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    Sririta Jensen [Crystal Magic]

    I do not like her hair and eyebrown shades and it makes her look manly.
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    Ploy Cherman [Charming Girl]

    I love looking at Ploy's photo shoot magazines as always but sometimes the clothing are a weird fit on her.
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    Tangmo [Where the Wild Things Are]

    I really like this photo shoot of Tangmo =D I think people mispercept her as a sexy woman but really she fits more of a calm and cutie lady.
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    OHO vol. 2 no. 40 October 2009 [Charming Girl! It's Real!]

    Kob and Pancake together? That is odd but cool.
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    Stars [Vote-Aum Patcharapa vs. Chompoo Araya]

    I like Aum as a model more than an actress. Chompoo is the opposite; I like her better as an actress.
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    It has been awhile since I heard about this group. Wonder if they are even still a group? But I do miss seeing Pepper in Thai lakorns.
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    Suwanan Kongying [Kob] & Brook

    I love the pics =D So happy to see Kob and Brook settle down.
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    Random photos of Ying Ploypapas

    She don't look Thai. She also got big eyes.
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    Maybe he is not approaching the women without makeup also. Not all Hmong girls wear makeup. Also depends where he meets them. If at the club, of course every girl is going to wear makeup.
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    Who here is going to the HMONG MN JULY 4TH 2009 TOURNMENT

    Hello. I go to July 4th every year. I also play soccer there and cheer for my brother and cousins playing soccer also =D If you see me, say hi.
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    Aff Taksaorn & Bie Sukrit

    They both are looking nice. I cannot wait for their new lakorn =D
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    This is a nice pair up. I cannot wait to watch this one. I have not seen Cherry onscreen in awhile.
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    Suwanan Kongying [Kob]

    Thanks for sharing. I am happy to see Kob back on covers =D
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    Pattarathida Patcharaweerapong [Tangmo]

    Tangmo looks good in the sort of nightclub photo shoots.
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    Andrew and Noon Praew May/2009

    Ohhh I never doubted Andrew. Damn he is fine.
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    Masha Wattanapanit

    Marsha is one hot mama! She still looks fresh and lively with the Thai traditional clothing.
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    Nadia Nimitwanich

    Nadia is looking fine =D But her physical looks have really changed....I did not recognize her.
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    Suwanan Kongying [Kob]

    Thanks for sharing. I adore the cover. Kob looks young and refreshing.
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    Makeup advice and chatter

    Ohh I have to try that. That is easy. One of my girlfriends whip eggs and rub it on her face. Then leave it for 15 minutes and gently message and wash it off. It is suppose to help your skin clear up. But be careful cause people can be allergic to eggs.
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    Mother's Day

    I cannot choose from some ideas I have. I want to get my mother some fruit flowers that look like flowers but can eat it or give my mother that is about $50 or a $30 giftcard to her favorite store. But most likely I probably end up giving my mother a fruit flower.
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    Tools take on in life to success

    I need some ideas for a class presentation. What tools will you take with you in life on your road to success? List some items that play a role in a healthy personality and healthy lifestyle for you. Some areas to address: academic, career, family, morals, values, how to manage change, etc.
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)!!

    I like Noon's hair short for a change. Num is looking good.
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    Kob Suvanunt

    I love watching Kob grow in her adulthood =D She is a sophisticated woman.
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    Kob & Brook

    I adore them =D
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    Hana Yori Dango

    I just got done watching the second season of this drama! =D Very good.
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    Last Friends (2008)

    I am on episode 5 now! =D This drama is getting better. I cannot believe Nishikido Ryo's character in this drama.
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    Marsha: Charming Queen

    Ohhh fancy pictures =D Thanks for sharing.
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    loner fans...

    Really? I am sorry to hear that happen! I love Loner even though their songs are fobbie!
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    I see nothing wrong with it. It just what people want to do. Sure anything can be weird though. It is just different and people need to adapt to it even though they do not accept it.
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    Better in time....[i hope]

    Chills =D You just miss him. Do not think too much about it. Simply, you miss him. That is it. It is not wrong to feel that way.
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    Where's everyone hiding?!

    I agree. This is a big forum with lots of members =D But maybe people are just not as open or maybe just come on to download their movies and music.
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    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    Honestly, young people who get marry young is a devastating thing. They have not experience life to the fullest and causing more dilemas. Good guys are everywhere =D Perhaps Hmong individuals need to adapt to being more independent and gain more knowlegde. No offense, but my older sister and all...
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    Are you the HATED one in your family?

