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  1. wunh

    Noon Woranuch & Todd Piti

    This is such a cute shoot. They look cute together. Love the last pic where they're hugging. :wub:
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    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Vill or Best would be a good choice.
  3. wunh

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  4. wunh

    Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)

    Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)
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    Fan's Outraged!! Ken gives back Trophy.

    Great one! I fell for this haha
  6. wunh

    Mia Luang ( DaraVdo)

    So is this endin tomorrow or next week?! Not liking Noodee too much right now. How could she?!
  7. wunh

    Nat Evirita

    Are those real? They're huge! :huh: She looks cute tho but this shoot doesn't really suit her. She has the cute look more than the sexy look going on.
  8. wunh

    Mia Luang ( DaraVdo)

    So is he going to sleep with her? If so her character is very stupid.
  9. wunh

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    Yeah I remeber that that was just wrong. Glad they changed it in this one.
  10. wunh

    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    I feel sorry for Oh. Why can't they just end up togetehr meaning Oh and Tah :( I feel so sorry for her in here cried with her lol
  11. wunh

    Dung Duang Haruethai

    This lakorn is getting good. Does anyone know if the character Rachit will get with Mina in the end? I really like his character in here.
  12. wunh


    I have a question. does it show the person u viewed their profile?!
  13. wunh

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    Aww thanks for the pictures tinah. Ja is really pretty. Can't wait to see this one. It's going to be cute. A lot of :slapandkissse3: :yahoo:
  14. wunh

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    Yes. They actually look cute together. And the preview looks so good.
  15. wunh

    SPICY forum!

    aww 3 days! :lmao: Thanks for the update.
  16. wunh

    Jeab (+ the baby)

    Wow. Jieb looks great. Seems like she has gotten a little sexy after having her baby, What a cute fam. :blush:
  17. wunh

    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    I know. I was thinking DOnut would be the main n'ek. But I guess not. Can't wait to see how this will go. :yahoo:
  18. wunh

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    If he really is p'ek with Ann. I guess. He's really good at Kiss/Slap. hehe But never imagined him with Ann it should be interesting. But Andrew, it should be him :blush:
  19. wunh

    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    0o0o0 They look hot together. :wub: Thank you for sharing the pic tinah. Sirita is just gorgeous, especially in the boran outfits. Chai and Joy R. are in here, too. How exciting can't wait. Thought this aired already, b/c didn't hear anything about it. Yep. :yahoo:
  20. wunh

    <span style="color:red"><b>Raeng Rit Pit Sawad</b></span>

    I actually like this lakorn. IT's very interesting. And I love's Aum style in here, her clothing and her accessories. :wub:
  21. wunh

    Sao Pern JaoSanae(Broadcast Thai)

    I agree. I love this lakorn. Noon is just too clumsy and very INNOCCENT! But I love it, that's the whole point to this lakorn. :wub: Can't wait to see lovey dovey scense with Jaja and Andrew. :yahoo:
  22. wunh

    Getting To Know Mark

    That'd be very HOTT!!! :yahoo:
  23. wunh

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    OMG! Thank you Tinah for the news. So there are two main couples and Chakrit is also in here. :yahoo: Well, hopefully he doesn't get with Pitta, I don't think she's n'ek material. <_< Hopefully someone else. Well I can't wait. :wub:
  24. wunh

    Sao Pern JaoSanae(Broadcast Thai)

    I actually like this lakorn. It's very funny and makes me smile all the time. I think I'm going to like Jaja and Andrew in the lakorn. :yahoo:
  25. wunh

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    It's definitely Bee in this lakorn.
  26. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    heheh But if Mew and Bie are having another, than that's great. :yahoo:
  27. wunh

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    Me, too. I actually like this lakorn, it's so cute and funny at the same time. :yahoo: Can't wait for the next one. :wub:
  28. wunh

    Off Aphichati Die......

    OMG! This is really sad. Just heard about on Thaiware Radio, but didn't really get the name. How awful.
  29. wunh

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    They look really cute together. Can't wait for this. :yahoo: Seems like Nok Sinjai is the main lead. ^_^
  30. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    o0oo0ieee thank you for the screen caps Chewy. Gosh, haven't seen this part yet. hehe Very intense. :yahoo:
  31. wunh

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    o0o0 Bee looks pretty. :blush: Puri as his n'ek look so cute together. The cast looks great. :yahoo:
  32. wunh

    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    awww they look cute together. Love Noon in the 5th picture, very pretty. Love her hair in this one. Been waiting for a long time, finally it's going to air. :yahoo: Thank You for sharing the pics.
  33. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    :blush: Thank you for the pictures. Mew and Bee are so adorable togehter. You can tell they're really close. :wub:
  34. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    I though there was a real kiss in this lakorn, but I guess I'm wrong. I thought I saw it in the previews or something. It's probably another teaser., but hey I still :wub: it. :blush:
  35. wunh


