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    [Movie] The Descent (2005) - visit website and win smartphone!
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    The RANDOMNESS Thread - visit website and win smartphone!
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    Japan's supreme court decides not to be held liable for the Fukushima disaster - best crypto pumps on telegram Make 1000% and more within 1 day, join channel @pump_upp !
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    Mario Maurer (Esquire Korea April 2013)

    Have these been posted?   Credit: Esquire Korea + CouchKimchi  
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    [Ch3] Ruk Nee...Hua Jai Mee Krib (Maker K)

    I want to watch this lakorn because of the mermaid concept but I can't find a summary on it. Is anyone kind enough to share what the lakorn is about?
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    Dome Pakorn (GLOW vol. 1 no. 5 July 2012)

    WHOA! Dome is so hairy. LOL!
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    Viki subitltes

    I just saw your post on your blog about timing. I think segmenting on Viki is more tedious than using Aegisub to make a timed file. Which is kind of why I wish Viki would allow us to upload a timing file. Anyway, I'm not sure how you're timing it but if you load the audio file and time using...
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    Viki subitltes

    Bulk translating does help but even with that you would have to re-time everything because of the multiple parts.
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    Barry Nadech&Kim Kimberly- (KOO SARNG KOO SORM Vol.33 n o.747 June 2012)

    Yes, they are! It's called Rang Pratana but it's not out yet.
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    Barry Nadech and Yaya Urassaya (VOLUME vol. 7 no. 168 May 2012)

    This photoshoot is beautiful! I love Yaya's dress on the coverpage!
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    [SBS] Fashion King

    I didn't watch this drama but my aunty did and when she saw the finale she went crazy. I kind of read the spoiler and thought it was pretty stupid how it ended that way. Then again people should have expected it because it's the same writer as the What I Did in Bali.
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    Vicky Sunisa (HEALTH PLUS vol. 7 no. 75 May 2012)

    Here's more pictures from that magazine:
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    [Ch3] Waew Mayura (Wave Media)

    It could be just me but I've seen major improvement in terms of acting from Boy and Marie in this lakorn. I love Boy like crazy but sometimes his facial expression can be really one dimensional so I am thoroughly impress with him thus far. =)
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    [Ch3] Waew Mayura (Wave Media)

    I added the lakorn to Viki and started segmenting EP1. I might stop since no one is interested in helping and I can't do it all by myself since I can't even sub it from Thai to English. So if anyone is interested in helping please let me know on Viki otherwise I'm just going to abandon it. =(...
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    There's a lot of reviews out for this website and they range from okay to horrible. I probably wouldn't recommend ordering from there until you research on people's experience with the website.
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    [Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)

    I'm so excited for this lakorn. I love this pairing! Does anyone know where I can watch the version with Andrew and Pok preferably with Eng subs while I wait for this one to air?
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    Viki has most of episode 1 subbed (just missing the few last parts). -->
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    Hmong Bloggers

    Are you looking for Hmong bloggers that specifically write about Hmong related things or can it be about anything?
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    Young Baby Shaman

    You're right. You cannot cross in front of a shaman when they're doing their ritual kind of stuff. My mom is a shaman and she stresses this ALL the time to us. There's a few things you can tell from the video that shows that it's not real. The little boy that's hitting the gong is suppose to...
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    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    At first I was fine with him but as time went on his character just seem less charming. The guy literally have no backbone and so irrational at times. :wacko: