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    Parents thought about me?

    ^ yeah i agree with u..the traditionall hmong parents dont believe in a guy and girl being "Friends"..thats wat my mom always tells me that a guy and girl cant b just friends.haha..and even thought u guys r good friends..i dont think u should b going to his house so often..well my mom likes to...
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    chinese shaman

    wait ure mom actually paid 6500?..thats dont wanna b mean but thats hecka stupid...
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    Personality or Looks?

    lol!..i totally agree with u!..i was just thinking that the other day..that if anyone says look doesnt matter they r hecka lying
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    and!..about the hmong pageant girls..they have layers and layers of make up! can u even tell if they gots natural beauty when they r covered in make up..they look hecka scary..omg.haha..i saw them last year when they were tossing balls and they look so wrong with all that make up..i got scared
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    so um..u put make up on when u sweat? matter what the reason is..the majority of the hmong girls still put hecka make up on..and how is make up gonna help u have less sweat?..and me less oily?..shouldnt u b using some kind of soap and not make up??.haha
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    HA!..mai xyooj has natural beauty?..her face is all make up..not to mention i heard shes got surgery done on it too..but she may be pretty..but its not natural beauty considering how much make up she puts on... and i agree that hmong people do put too much make up the majority of the...
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    Who is your favorite actor/actress in the Hmong community?

    actually i dont think hnub lis can act all that she is good but u can tell shes faking especially when shes talking "nicely" her voice sounds hecka fake.. i think my favorite will b txiaj yaj (not sure if thats how u spell her name).but shes the girl that acts with xab too..i...
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    Koy Rachwin Wongweeriya

    shes pretty..but she kind reminds me of margie
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    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    the voices!..i mean shouldnt u have a "good" voice to wats with all the freaken voices..i mean..dont they ever watch the lakorn after they've dubbed it..
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    it was different..but it was stupid..not to b mean but there was really no point in the was just a daily life thing...
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    well i did hear that she didnt wanna marry her ex yeah..but i dont think she should have gotten divorce.. i mean he did practically get her famous..but its ok i guess...and wats up with her page.haha..almost all her top friends r pictures of her (her fans supposingly)..i thought that...
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    Mars, February 2009

    i dont understand y this guy would do that..i mean..yeah!..y would he do that? bothers me..:(
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    Aom Phiyada

    aom's so her jeans.ahha
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    donut is so pretty..but i dont think she looked her best in this photoshoot..with that hair..she reminds me of jaja?..the girl in aum and ann lakorn right now..aum's sis..waen
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    Nathalie Davis

    shes really pretty in this photshoot..minus the wardrobe..i agree in one of the photos she does look like janie
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    Nat Thepasadin

    nat is really good looking..^_^
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    i thought this movie was the STUPIDEST movie ever made!..i mean its not fully they've got a start..but they needed to do alot of work with suppose to b a very good daughter in law right..they barely showed that..yeah she bathed her mom and stuff but come on..and...
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    ::Brenda Song::

    i think shes really pretty..but shes all make up.haha..
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    Paj Suab Yang vol.2 (NEW)

    i dont get wats with her make up..its really ugly..i like her singing i bought her dvd..but i seriously hated her make up..with the eye stuff..i mean..its like a lil kid put that on..shes much prettier if she didnt have that kind of make up on..
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    she looks weird here

    wat r u talking bouts..teh first pic.she still gots make up on.haha...hes ugly and shes ugly..^_^
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    Noon Woranuch

    shes so gorgeous!
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    Pueng Kunya

    she looks really nice in the first pic
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    . she making out with a lady too?..the third to last pic..she such a whore.haha
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    Oil and Fang back together

    aww.they look so cute together..fang is really pretty in artit ching duang..i wanna see her onscreen again
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    Kob & Brook

    kob is always so gorgeous..brook is one lucky guy.haha..
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    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    um..i dont like noon..she looks like a guy?..idk..but idont like her..the storyline is cool..but man if only noon wasnt the neak!
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    donut new hairdo donut..but she hasnt been getting n'eak roles..or been in lakorns..miss her onscreen..vicky is so pretty too..donut does have that "asian" look..she looks like many different kind of asians the last pic she reminds me of viet or chinese..
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    Tv3 Fanclub Award 08'

    after jai rao..i started to dislike aff..cant believed she beated ann!..jai rao wasnt good for me..botan gleep sudtai was good! yay!.haha..surprise that aum isnt there...
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    [pic]daras @ ch 3 big boss son's wedding

    i really like rita's dress! pretty..the wedding gown was really nice too..idk wats up with noi's outfit...the bridesmaid's dresses were nice too..janie's ddress is weird..chompoo's dress doesnt seem to b a nice but more of a cloth like thing..
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    Chakrit Yamnarm & Sinitta B.