    She does look very familiar! But can't remember?!?!
  36. wunh

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    The n'ek for this lakorn is still Bee Namthip. :wub:
  37. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    Wow. That's quick. Hopefully it be a sweet ending between Bee and Mew. :blush: As long as I don't want this to end, I'm very excited for Talay Rissaya! :loool:
  38. wunh

    Sev Creations

    Wow! U are a great photographer. I wished I had some pics of me like that. So Professional. :wub:
  39. wunh

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    So the n'ek is no longer Bee Namthip?!?! In the preview it kind of looked like her., but couldn't recognize her. :huh: Still not sure...because she has contacts on. And Bee has that foreign look in her. So maybe it's her. I was hoping for the pra'nangs to be Bee and Pong because they've been in...
  40. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    0o0o WOW! Finally there's gonna be an r scene with Mew and Bee. Love these two. :wub: When will Wan and Rotmey have one?!?! :arrg:
  41. wunh

    Oobatthihed Hang Ruk

    OMG! They looks so cute together. Does anyone know when it is airing?!!?!? :D
  42. wunh

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    0o0o0 Hopefully it's not an attempted r scene. :wub: There's been quite a When will he ever find out the truth!?!! -_-
  43. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    Oh No...Yeah I guess pra'ek is just telling us the story b/c I just rewatched part one and he was at the beach thinking about his adeed hang ruk. How sad...but it's going to be very interesting tho. I kind of what this ending, but it's different. -_- But in a way :lmao: Thank you for the...
  44. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    OMG! NO way. Mew is gonna die. No. :arrg: If so, Thonam is going to feel terrible at the end. :lmao: Hopefully it's not true.
  45. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    awww..OMGosh Thank You so much. Love the song. Wish someone will upload the audio, too. This lakorn is pretty good, too.
  46. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    This is pretty good. But the part where he was carrying her was ridiculously funny. :blush: Seemed as if he was struggling. :P
  47. wunh

    Kaew Tah Pee

    Yes! I love the ending song.. Do u know who sings it? :D
  48. wunh

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    Ohhh no!!! Hate that Linna girl. She's a weird n'rai. :rolleyes: While I was watching the last few episodes just notice that the guy is from Song Sanaeha, he was Aum's boyfriend in there. ^_^ Well, can't wait for Wan and Rotmey's marriage. :wub:
  49. wunh

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    She should totally run away and go live with pra'ek. I'm hooked on this lakorn. :P :rolleyes: I also thought it was so mean of him to leave her on the sidewalk/street..Thought he was gonna drive back to pick her up. ^_^
  50. wunh

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    hehehe Thanks Sophie! Yay!..Tomorrow..Can't wait for the r scene. :lol: Love these two. Love this lakorn so much. Thank you so much for uploading. ;)
  51. wunh

    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    Now that is just HOTT!!!
  52. wunh

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    I agree. The lakorn has a typical storyline, but I still love it. Just skimmed through the first two episodes and it's looks mighty interesting...Too bad I didn't really watch their first lakorn, so didn't really see them much just a bit. Can't wait to see the kiss/slap scenes and they r...
  53. wunh

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    They do indeed...My sister was saying they look a like, too. :D I love this lakorn so much. It's one of the best so's so sad and I'm hooked on it. :wub:
  54. wunh

    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    I wonder, too. But with Andrew. I think it will be a HOTT CLASSIC Shoot. B) They looked cute in those pictures..Can't wait to see the new ones. And hopefully they pair up in a lakorn, too. :wub:
  55. wunh

    bee shopping w/kelly

    aww thanks gracejen. Bee and Kelly are too cute together. Love her. :wub: Living together?!?! I hope not yet...cause didn't they just started dating?!?! ;)
  56. wunh

    Peun Ruk Peun Rai

    Wow..They look great. Araya is so pretty. I like her and Note toether. :rolleyes: Amy and Tawin, too. ;)
  57. wunh

    kelly and bee at an event together

    Bee and Kelly are too cute. :wub: What are they saying bout Araya and Pang?!?!
  58. wunh

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    o0o0 they look great. Bee looks pretty even though it's a small pic. :wub: Thanks tinah. :D
  59. wunh

    Loke 2 Bai Khong Nai Diew

    Araya's hair looks great. So pretty. Love the color and the cut. Can't wait for this one. :P
  60. wunh

    Kasa Naka

    Thnaks for sharing the pics Phone. Noon and Mo looks really pretty. But the guy is ok looking. Wonder when it airs?
  61. wunh

