can't wait for this it look sweet!!!thank yoU!!
  454. S

    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

    it seem interesting hope yoU or someone can sub this lakorn cuz i don't understand thai...
  455. S

    Som Got Burn from Oil 12/06/2008

    Oh mY goSh it hurTs!!!
  456. S

    Tik J Pholdee

    i'm in... hellA miss my hottie p'
  457. S

    A Song for the Sun

    omg i just gonna start to watch this series... i love the main girl she is so pretty and lover her voice n sOng!!!
  458. S

    Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

    omg i like tis hahaha i wish i can make a hot robot bf
  459. S

    PI LI MIT!!

    hmmm.. i heard that they might have a new drama out too... so exicited... i can't wait till tis one air.... lOvE AaRon n GuiGui!!!
  460. S

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

  461. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    kOol seem interesting.... thanKs for thE sumarY.. i'll be waiting for tHis to air Yay!!
  462. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

  463. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    awww no cee and PinkY :(
  464. S

    Namfon Patcharin Fans

    wOw she's stilL yOunG!!
  465. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i need to catch up
  466. S

    9 Entertainment Awards 2008

    wOw soo Many HottiEs boyS!!....
  467. S

    James Ruangsak

    my sis is hella crazy for him hahahahaha he's alrite....
  468. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    hahahahahahaha i love to watch csi too and some other mysteries show
  469. S

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    ^^wow she's only turning 18 dang i'm even older then her hahaahahaha even though i just turned 18
  470. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

  471. S

    yang brothers... which one u like.... tub or sue????

    YupP true same
  472. S

    Sririta Jensen

    She lOok liKe a BarbiE doLl... HellA beAutiFul....
  473. S

    The Bad Campus Belle

    Here's a new series of rainie yang with wilber gosh i think he is cute!!!! It going to be releasing sometimes in 2008 Here a pic of Wilber Rainie hahahaha look at how she dress i think its kute The Character: Rainie Yang Will Pan Dean Fujioka Mei Mei Chen Yan Xi Here little plot...
  474. S

    Movie: Secret

    i lOve the sOng in hea....
  475. S


    all his mOvie seeM to alwAys base oN a True
  476. S

    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    he's alright....but haven't see him act before....
  477. S

    Katreeya English on Cheewajit Magazine

    Omg BeautiFul.... loVe her lOng hair and hEr smiLed!!!
  478. S

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    Omg i lOve to see Cee and Pinky Together!!!! hahahahahaha i Missed them since there last lakorn together... so any1 the storyliNe yet?.... what's the title mean?...
  479. S

    Kua Namsaeng

    KoOl.... nIce tO knoE yoU!!!
  480. S

    Thai Lakorns Hmong Dubbed on Youtube

    they also upload bie and fang lakorn too.... Hua jai silA...
  481. S

    Where R U From???

  482. S

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    ^^yupp yupp same here i'm also tired of seeing pat and por together too...its not that i don't ike them it just tat i'm tired of them two together..hahahahahahaha koOl he got to pair with Aff.............
  483. S

    Pinky Sawika

    ThanK yoU!! Omg she is sooOo PRETTY!!! Love her eyes and her skin......
  484. S

    Bee Namthip

  485. S

    silly hmong radio question:

  486. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    ^^ ops it on youtube.... sry i don't knoe how to do it......
  487. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    TaeYang new Mini single album is out OMg check it out and pls support him!!! he is soo freakin fine check out his NEW MV....HOTNESS.... <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode"...
  488. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    aww i also can't wait till this air.....
  489. S

    jaja lookin' cute with her new hairdo

    wow her eyes is so round and big hahahahaha....kute.....
  490. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    awwww... i can't wait till this air..... Love Rome and Rita.....
  491. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    omg ep.9 cun xi kissed xi yin....cute...
  492. S

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    Dang! Oil is so Hawt man seem like each time i see him he seem to be hotter and
  493. S

    kens new lakorn

    kool more of Ken!!!!
  494. S

    Nimit Marn(Tv Scene)

    he look kinda creepy....
  495. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    anna is not having a baby....
  496. S

    [KBS2] 3 Dads 1 Mom

    omg i love tis drama it so funny hahahahaha i liked the three dads hahahaha they soo funny...
  497. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    hope its good can't wait till its out too ^_^ toey look good wit golf but mike its good too hehehe....
  498. S