    hahah! krit!..but hate the second shot of him..^_^
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    Chompoo Araya

    she has like the same mouth in almost all her pix..
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    Not wanting to talk to a Hmong guy

    u did the right thing!..if some random guy just calls me and starts talking shit bouts me like b like get lost..and hang up and never answer his calls again..and i HATE mtts..sry..but i have a sis in law thats a mtt and shes a fucking bitch and her mom is an even bigger big..and...
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    yay! noon and num!..anyone kno wat the storyline is?..since u guys says its a remake?
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    what is consider the saddest lakorn ever

    i didnt think jai rao was really sad..i mean like its suppose to be..but it didnt work on me.hehe..i cant really remember any right now but i gotta say oum ruk!..i cant remember which part made me cry..but i think it was when ken's sis in law had a miscarrige or something..and i was like hecka...
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    Hnub Lis

    sry to say this but her husband does not fit her at all..shes too pretty..and i dont get y they would go and make a ghost story like that after getting married or r are getting married..cuz when u act in movies it follows ure life..and yeah..i just think its stupid to do to start ure life with...
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    3 lub tooj npab........

    i went to fresno new years..and didnt find their booth until the second day!..i dont get y they got a booth there..and not with all the other movie booths..i mean not many people go to that section of the new i thought that was lame..^_^
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    Pleng Ruk Kharm Pob

    i actually like new alot..especially in his lakorn with pinky right now..idk bouts pancake..but it seems like alot of people dont like her..shes pretty
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    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    i just finished watching ep 2..with the eng sub..from wat i can say is that i LOVE this lakorn! pinky and new together..^_^
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    Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying (Makers Group)

    i love chakrit!..pats pretty and all..but something bouts the way she walks bothers me..and the way her shoulders irritates me..haha..besides that i like her..anyone kno the storyline yet?
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    oo!..i cant wait till this lakorn airs!..and if someone will subb it, it will b great!..i love chakrit..but i dont like cherry..:(..
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    Anne Thongprasom:In The Mood For Red

    i love this photo shoot of hers..shes gorgeous!
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    CHakrit's english

    i was gonna go watch bangkok dangerous when it was in theaters!..but i couldnt cuz it was rate R!..right?.haha..but yeah..looooooooooooooove chakrit!
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    Bla Boo Tong

    i just finished watching this lakorn dubbed in hmong..and they cutted the part where everyone realizes that the queen wasnt actually the queen but her sis..can someone tell me how they found out?
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    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    ahh..i wanna watch this lakorn!..wanna see pics!..hehe..i want ann and pepper to get together and pim and captain to b together..
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    Kwan and win and poo

    another production also dubbed this lakorn..the title was call "puas tsim nyog hlub" something like that
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    Jai Rao (in hmong dubb) by TNT Entertainment

    yeah..the girl's voice is kinda annoying..i really liked ann's voice in leh ratree though..but she doesnt dubb no more?..they should get her bac to dubbing...i love the cover caught my eyes at the new years..but i didnt get it..cuz i didnt really like the lakorn
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    oh ya!..jai rao has been dubbed too!..hecka fast considering that jai rao justed finish..i think...but yeah..tnt dubbs it
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    Neeg Tsis Sawm Zoo

    my bro got this movie and it was hilarious!..i loved it.haha..and i agree lis lauj is sooo freaken hot.hehe
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    Lub Raj Tsim Kev Hlub

    i really wanted to watch this lakorn!..i love the hmong title for it..but the cover looked so lame and i didnt buy it..hehe..another production also dubbed it..and they have like 9 it must b done..
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    well there's ae and dan's lakorn.the lakorn isnt new..but this is the first year ive seen it dubbed..theres two production that dubbed only has like 3 parts (so i recommend u to not get that one) and the other has bouts 9 parts..the title to the 9 parts one is something like "ill love u...
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    if i were u i wouldnt buy oil and bua's lakorn..because i hate that production who dubbed it.haha and you shouldnt get badarn jai cuz it already has eng sub so ull just b wasting ure money..and i dont think u should get mos and best's lakorn because it wasnt really that good
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    Pauj Kev Chim Tau Kev Hlub

    ahh!..hated this movie!..i got it for only 25 dollars though..but hecka hated it!..idk if the hmong peoples cutted too many scenes out or just didnt really make sense to was all over the place..and it sucked!
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    Ban Xai Tong : REMAKE?