    Well chill =D Be yourself and try to not take things personally cause life goes on. You need to accept that they are your family and they will always be there even if they hate you. There are certain phase your family goes through that makes them hate you and isolate you but you have to hang in...
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    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    Well I have dated someone out of my ethnicity and definitely saw the other side. I do not mind and I think that the older generation can adapt to it even though they do not accept it. You cannot really consider it a bad or good thing because that has nothing to do with dating another person out...
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    Well communicate with him! If it really is a life and death situation then let it go. But first decide whether you want to go to this prom or not. If you do, I am sure he can make some arrangements. Otherwise that means no prom for you unless you are willing to go by yourself.
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    i hate it when

    Oh yeah many people can relate to this but you just have to confront them and tell them that you are not either one and see the funny expressions they show.
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    Damn woman! =D I do multitask but not with that much stuff. Only two or three.
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    Cute! =D Thanks for sharing.
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    Last Friends (2008)

    Thanks for sharing. I have to finish watching this drama =D I am loving the first episode.
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    racism or satire?

    Haha. That is lame. That white boy needs to understand that not all Asian people are the same. That white boy also needs to not take things personally and maybe he has not been expose to different kind of Asians but only the ones surrounding him.
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    Man Pregnant with Baby Girl

    Yeah it is possible if he was a transgender surgeory.
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    Baby with 2 Faces - India

    That is interesting that she is healthy! =D Thanks for sharing.
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    Babies thrown off tower

    Oh wow. I am so shocked! That is scary. Even I would not jump or want to be thrown off a roof like that. Omg.
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    hmong hater right here

    Yes, I have seen that video and was devastated to her that. Omg. They were on the Tyra show too. But people should try to see it as her opinion and perspective of Hmong people, and hopefully nothing brutally happens to her.
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    what happens after dropping 40-100 pounds?

    Yeah that is scary! I have never experience that but maybe try slowly losing weight? I am not too sure.
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    Hmm. I do not fully understand your situation but it does seem like you are obsessed with this guy. Maybe stop the imaginary chick. That is really mean though. Well decide what you want in life. If you want this guy as your boyfriend then maybe make some changes and communicate with him about it.
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    I understand and see your point of view. It is overwhelming when a friendship is not the same and changes. But you should confront her and tell her yourself that you do not feel the caring and support from her as you do for her whenever she has her boy problems.
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    My Husband So Fat.

    Haha lmao =D Thanks for sharing. Funny though.
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    No. This does not make you a bad friend. Unexplainable things happen and may caused changes. You should be proud of yourself though for supporting and caring for your girl friend. I am surprise your girl friend left you for that guy. It is a lesson to learn that you never leave your girls for a...
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    if a man wants you..

    Well hang in there =D You will find your motivation to live on again!
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    hmong hater right here

    Well good for her. Thanks for sharing. Hmong people do not need to take this personally. People have different perspectives. She is just a little girl not conscious of what could happen to her by the Hmong people. But that is very threatening of what she wrote.
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    A National Hmong Event (BIG BANG)

    I did not know about this. I missed it! =( Oh well. Next year I will then. Thanks for sharing.
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    if a man wants you..

    Thanks for sharing =D
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    What is wrong here?

    Is he your boyfriend? If he is then you would have to communicate with him about your relationship. If not then let it go because maybe it was not meant to be. Try not to be so faithful in a guy. Guys come and go. Each individual needs their space so give him some time. Eventually he will get...
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    dating younger guys???

    Sure =D It is nothing really though.
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    over rated on screen couple

    Yes! That would be nice! I never get bore of them two together.
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    over rated on screen couple

    Kob and Stefan/Vee .........Kob needs a new co-star =D Oil and Aum P Ken and Ann .........too overrated! Well that is all I can remember for now. I have not watch Thai lakorns lately.
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    When is this movie coming out? Thanks for sharing the clips. It looks interesting because Hmong people are working Thai people! =D
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    Num Sornram in MN

    Lols =D Thanks for sharing. It look hella fun! I have to go next time for sure.
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    Ok so theres this boy...