    Likasit Huajai Screencaps

    I know really like this lakorn. Her hair looks really nice. hehe
  62. wunh

    Aom Phiyada

    Aom looks so young and cute in this shoot. Love her with long hair. She looks beautiful. Very natural. :wub:
  63. wunh

    Ram Pee Sawas (polyplus)

    Wow! Everyone looks great...So cool how the young actors/actresses get to starr a long with the older actors/actresses..Can't wait. ;)
  64. wunh

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    The title sounds interesting..Revenge..I wanna see..too bad can't really see the stars. B)
  65. wunh

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    Awww...I wanna see this lakorn...It sounds so good...Kisses between the two. lol :wub:
  66. wunh

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    Aww...They look great..Cute. :wub:
  67. wunh

    Cheer & Veer pairing up

    Aww...You're like speaking my mind right here. ;)
  68. wunh

    omg paul kissed a girl :lol:
  69. wunh

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    Interstng pairing..because supposedly they're dating. It would be real cute..hehe
  70. wunh

    paul and sara m

    Aww..They're cute..She's so pretty.
  71. wunh

    bee and Kelly

    OMG!!! They're so dating..What a cute couple. Love Bee... That's great news that they are going to have another lakorn, especially a drama type...Bee is great..Loved her in Wimarn Sai with Chakrit..Her acting skills has improved...Kelly and Bee so cute... :D
  72. wunh

    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    The teaser was awesome...Seems like a very great lakorn. Can't wait for it. hehe They look so cute together. :wub:
  73. wunh

    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

    OMGosh...Love this shoot. They all look amazing...Via and Pancake are so cute together. Kwan and Win, too. Kwan looks really pretty. Thank you. :wub:
  74. wunh

    Pancake and Via

    They're so cute. Love them.
  75. wunh

    Pancake and Via

    I love these two. They're so cute. Love them in Plik Din Su Dao. :wub:
  76. wunh

    Namfon(stephen gf) new photoshoot

    Wow Namfon looks gorgeous. :D
  77. wunh

    interview of pitta and tack

    I second that they were a cute couple.... :(
  78. wunh

    Girl kiss Jui

    Ewww...What's going on. I'd rather prefer to see her and one of her p'eks in a lakorn. :o
  79. wunh

    Couples who used to be an item...

    No way, Tack and Pitta broke up. Love these two together. :wavecry:
  80. wunh

    Britney Spears [New pictures]

    Wow Britney! Hopefully Kevin and Brit will still be together. :huh:
  81. wunh


    Wow. So many peeps with Myspace. hehe
  82. wunh

    Noon Woranuch

    I agree. Noon does have all the looks in her. She's pretty, sexy, and at the same time cute. She is just beautiful. Love her hair. :D
  83. wunh

    <span style="color:red"><b>Jun Euy Jun Jao(จันทร์เอ๋ยจันทร์เจ้า)</b></span>

    Thank you Vallapa. I had a feeling it was the grandpa, because he gave Nudee something for no particular reason and the grandma was like :blink: . And she's not even related to him. This lakorn is such an awesome lakorn. What a great story. So far he's evil in two lakorns, this one and in Lom...
  84. wunh


    Thank you for the birthday wish. :wub:
  85. wunh

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    Tomorrow's episode looks really good. Can't wait til everyone finds out the truth. :D
  86. wunh

    Kan Kala

    Airing next week. That's great. They look so cute together. Pinky has gotten a lot prettier since her lakorn with Chakrit. And Arnas, too since his last lakorn with Araya. Love these too.
  87. wunh

    Bua Prim Nam(Makers Group)

    OMG! I hated P'ek's mom in PEEK MARN, she was so evil. I wonder how this lakorn willl be.
  88. wunh

    Pinky Sawika: Pastel Fixation, Kullasatree, MArch 2006

    She is so pretty. The eye make up suits her very well. Love it. :D
  89. wunh

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    Thank you for the summaries. This lakor sound so good. Can't wait for it to air. Interesting how Ken will get her pregnant and they'll end up marrying. Very different from other story lines :D
  90. wunh

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span>

    They do look good together. :D
  91. wunh

    Paula Taylor

    Paula is just so cute. She should have a photo shoot with Tye. They would look so cute together. :D
  92. wunh

    Kulap Tat Pet(Ch3:?)