    Jenny Jansuda(pat in SB)

    i like her in sawan bien... lol... she's kute...
  499. S


    aww sung hee is my favorite too and she left that sad but hope the new kara will be good too
  500. S

    The World That They Live In

    Omg my Hyun bin is back and so is Song hye kyo.... they will be doing a drama togther ahhh my two favorite!!! :D This ought to make fans happy. The stars of two of the most popular kdramas of recent years, Full House and My Name Is Kim Samsoon, have been cast together in a new drama, The...
  501. S

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    omg i hear a little preveiw of his song Girls and Dang! i like it hahahaha gosh i can't wait till its out!!...Love se7en
  502. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    hahahaha i just finish watching episode 7 and omg its so funny and sweet...hehehe...
  503. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    ^^ same here... i thought toey was with golf but i guess... i want to see it
  504. S

    which pra'ek do you miss onscreen?

    i mIss tiK J. Pholdee...
  505. S

    Jui Worataya: Ploy Gam Petch

  506. S

    what is she doing?

  507. S

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    oMg they loOk so goOd hehehe rome loOkN hoT n RitA sO pretTy... i'm soO lOoking FoRwArd foR tiS lAkoRn 2 aiR!!!
  508. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    gOsh i neeD tO cAtch uP wiTh tiS drAma i'M sooO
  509. S

    Sood Dan Huajai

    omg i hugged him too...
  510. S

    Sood Dan Huajai

    is tis a movie?... and where is it going to air???...
  511. S

    Kunfu Lovers

    omg he kinda look like Nicky Wu... i'm so bad want to see
  512. S

    p'NUM in Fresno

    hella yeah i'm going and i got the ticket lol..
  513. S

    Rita Jansen

    OMG i adore her she is soo BEAUTIFULL.....
  514. S

    Death Note

    ^^Yep u sHould giVe iT a ShoT its pretTy iNterEstIng!!
  515. S

    Death Note

    OMg I LoVE "L" he is lIke soo Kute in their... can't wait for his new one call "L Changes The World" i think it continue
  516. S


  517. S


    OMG i LOVE NICHKHUN!!!!! he iS sUcH a KutiE piE!!!!
  518. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    Jay is not in hea???.. will anywais the other guy Dylan is Kute hehehehe... i think his real name is Baron Chen Chu He (River)
  519. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    YaY!! Ep.3 is out but not finisH yet!! go waTch it!!!!!
  520. S

    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    Omg saw a clip and Dang! Ken is LookIng helLa FINE!! can"t waIt for tIs lakOrn!!!! btw When is tiS airing??
  521. S

    Rome Patchata:A Man At Best

  522. S

    Namfon, Stefan, Pinky, Lydia, Tah, etc.

    Omg Tah loOk good...
  523. S

    Ka Ra Sand Suay

    Here's the link hope it work!!
  524. S

    Jannie Tienposuwan

    wOw she's PRETTY!!!
  525. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    Omg i love this drama hahahaha lOve ethan and joe together!!
  526. S

    Taew Nataporn & Mario Maurer: Be My Valentine

    OmG he is sUch a Kutie pIe!!!
  527. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    first episode out at mysoju.....eng. sub
  528. S

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    its was a kute
  529. S

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    whoa i need to catch up still watching it wit eng sub....
  530. S

    rome & aff presenter of a drink

    they look good together.....
  531. S


    OF couRse LovE the Hottie and kutie Aaron Yan!!!!...
  532. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    its on may 17 on a saturaday... but they are not sure yet... but i knoe forsure that ftts is coming again...
  533. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i think so....
  534. S


    he has such a nice voice love when he sing and rap!! he is also very good in english :D
  535. S


    OMG he is a hotties all i know is that he is thai and chinese omg he is sooo Kute..he is also training in korea with the company jyp!! he is soo adorable not to mention he is yoUng toO.... here our sum pix of him i want to share.... btw any1 know more info on him please post!! i want to...
  536. S

    Liu Yi Fei Signs Hollywood Contract

    Go Go Liu Yi Fei!!! love her she is so BeautifuL
  537. S

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    hahahahaha.. i knoe ep.47 & 48 r sooo girl look scary and funny lookin...
  538. S

    Mario Maurer NEW ACTOR

    wOw Hot and young too..
  539. S

    Hmong Movies need to......