    You are so detail in telling your story! Well make up your mind if you like him? Ask yourself what do you want in life. If you really do like him, then take it slow because you guys have been childhood friends! Which is a nice thing right off the bet. But confront him when you are ready and...
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    Really? Wows! Sure. Just chill. =D Control your emotions. There are plenty of guys out there to be with.
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    dating younger guys???

    Well sure if you both like each other then it is fine! Society may not like it but prove to society that age is nothing but a #. =D Do not let your mentality blind you that just because he is younger means that he will get tire of you and find someone younger. Any guy can be like that young or old.
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    Is it worth waiting for someone?

    Lols. Just chill =D That is my advice. First of all, you should ask yourself what you want in life! =D Then determine if you need this guy or not. Guys come and go. There are many wonderful guys out there so be open to other people too.
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    Anger Management

    Haha. Thanks for sharing. Well maybe try to not talk so loud but most importantly, be yourself. It could be that you should not take things personally and just go with the flow. Also be aware of yourself when you are around them so you can control your anger and loudness.
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    Oh wows. Thanks for sharing. Usually when I go out to eat and the customer service is not satisfying then I do not care to tip. I have been in a situation where the employees ask me to tip but I do care cause no one can force me to tip them if it is not satisfying. I do care if they glare or...
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    Possible Hate Crime In Windsor

    Oh wow! Scary! That is very intimidating because I am moving to WI.
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    Waiting for Something/Someone

    Wows. Where are you from? I will hook you up =D Haha lmao. Jk. Anyway you are still young so enjoy life =D Party hard and make sure you can support yourself before getting involve with a partner. It is not a crime to be single! It may take time but just do not worry too much about it. Try to be...
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    I understand where you are coming from. Just communicate with your boyfriend that you are not comfortable. And if he does understand the fact that you are not use to that kind of objects then he should not be your boyfriend. It is not even a big deal. Making love is the relationship connection...
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    I wanna Start Fresh

    The only advice I have is do not let your mentality blind you from thinking you still love him when you really do not have that connection with him anymore. Just keep in mind that if your ex boyfriend can do it, so can you =D
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    Where Do You Live..?

    Hi =D I am from the great 10,000 lakes which is MN!
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    I personally do not have anything against guys iwth earrings but I find them "Gay" haah. That is just me though. I have guys friend with earrings but it is just them.
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    The Guilt Thread

    Yeah everyone has a guilt! I admit I have done some stupid lame things but I do not hold a grudge because life goes on.
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    Well just chill =D Try to control your emotions. Even if your parents do not give you the $, you should not take it personally. If you are hungry then pack a snack. Everyone has those days but you can control your emotions and it willl turn out fine.
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    are you a flirt?

    If you do not talk back to him, it does not mean you are rude. Haha. Well I do not understand what your situation is but it seems like you were just opening up to meet new people.
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    Nvm then I guess he is coming to MN that weekend.
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    Hi =D Hit me up
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    1st International Hmong Music Awards Show

    Thanks for sharing. Well it seems it will be hosted at the July 4th tournament weekend so I would not missing out on anything!
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    Oh wows. Thanks for sharing. But no thanks.
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    Leona Lewis

    I love this woman! =D Her songs are really inspirational.
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    Nang Tard (DaraVdo)

    Lols. This lakorn is okay but it is too dramatic. I cannot motivate myself to watch it even though my favorite actress is in it. I enjoyed in the beginning but gave up. Oh well.
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    why go to college?

    Well I am a freshman in college. For me personally, college is my escape. It does have a little to do with society because statistically, people with degrees make more money than those who just have high school diplomas. Also because of parents expectations that they just want the best for their...
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    Which clan?

    All the time. I understand what you are saying. But do not let that stop you from getting to know Hmong people from different clans. Even though my parents tell me to stay from a certain clan, I do not care because everyone is different. It is just our parent's opinions but we can choose not to...
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    When is MN July 4th Tournament?

    Thanks for sharing.
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    would you ever wanted a second mother?

    Well it would depend on the situation. If my mother died then I would understand why my father remarried. But it is a different story if my mother is still alive.
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    Hot news "N'ek Kob Suwanun a secret mistress"

    Oh I heard. It is everywhere but people are just taking it too personally. It is not a big deal if Kob and Brook's mother do not get along.
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    Bummer. He is not coming to MN.
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    family size

    Yeah I have 6 siblings total including me. Big family.
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    how tall are you?

