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    Top 5 Sweetest Couple in the biz

    cee and amy r cute namfon and stefan are sweet nok and vee are one hot looking couple bee and kelly look very glamourous together
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    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    i have watched this from the beginning and i have been addicted from the beginning i luv this lakorn. better than most of the lakorns on at the moment. i think the pra eck is a good cross between flukes hi so demour and peppers acting style. the nang eck isnt the prettiest i have ever seen but...
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    Lakorns from the 1990s

    my favourite one and is still one of my all time favourites is the one that practically launched RS into doing dramas and that lakorn is PEE NUENG PUERN GUN..( one year that we where friends) starring : tao somchai, Oil thana , ann thongprasom Had one of the best sound tracks as well..cried...
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    Latest Rating From StarAlbum

    oil and kwan lakorn is the best one on air at the moment the rest pail in comparision and i dont even like oil.
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    news on Joy R. and some guy

    joes like mid 40s now..hes as yet never been married because hes always been a player..
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    Reduntant scenes in most thai movies................

    for me its the one where someone takes off to 'study' overseas..everytime something goes wrong they go off to study overseas..if that is reality and i live in australia i should see more thai celebs than i am currently seeing .
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    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    i think that mark character is more evil /bad than the sterotypical bad characters you see in thai lakorns because as a friend hes in a postion of trust and hes trying to exploit that position of trust to break up a family. In my eyes thats unforgivable ..the fact that you would even think of...
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    tack and pitta

    they been together for at least 5 years..i also heard rumors they have broken up but i think its more that pitta is an rising star at ch 3 and bosses want her to distance herself from relationship based news. and tack is a rising star with RS ..for me this sounds like they are the new tangmo...
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    news on angie, yard and some guy

    UPDATE- angie has comfirmed her 'annouced' engagement is over and that she has been quietly seeing gueng once again AND that Yard is now dating Guengs good friend Oak Shinawat ..these people need to expand thier dating pool seriously... but personally i dont think this is the end by a long...
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    news on angie, yard and some guy

    that guy his name is Gueng Charlermchai, he is the hier to thai nescafe fortune. Filthy rich and he thinks hes a babe magnet because of it. fast fact- hes known to be a close friend of oak shinwatra thai pms in the same money circles as does angie hasting whos family is also quite...
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    they look like 'aump' poses..i am not saying aump own those particular poses but some of them especially the hand on the hip and the pout thats very signiture aump...well i think anyway. Tangmo has to find her own style and her own direction same with the roles shes playing..
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    Tawan Ching Plob

    this is a long lakorn but nothing happens takes like 2 episodes for the characters to even change clothes.
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    Sunisa "Vicky" Jett

    she looks kinda like angelina jolie..esp the lips and hair colour.
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    tata young has a sister!!!

    that "older" sister someone mentioned is actually tatas "pee lieng" or nanny who she likes to refer to as her older sister. no one is too old for a father and no one should be begrudged the chance to be acknowledged by their father its human nature..but if shes not tatas sister shes going to be...
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    Mai - Sukontawa Kerdnimit

    those are gorgeous pictures and i think they would of taken alot of time to do. I think if any person is going to agree to do a mens mag cover like fhm..dont do it half assed ..i am not talking tottally nude but sexy otherwise why do it..right?? besides shes a nang rai she has nothing to...
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    that was one THE worst endings i have ever seen..such an anti climax..nothing happend and everyting was resolved with out ever really knowing how..they dragged everything else but rushed the end..wat gives..big thumbs down for..i am not going to tell any1 what happens cause i dont want to spoil...
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    Gybzy-Wanida (From Girly Berry)

    ok the girls not even half way through her twenties and i have seen her more times in her undies/bra/bikini thingy than with her clothes on..wat does she look like fully clothed :P
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    ArNAs-Pinky Sawika

    they look like brother and sister
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    please let it better than the last one..heck jus remake one of their classics or do a sequel but let it be better than the last effort.
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    Mew Lalita & Her 2 Sons

    wow ones a replica of his father and the other one is a replica of his mum..theres no in between..hahahaha i think thats so cute
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    Pr'ek Who needs a comeback lakorn?

    I voted for tik cause i miss his sexy sweet face...hahaha Theres somthing missing on tv when u dont really see his face dont cha think.. as for pete, ekrat and bee in all honesty they have reached thier peak as pra ecks so very very unlikely to see any of them making big splashy comebacks...
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    Nui Ampon & his son Guy in Praew Sudsapda

    Nui is still sooo good looking..and Marsha is still in anyones book ageless and in fine fine wonder thier child looks so good. They are one hella of attractive family..wouldnt it be cool if they could get a shot of all three of them now together..wishful thinking i know.
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    Nui and Guy

    i think they did this to "disprove" all those old rumors that nui really isnt guys father.. i dont think they look that similar at all..i think guy looks like marsha all over. Guy is pretty decent for a kid his age..but his father still wins..i still think marsha suited her the best.. i dont...
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    Hua Jai Chocolate

    :'( thanks for summary Kayla..makes me want to see it even more... i am hoping they dont drag the misunderstanding part for to long..cause that can get annoying. Fingers crossed :P
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    Hua Jai Chocolate

    at least its not a rape scene..i hate seeing thoughs..nothing justify matter the before present or after circumstances. but the sweet scenes are about to come to an end i think..cause they have to back to thailand ..then the real world sets in..the different social status..who they...
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    did we lose posts

    ok now i understand i should of come this thread first..cause i thought i was nuts for thinking i saw 4,5,6 of nueng pun tawan dao had been posted..then today i come back and poof its gone..though i was ready for new glasses.. newayz does this mean people have to reupload or jus repost the links??
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    [Taiwan] The Prince Turn Into Frog

    is this series has english sub tittles?? i cant understand chinese :S
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    Reason why the old forum wasn't restored

    i am happy to see it back up no matter wat form it takes..missed your site heaps when it went down ..happy to see it back up and i really really hope that this one stays up forever..