    i know huh?...
  540. S

    Dung Duang Haruethai

    which company is translated this lakorn...
  541. S

    actors with style

    oh mi god i'll go with all u girls hehehe...tik, rome,Ken,chakrit,
  542. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    Toey's Kute!!
  543. S

    Rita @ Scotch Collagen E event

    Dong!~ she is so beautiful.. not to mention she's Hot too!!!
  544. S

    help!!! any thai fans needed!!!

    omg i remeber watchin this movie when i was little i like it anywais i also want to know who's the main guys.. i also want to watch the real version only saw the hmong dubb..
  545. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    it kute though how's there is going to have a baby in there too...
  546. S

    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    futiful upload tis lakorn it in her channel...
  547. S

    Jay Chou is now a teacher too!

    haha kool i want to be his student!
  548. S

    Where is Tik Jesadaporn?

    omg missed tik too!! :(
  549. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    sorry don't know how to put it!~~~
  550. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i found a preview <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"...
  551. S

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    PLOT: Translations credits to minivicki @ A really unfashionable working class OL Chen Xin Yi(Acted by Chen Qiao En) has the desire to tie down her handsome boyfriend to be with her. Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend invited her to go on the love cruise and the very...
  552. S

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    oh how kute i want to see tis lakorn!!
  553. S

    Favorite from S.H.E

    my is Hebe love her beautiful voIce and her beauty!!!
  554. S

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    he is handsome!!!
  555. S

    Are u green, white, or both?

    i'm both but speak and know white onliee....not to be mean but it hard to speak green! i tryed lol....
  556. S

    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    i'll say some hmong girl do have alot alot i mean too much on but their are some who are natural beauty... like ^_^
  557. S

    ***Super Junior***

    Omg i lOve super Junior especially DongHae!!!...saranghaeYo!!
  558. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    kool any news... i wonder when is tis airing??
  559. S

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    i'm into King and Ace part then kaew and por becuz they had play too many lakorn together....Ace and pat seem soo romantic together!! :wub:
  560. S

    Janie's grand opening yogurt store

    is aump older then janie?... or janie older than her?
  561. S

    tye and yard @ Valentine Lovely Bear

    awww how cute... love the bIG tEddy BeaR!!!
  562. S

    Tueng Rai Kor Rak(Polyplus)

    when will this air??
  563. S

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    i like this lakorn! its FunnY and Cute!!!
  564. S

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    any1 knoe when is tis ended?... just wandering.... btw Art is HaWt!!!
  565. S

    Ka Ra Sand Suay

    its also upload in youtube
  566. S

    kwan usamanee

    she's so pretty...
  567. S

    official thread to Joo Jin Mo

    yes he play in a dance in the sky, fashion 70 and punch these are my favorite dramas of him!!!
  568. S

    ntxawm lis or mab sua lis?

    who is ntxawm lis??? pic?
  569. S

    Pat Napapa

    dang! she is sOO pretty like always.....
  570. S

    Siwon, Kibum, Pat's 12 Plus

    omg shi won and kibum!!....
  571. S

    Siwon, Kibum, Pat's 12 Plus

    omg shi won and kim kibum!!....
  572. S

    a girl in sac is ordering tub yaj

    so true....
  573. S


    how gay is that?... hahaha... sorry i'm not a fan of tou yaj....
  574. S

    Bang Bang Tang

    i lOve lOllipOp!! they so Kute...hehehe.. especially WanZi!!!.... ^_^
  575. S

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    i'm addicted to this lakorn noW!!
  576. S

    Gillian And Edison

    omg it is freakiN true i went and search and found it i couln't even believe it but it was naSty!!!
  577. S

    Gillian And Edison

    i want to see the
  578. S

    [Pics]Ken & Noi's Wedding!

    her dress is sOO sExY!!!
  579. S

    Gillian And Edison

    whAtt!! even Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung too Wow!! sUrprise
  580. S

    Gillian And Edison

    well i also heard Edison is taken nude pic or sumthing? any1 knoe about this???
  581. S

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    Yep i hope someoNe sub this lakorn too!!! it'll be really niCe!!
  582. S

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    ha me to i enjoy this lakorn so far...
  583. S

    Tsis yog Laib

    hey he does a
  584. S


    Wow he's onlie 19 yrs old very youNg!!
  585. S

    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    it doesn't matter at least we LOVE and TRUST each oTher!!! i don't plan to marry my race at all....don't know why? but
  586. S