    Lols. It is common. I am only 5'2.
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    Thanks for sharing. I saw the Thai version but I do not know if I want to buy the Hmong version. Oh well.
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    I read that Aum Atichart is gay or bi, I want the 411 people!

    Well even though it is not true, I can picture Aum being gay or straight.
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    Vicky Sunisa:Summer Reflection

    Damn. Sexy. :) Thanks for sharing. Vicki is hot!
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    Pim ZaZa

    New look huh? :) Love it. Something different on her. Its always good to try something different. It really shows a different perspective on her omg. But it seems to make her look more like a office girl hehe. :D
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    Pretty but there's more prettier ones hehe.
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    Tub Yaj

    Well it would be awesome if I saw him in person. He's very handsome and prince charming looking. Anyway I love his voice and acting wise.
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    how tall are you?

    Ha dang we some short and tall girls here huh. Yea. Well I'm 5 ft 2 in. I'm the shortest one in my family too hehe. My younger sister is 5 ft 5 in.
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    Fav lakorns of this year (2006)

    - Lhong Ngao Jun (Kob & Stephan) - Duang Jai Patiharn (Kob & Num) - Kol Ruk Game Payabaht (Kob & Chakrit) - Kae Ta Pee - Tik & Cherry Anyway I loved and enjoy all of Kob's lakorns this year. Applause to Kob.
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    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    Omg I love this lakorn. I guess it was all the ending hehehe. The ending omg made me fell in love even more with the lakorn. Very well done with this lakorn. I felt it was a bit boring in the middle of the lakorn but its all good b/c the ending paid it all off. Very cute and dramatic lakorn. I...
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    Khun Chai Rai Rem Guean

    Omg now this couple is pair up too? They look weird together. I mean they both look good in the pics from the lakorn. But Janie looks too womanly and Film looks like a little punk boy. Anyway any opinions on this lakorn? I don't know if I want to watch, just from the pics, I don't like it. But I...
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    Npawg Tooj

    Oh yea. I remember him ehehe. I use to watch lots of movie with him in it. Is his tongue naturally like that?
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    Happy b-day everyone hehe.
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    Your Hmong Last names

    Cool. I'm a Lo.
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    The Reagan!

    Hey Reagan. Wat's up man? U look cute.
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    Aump Patcharapa

    Yea still it's an insult to poor people.
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    One Litre of Tears

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    One Litre of Tears

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    One Litre of Tears

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    Happy birthday to AznGyrl4o1!!!!!!
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    Happy birthday gals!! :D.
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    Sarnworld Chat...

    Lol. I'm always there and sick of seeing the same ppl. Ha j/k. But it be nice if more ppl come and join too. Peace yals.
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    Love Magician

    I love this series. It's funny and cute. Wow some of u are so far on this series. Hehe I'm only on episode 8 yea. But it's cute and I recommend it.
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    Attention Please

    Cool. Anyway I can't wait to finish more of this series. The girl is pretty and I like her acting. Ryu is so cute as always.
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    Hana Yori Dango

    Oh how cool. Is it with the same exact casting too? I hope so. Hehe. I really can't wait now.
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    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

    Terri girl u got talent. I love ur artworks so much that I use so many of them.
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    Mann's Work

    Mann I really admire your artworks and they are so wonderful I use so many of them hehe. Keep up the great work.
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    Hana Yori Dango

    I rewatch this series again. Anyone know if there is gonna be a second part to this. Omg I love this series. HEhe so cute and funny.
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    Attention Please

    Hehe I'm watching this drama right now too. And its cute. The nek is really pretty but I've never seen her before. Ryu is so cute. I love that man. Anyway isn't this drama airing right now in Japan?
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    Sally's Artwork

    Your artwork are beautiful. Keep it up.
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    hamerica's works

    Dang girl very good job on your artworks. I'm very impressed! Keep up the great work.
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    Song Hye Kyo

    Is she having a new drama series by chance soon? I really miss her on screen. She needs to be in a drama one like Autumn Love. I just rewatch Autumn Love and omg I cried the whole freaken drama. I want to see her in a serious actor hehe it would be fun to watch it.
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    [SBS] What happen in Bali