    im 100% against it! one can play chai as good as num! num!
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    Oops: 100th Issue

    aww..noon is gorgeous as always..y isnt she in lakorns no more?..i miss her on screen..i love her hair.aff doesnt look good with that kind of hair like pulled bac..the guys look weird?.haha
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    the latest Oops! mag

    there seems to have to much of aff lately..its irritating first i loved her..but now..not so much no more..shes not all that pretty anymore to me
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    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    and..i dont want ken or aum playing as chai also..because they dont seem to be right..they look kinda short (even though they arent) and they dont have the appearance for chai (my opinion only)..after watching aff for awhile i dont really like her no more, she gets on my i dont want...
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    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    hmm i loved num and joys version!..i love num as chai..i cant imagine anyone else more suitable then he was (havent seen the original one)..num was freaken hot and he had the "chai" look..i didnt like joy it killed it a bit..but it was alright..num made up for it..i hope they dont...
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    Nathalie Davies

    i actually dont find her pretty at all..i hate her character in jai rao..dont even kno y they need her..but i dont like her..
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    Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)

    aww..i really like donut!..ever since her lakorn with num..but y isnt she getting lead roles?? rather have her b n'eak instead of taew...
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    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    i loved oum ruk!..i hope this lakorn is simliar!..i didnt really like sb fater awhile..i never finished watching excited to watch this!..i hope someone subbs this lakorn!
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    Kaew Lom Pet vs Jai Rao

    i do agree that in jai rao the casts r more experienced then the cast in klp..but the story in jr is so boring to me..not to be mean or anything..but aff is soooo damn weak and always ALWAYS crying..which pisses me off..and ken is just a big fat jerk...they have like no trust in eachother which...
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    Meu Nang (Dida) already liking the p'eak now..haha..i just wanna see pics of kwan and him together!..i love kwan no matter wat people gots to say bouts her!
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    i really like vicky..shes really pretty..and she can definately act..shes not only one type..she can do many roles..cuz i first saw her in sapai look tung..and her character was innocent and sweet..and now shes in jai rao..playing a strong and different shes versatile..
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    Ch7 new actresse and actors

    they look better than ch. 3 newbies..but i find ch. 5 newbies to b more attractive looking..^_^
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    Ch3 new actresses and actors

    um..hmm..the only good looking ones are the first and last girl..the guys r..too normal..not cute are missing the "wow" factor.haha..i like ch.5's newbies more
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    margie's new look

    oh ya..she has really nice die to have mines as nice as that!
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    margie's new look

    i think she looks better with short hair..i love her hair cut.haha..makes her look prettier..more mature
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    MISS HMONG CA 2008-2009

    this year the girls werent all that..i hate how they have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much make up me and my sis went to the new years and saw when they were tossing balls..and they were cover with sooooo much make was scary..
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    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    he is so cute.hehe..he was one of the best looking hmong guy for me bac u kno how old he is?..shes pretty in the first old is the girl too?
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    3 lub tooj npab trailer

    then dont watch it..duuh and who says that, that particualr theme is the "korean" theme?..its u who gives it dont think that thats the "korean" theme..cuz when u come down to it..everyone can do wat they want..its their movie..and its no one's theme
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    Kwan and win and poo

    ewww..the cover is ugly..its not attractive
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    3 lub tooj npab........

    hey! ive been wanting to buy it eversince i saw alil of it on youtube..and when sac new years came i didnt buy it..cuz i didnt kno if it was gonna b worth my money..but the third day of the new bro bought it and i watched it with my sis..and how come its sooooo long?.haha..but me and...
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    Pol and this old lakorn

    i dont get y people like this lakorn so much?..i wasnt even was just alrightl...
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    New Horror Hmong Movie Coming Soon: Nkauj Nyab

    awwww.i hecka wanna watch it!.,scary movies r soo interesting!.but too bad i cant watch too scaaaaaaaared..*sigh*
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    Nok Usanee & Jeab Chompoonuch

    aww..i love nok!.hecka pretty!
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    Odette and num kissed!