    Kung Fu Drunk

    yeah! who else is going to be in here do u happen to knoe?
  587. S

    Ken & Noi: Sweet Double Lives

    oh ma god ken is so freakin hot noI is so lucky to have Ken!!!...
  588. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    hahahaha...thats true they are prettier and
  589. S

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    oh i want to see this one becuz of mike and golf hehehehe... i like them!!!
  590. S

    [MBC] Thank You

    Omg i'm also watching tis series... i think its good!!
  591. S


    oh how lucky that gurl is she got to married him and with his kid and also a kiss ArroN!!
  592. S

    Gillian And Edison

    oh i guess anywais i don't knoe if they are dating.... are they??
  593. S

    Gillian And Edison

    well i came upon to this forum from asianfantic that edison and gillian are dating...?? January, 2008 A special Day with a special someone. To celebrate her turning 27, Gillian Chung held a big birthday party last night at the Ritz Carton in Hong Kong. The theme was pink and the entire guest...
  594. S

    Xab Thoj new movie w/ Hnub Lis & Txiab Yaj

    hey i also saw the cover poster at the new years its look pretty interesting...
  595. S


    kool feirenheit's new album!!!
  596. S

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    when is it air??
  597. S

    Ariel Lin w/ Mike, Wu Chun or Joe?

    i think ariel macthe Joe they make a good couple... love them in iswak1 and 2 HOT!!!
  598. S

    Tokyo Juliet

    you can also watch this drama at they have all the eposide with english sub!! :D
  599. S

    Ariel Lin, one of the luckiest Tawainese actress!

    yep she is sO lucky to pair up wit some Hottass and get to kiss them too and also u forgot to mention Hu Ge he's cute too ^_-
  600. S

    Wu Chun, also a great kisser!

    Omg i love wu chun!!! of course he's a great
  601. S

    Siab quaj dhi rau kev hlub

    u have the cover picture???...
  602. S

    Bull Fighting

    No its not in 4 i don't know what episode it is
  603. S

    News on Tub Yaj & Ntxawm from Nuj Nplhaib

    ewwwww.... that is so SicK!!!...
  604. S

    Bull Fighting

    OMG i can't wait till the next ep..... lol...LoVe Mike And Hebe!!!
  605. S

    Can someone TRANSLATE King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng with Oil Thana and Kwan Usamanee

    it's lready translate by Nalika1 in youtube but its not finish.... if u want to watch it....
  606. S

    Bull Fighting

    i love tis drama.....ep.4 was soo touching..
  607. S

    Tooj Vaj

    i saw him in real life and he was good lookin....
  608. S

    Jah & Jakajun (PART I)

    She's so Pretty!!
  609. S

    New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars

    sounds funny...
  610. S

    Bull Fighting

    i thought tis series was pretty good somehow... mike and hebe both are adorable in hea...
  611. S

    Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan

    Kool Jiro's gonna being the main guy.... love him he is so funny and adorable
  612. S

    Ethan, Mike, Joe

    aren't Mike and joe friends or sumthing??...
  613. S

    The Best Looking Man

    Love all the guys but i have to go wit Wu Zhun!!!...
  614. S


    Oh... i love fei lun hai...
  615. S


    GottA saY Se7En!!!..YaY...
  616. S

    Pat Napapa: Modern Volume

    gOsh she is so prettY...
  617. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    hoW KutiE... i LOVE Big Bang Soo MuchIe....
  618. S

    Hua Jai Sila Dubbed

    i wanna see it but i rather want to buy the thai version...
  619. S


    she look familar... anywais no comment....
  620. S

    Pancake Khemanit

  621. S

    favorite on screen couple

    Rome and Rita, pepper and Ann anlisa... more but can't think of it now...
  622. S

    favorite on screen couple

    Rome and Rita, pepper and Ann anlisa... more but can't think of it now...
  623. S

    IMAGE: Mafia Tee Ruk

    woW they all loOk HOT!!
  624. S

    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    whats the storyline about??
  625. S