    I love this series. Ha Ji Won was really pretty in here and you can tell that all the actors in here connected. Very good series got you hooked from the beginning and the ending weird but overall I enjoyed the drama.
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    CHerry Lakorn w/ Tik Opening Ceremony

    Omg they look great together. Cherry look so hot. I love her hair. Gosh I can't wait for this lakorn. Is it gonna be a drama? Or comedy?
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    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    I don't really like the acting in this drama. It's boring but in the beginning I was hooked to it but then towards the middle it got draggy.
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    Stefan pixs

    Man he's hot. I don't really mind his hair styles. I think he looks great in all of them. Hehehe.
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    Shubby I agree that Cherry shines in her own way and its different from other actress. But Cherry looks so pretty in those photos.
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    Well to tell the truth if Num and Kob are having a lakorn together actually I would expect a lot out of them because they have act together many times and have been in the entertainment for a long time too. I really would like to watch something that is really surprising to me. But that's only...
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    One Litre of Tears

    This is such a sad series. Can anyone get me the song to this series?????
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    At least he did something to protect Pim. But he should soon just tell everyone that he loves Pim. I can't believe it's ending soon.
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    Cherry @ Ch.3 36th Anniversary

    Oh Cherry looks so cool. I like her custom and it's green.
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    Stefan's New Lakorn is with.....???

    Oh I've heard news about this. Lucky Stefan....getting to work with lots of the top actress. Stefan is pretty cute and I'm starting to like his acting especially in Lhong Ngao Jai. But Aum is getting paired up with peks that just played with Kob. Like Aum and Paul new lakorn after Kob and Paul...
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    Tur Keur Duang Jai

    I've got so much to say about this lakorn and not only that it's a great lakorn I love the music and songs in here. Cherry looks so pretty in here and she really portray her character good that I think really matches her. But I love the songs in here.
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    My Girl (KDrama)

    Yea the ending was very cute. I really liked it. It was a fun and cute drama. I would also like to see Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dang Ha work together again.
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    [SBS] Green Rose

    Thanks for sharing Linn. Now I will have to wait till later to download it and watch it. I've been waiting for someone to upload this drama. I've always been waiting to watch this drama.
  133. K

    Lhong Ngao Jun

    OMG I really hope someone really translate this lakorn. It would be such a nice thing since a lot of people like to watch Kob's lakorns too.
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    Kyoko Fukada

    Yes this girl gots a very pretty face but her body just doesn't go with her face. I don't know how to say this but like she got a big body. But I haven't seen her for awhile now so maybe she could've lost some weight? Which is what many celebrities do.
  135. K

    My Girl (KDrama)

    But this drama is a classic and it's very good in a way. Very touching.
  136. K

    My Girl (KDrama)

    Isn't that actress from Green Rose? I think she is pretty but I don't know her. Yes the actor Lee Dong Wook is super cute. Man I'm still finishing this drama. I really enjoy it.
  137. K

    My Girl (KDrama)

    What's the main actor's name? I've never seen him before and he's so cute. But his character is boring in the drama but he's so handsome to be staring at. Man I love this drama and its so cute to watch.
  138. K

    Dating Now

    Sarn please upload Green Rose. I have not yet seen this drams series and I seen some preview for this drama, and it looks so good. Thanks sarn.
  139. K

    Buang Ruk Pomridsaya

    i really like this lakorn but its also really dragging and doesnt end. i have been waiting forever for it to end with a happy ending. oh well i hope soon though. i like puri in this kind of role.
  140. K


    I watch the first part and it satisfied me more than I thought it would. These two acting together is not that bad. :D
  141. K

    Tampons or pads?

    i also use pads and i personally think its more comfortable than tampons. i try one time and it hurt and i just quit then. but i hear that if you can't use a tampon then you won't be able to have sex.? dont know if this is true but thats what people told me.
  142. K


    Thanks for subbing this lakorn. Please continue.
  143. K

    Buang Ruk......

    so they used sake as the name? well is this lakorn any good dubbed? because one thing that bothers me about hmong movies is the voices. and how many episodes are out?
  144. K

    Where From???

    I'm from Minnesota!!
  145. K

    Look mai Lark see

    hey ana can you please upload this lakorn for me? im waiting for epi 5 and 6? i know they are out already but no one will upload it.
  146. K

    Bollywood News

    sak has been acting for a long time and i am very proud of him! :D wow i just realize that sak is really buff.