    looks like she kissed him..not him kissing her like the usual kind of kisses in lakorns.haha
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    New Hmong Dubb. Thai lakorn?

    but thats soo much better than the hmong production one..they like tootally changed the names..harit was tub lis.harin was tub something.haha..soraya and sansanee's name was also changed to some stupid hmong names that arent even just dont like it when their names get changed
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    Jai Rao vs. Borisud Bumbut Kaen

    jai rao all the way! not really feeling anne and aum's lakorn..but ill watch both is wisboniko subbs both..^_^
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    Jai Rao vs. Borisud Bumbut Kaen

    jai rao all the way! not really feeling anne and aum's lakorn..but ill watch both is wisboniko subbs both..^_^
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    n'ek or p'ek

    forgot to put CHATCHAI! how could i have forgotten!..hes so perverted looking (ive only seen him in the one with the namphons)..but still..eww..that movie grossed me out..hes too old..and uncute..sry..but yeah...
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    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed vs. Ngao Asoke

    prra!!!!!!..cuz i love kwan!.haha.and so far.its interesting.i guess.haha
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    New Hmong Dubb. Thai lakorn? come i didnt see ae and dan's lakorn dubbed in hmong??..i hecka wana see it!..ill by it for sure if i see it!..but i also want ddh but its ill ask them to lower the price for me.haha... wel cee and alexandra...pim, ann alicia and captains r out in hmong dubbed too i dont...
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    New Horror Hmong Movie Coming Soon: Nkauj Nyab

    ooo..i didnt watch the trailer.cuz im can anyone tell me wat this movie is bouts?
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    n'ek or p'ek

    n'eaks: benz (the one in koo gum (?)..shes not pretty.she looks old) cherry (too manly looking..old.cheekbones r too high) pang (shes just not n'eak material.not pretty) poo praiya (she cant act for srry bouts the language..and she looks weird) pancake (she looks weird.i dont like her...
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    Aff and Ae

    i agree they do look similar.but i think ae is much prettier.and i like her voice better..
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    starting to DISLIKE kwan U

    i happen to like kwan alot!.i like her acting.shes really pretty.even without much make up..i like her voice.its unique and different just like her looks!.haha
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    starting to DISLIKE kwan U

    i happen to like kwan alot!.i like her acting.shes really pretty.even without much make up..i like her voice.its unique and different just like her looks!.haha
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    Namfon Patcharin

    shes so pretty.but in this shoot she looks like bee namthip!.lol
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    Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

    i like kwan and weir too!..but i guess imma go with kwan and win.since i dont think pancake is pretty at offense..i love weir though
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    Num Sornram & Yardthip Rachapal

    wow..num is freaken hot in this!.i havent seen him on screen for awhile...
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    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    the lakorn where chakrit and kob was in..chakrit was really hot in there though..i started liking him after that one!.still love kob though.. ruk ter took wan (?) ken and aom the one with chatchai (ewwww) namphon p. ther other namphon and aon sawan bieng! was sooo annoying towards the...
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    Heeb Lon Sawn Winyaan (Exact)

    horror??..ghost??..i wanna watch it.but i probably wont b able be too id love to kno the summary!.lol
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    well i loove totally ok with it if hes still the p'eak.but not chatchai.well the first i saw him (chatchai) in was with namphon.and i was like ewww..y did HE get to b p' was really gross..he looked really perverted too!.even though i love namphon i couldnt finish that lakorn...
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    Silamanee (Compordee)

    im looking forward to this lakorn! paul and love kob!..storyline sounds cool..i wanna see pix!.lol
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    Pueng Kanya

    y does she only turn one way.theres one or two that she changes..but the majority is her turning that side...
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    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    i love nuuuuuuuum!.havent seen him onscreen for awhile (just me though)..but i dont like poo..she really cant act.and shes only 18??..wtheck.i was at lyn's site.and didnt she say poo was like 30 or somehting?..hahah..i must have read it wrong.,.but yeah..srrrry?
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    Dum Kham (Exact & Ch7)

    pong and tangmo! them both!..but pang..eww..she has this annoying face..just dont like her
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    i like paul!..aff is pretty!..but they dont look like a im looking forward to this lakorn!
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    Born To Shine : AFF : LG Ads

    oo i want that phoooooone.i love sliding
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    Parppayon Bunterng : AFF : No FAKE

    to me aff looks kinda like ae..i love them both and they r both gorgeous.but i perfer ae
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    Ta Warit & Namfon Patcharin

    shes soo pretty like that..i think shes prettier with darker hair like that than her normal hair color
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    Related to Hmong Dubbing Productions anyone?