    Wu Zun & Hebe

    i think they made a cute couple together she is pretty and cute...and wu zun is HOT!!!
  626. S

    pinky savika

    she is liKe sooOOoo pretty....
  627. S

    Hua Jai Sila Dubbed

    maN i knew it that they were going to dubb this drama but still i'm going to get the real version not the
  628. S


    they're pretty and cute...
  629. S

    Sirita Jenson:Smart Women Succeed

    woW... she is sooOo beautiful... i love her.....
  630. S

    It Started With A Kiss 2

    when is this airing??
  631. S

    Bie profile

    dang! he is so young :)... i love
  632. S

    Tub Yaj really is 6'2"

    How stupid that is.... tou yang ain't freaking 6'2... if he were than I were have been 5'10 and all the gurls that play with him were be 5'10 or 5'5....
  633. S

    Esther Liu

    i've never finish green forrest my home...still want to watch it!
  634. S

    Jay Williams

    whose him? any picture??...
  635. S

    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    i choose xab thoj he's
  636. S

    "Roy Adeed Hang Ruk"

    i wonder if there voices are nice...
  637. S

    [TBS] Full House Take 2

    wow there is going to be full house 2..i can't wait... hope it's Bi and song hye gyo again...
  638. S

    Upcoming Tawainese Drama!

    Jay OmG please more info...
  639. S

    > [2007.05.15]JIRO in GUAM, JIRO gets a MODEL for a LOVE INTEREST

    ohhh.. i love Jiro...he is so kute!!
  640. S

    Big Bang Official Thread how cute!!! look at Gdragron so cute....hehehe....TOP look
  641. S

    "Kev Hlub Muaj Nqi Tshaj Txhua Yam"

    can any1 post the cover?...
  642. S

    Dawb Thoj/Maiv Huas Hawj's new movie

    there's only two part to it... for me this movie is not that good i don't really like it...
  643. S

    Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

    when is tis going to air...
  644. S

    Pls Help....Looking for a Thai Old Lakorn

    omg i've also been lookin for this lakorn too but never seen to find it too, sorry...
  645. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    i love seung ri he is so cute and adorable!!! YeaH!! BiG BaNG!!
  646. S

    Invisible Target

    i'm lookin forward for this movie....
  647. S

    Ma tian yu

    he's he a singer too?..
  648. S

    Hua Jai Sila

    thanx 4 the pix hehehe can't wait for the this...bie is cute in
  649. S

    Hua Jai Sila

    i'm really into this lakorn...hehehe bie is so cute in hea..
  650. S

    Por's Gallery #41

    OMG he is fine...
  651. S


    i know which one ur talking about but i don't have any pic of her.. and i think she is full thai...
  652. S

    who are you????

    Hi i'm Nunu Her...Frm Cali frsno...i'm 17 yrs old Sorrie i'll upload my pic later...
  653. S

    Chin Info

    he's okay lookin...
  654. S

    [MBC] Sweet Spy

    the ending was so lame!!!
  655. S

    News on Tub Yaj & Ntxawm from Nuj Nplhaib

    WHAT!!! i think those are rumors.....
  656. S

    "Roy Adeed Hang Ruk"

    anyone with the storyline????....
  657. S

    Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

    Ohh how cute i always wanted them to play a drama together and finally they did...can't wait to see this drama... they look cute together...Gillian is so Pretty!...and Nicholas is so FINE!!!
  658. S

    Big Bang Official Thread

    i'm going... forsure forsure....i got my ticket already but all the front row seat are all sold out man! i'm so mad!... but anyways at least i got to go....
  659. S


    the first guy is hot are they like a new band...they are pretty young too...
  660. S


    OMG i think that they are hot!...
  661. S

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG he is so FINE...... i love him.......
  662. S

    Lee Minwoo Official Thread

    Minwoo is so hot i love him.........
  663. S

    Jay Chou

    jay is so Hot and so is his Voice.....
  664. S

    Your picture

    dang all ya girls are pretty will here are some pic of me..... hope it shows up.... :D :blink: :blush:
  665. S

    New movies in Hmong

    oh yeah i heard of it and i also saw it too....
  666. S

    what's ya last name??

    im a her(hmoob Hawj) :D
  667. S

    How old are you?

    as foe meeh im sweet 16 B)
  668. S

    Cat woman

    man that is scary.....i have been "sat on" when i wan about 11 or 12.....i got so scary because it was the first time that it never happen....
  669. S

    Do you speak white or green?

    i'm mixed my dad is white and my mom is green but all my family we speak white we can't speak green only my mom... i hace tried to speak but i sound stupid....haha :D