    im not related..but i wanna b one of those people that dubbs for thai lakorns! just dont kno how i can get to do it.i wanan go into tnt! hmong production..not say that my voice is all good and everything but i think i'll sound better than some of their girl's
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    Best Hmong Dubb Production

    well i liked daj ntsah yeej (?) something like that.they dont dubb no more,..but i use to liked them very much (they dubbed donut and num's lakorn "jon plone jai:txhob nyaij nplooj siab hlub..also num and joy's lakorn..and mos and kat-english's lakorn and more) i like tnt (the voices from...
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    Txuj Ci Hmoob Entertainment

    i think im late now.u probably alreayd got the movie.but dont buy the hmong dubbed one.cuz they uploaded the lakorn with eng sub on i saw alil of the hmong dubbed it.and the girls voice was so
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    Hmong Media Present: Txhob Tos Lwm Tiam

    when i saw the teasers for this movie i really wanted to buy it.then my cousins bought it and i watched it and it was so very disappointing.i dont really like the n'eak..i like the n'rai though..really pretty.and shes green!.lol..but anyways.ifelt that the rushed the ending.and the song they...
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    Hmong Media Present: Txhob Tos Lwm Tiam

    when i saw the teasers for this movie i really wanted to buy it.then my cousins bought it and i watched it and it was so very disappointing.i dont really like the n'eak..i like the n'rai though..really pretty.and shes green!.lol..but anyways.ifelt that the rushed the ending.and the song they...
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    i dont like that girl.and i saw the cover to this movie and it looks similar to the one tub yaj was in too..i hated that was just so stupid..and this one probably will b too (no offense) i wont b getting it.i dont like it when the hmong peoples incude thai peeps in it ( even though...
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    List actors/actress of new faces

    i want txiab and eb lauj to b one together with a good storyline.they were in one but she wasnt the n'
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    Dung Duang Haruthai or Jam Loey Rak

    i havent finished watching dung duang haruthai yet..but i think its awesome! saw jlr i liked it too..but i gots to say right now.i perfer dung duang haruthai more.i looove kwan and weir they make such a cute couple!
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    Is E.T Yang married to Ma Sua Lis?

    ew they better not b!.and im pretty sure they arent!..i just dont like mab sua lis..shes such a fake.i hate her fake voice.her fake face.her fake acting..haha..sry
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    Xais Yaj (Tub Yaj's cousin) - New Hmong P'ek

    eh.i dont like mab sua lis.she cant act..its too fake..i dont like somchai either.he also cant act but shes cute im probably not gonna like his dont like their drags too much..and its boring.
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    Kwan Usamanee

    oo for reals?!?!..i looove her..haha..shes sooo freaken pretty
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    actually i do think that shes got too much make up on..and she does all those plastic surgery thingies.and how she goes and gets her fats taken off..she could just go exercise..much better way to lose weight if u ask me..well i have to agree that she is pretty for a hmong girl..but i just dont...
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    3 lub tooj npab trailer

    i saw this movie at the july 4th thingy in sac..but i wasnt sure if it was gonna b worth it cuz its hmong meka's..i watched ure guys trailer..and i think its pretty cool..but i think the actors and actresses could have been better.and like wat otheres have been saying.the way they talk in hmong...
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    3 lub tooj npab trailer

    well if they r gonna make a movie and spend alot of money to make a movie.then at least make it good and worth watching and worth the money that people use to buy there movies u kno..cuz i dont wanna waste my money buying a money thats not even worth it...u cant just b nice and say at least they...
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    Evil sis-in-law

    y cant u just tell them to move out?..does ure husband know about this? (i didnt read ure whole article, sry if i missed some things)..but sis in laws r bitches too!..i especially hate the eldest one!..cuz shes MTT..not just that but every lil thing that happens she makes it into a big...