    Wow. They're a nice looking a bunch. hehe Wonder what their lakorn will be about... New, but great. Can't wait. :D
  93. wunh

    Sapai Part Time

    I saw episode 8. It was sooo cute. I like Tak and Pitta together. They were getting a little close. hehe Is he using her. That's so mean. Still like these two together. Real life couple, too. hehe :wub:
  94. wunh

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    I agree... They are sooo cute together. Like a real couple. :wub:
  95. wunh

    Pic Aum & Vee in WAn wan yang wan yu

    Vee and Aum looks really cute together. She's so pretty all the time. hehe
  96. wunh

    Mon ruk lottery(CH 3)

    Finally Dan with a different N'ek beside RS. They actually look cute together. She's pretty.
  97. wunh

    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    Woah Never seen Andrew with long hair before. Glad to see them pair up again. Wonder what it's going to be about. Can't wait to see them onscreen. hehe Thank you roots for the screencaps.
  98. wunh

    Ruk Tid Lob (CH 7)

    This lakorn looks like it will be a goog lakorn. Like drama/comedy. :D
  99. wunh

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    At first I couldn't recognize Pat standing Next to Film. hehe Ooo Pat and Film! They look cute together. Looks like a great cast. Num and ? looks cute together too. They all do. All very pretty.
  100. wunh

    Sapai Part Time

    So Pitta and Tag are a couple. that's so cool. hehe Just saw the first part, and already liking their couple. They look cute.
  101. wunh

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    What a cute scene. Loving this lakorn. :wub:
  102. wunh

    B Namthip

    Bee looks very cute.
  103. wunh

    Dok Bia Hila Rak(CH 7)

    Yea. Note's acting wasn't so well at the beginning, but he has improved. hehe
  104. wunh

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    The first epi is really cute. At the end it was like an mv or something. lol The sweet scenes alsomake me happy, too. :wub:
  105. wunh

    [CH7] Angkor 2

    Agree. Lakorns that are good in the beginning, end up having not as much of a good ending. Haven't seen it yet, though.
  106. wunh

    Dok Bia Hila Rak(CH 7)

    From the pictures, I can't wait for this lakorn to air. When will it air?
  107. wunh

    Narng Barp

    From the pictures it looks like a really good lakorn. Wow so many actors and actresses. Can't wait. hehe
  108. wunh

    Vicki And Natharika

    Vicki and Nampeung are really pretty. Vicki's hair is really nice.
  109. wunh


  110. wunh

    IMAGE ch3 daras

    Everyone looks really nice. Yard looks really pretty on the cover. Very different. Who's the guy with the nipple pierce?
  111. wunh

    Kasa Naka

    I have to agree with Leila. Noon will still be the main character, even if she play's the "BAD" role. Can't wait to watch this lakorn. I know it will be a good lakorn, b/c of Noon. Mo's pretty, too.
  112. wunh

    [CH3] Jao Bao Kun Krua

    Funny Nappi23, I think the same way. That guy seems old and is short compared to Vicki and Pip. hehe This lakorn is interesting. Jop is going to messing with Plabuu, instead of her messing with him. Pretty funny.
  113. wunh

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    Thanks for the summary gracejen. It's seems like problems are adding up. Can't wait to watch this part.
  114. wunh

    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    Can't wait to watch this lakorn. Aum look so pretty. Vee and Aum looks co cute together. Can't wait to hear her sing the theme song to this lakorn. But who's that guy with the towel?
  115. wunh

    Amy & Cee @ Ning's (Yui friend in Nok Ork) Wedding!

    Amy looks so pretty. Cee and Amy make a cute couple.
  116. wunh

    Song Rao Nirandon

    I watched this yesterday. It was such a sad ending. I never cried before watching a lakorn, no matter how sad it can be, but this one I did for the first time. The love between the two is so strong. Love this lakorn, too bad it ended. Can't wait to see them two pair up again. :wub:
  117. wunh

    Song Rao Nirandon

    This lakorn is so sweet. :wub: It was sad when aom told him she had a tumor in her head. They were both crying. :( I want to know how the ending will be. Hope it doesn't dissapoint me. If one dies, then the other one has to, too. Don't leave the other hangin' again. But hopefully it will be sad...
  118. wunh

    Aom and ken on OOPS Magazine!

    They're so cute together. She so small and short. hehe
  119. wunh

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    Aww Thanks Kayla for the summaries. It seems so sweet. That be really cool if they end up having a baby. Nowadays lakorns just have the main characters pregnant, but thats it. It would be great if they really had the baby at the end. Can't Wait... :D
  120. wunh

    Amy mag.

    She looks really pretty. Her eyes are very nice and dark around.
  121. wunh

    Cee & Cheer" New Lakorn Pic"

    Cee and cheer again. :D Cee and Tangmo should pair up again, love them together. :)
  122. wunh

    Song Rao Nirandon

    Lovin' this lakorn at the moment. Ken and aom are so cute together. :wub:
  123. wunh

    B Namthip

    B Namthip looks so pretty. Her acting skills got much better, loved her w/ Arnus. I want them to pair up again. :D
  124. wunh

    Song Rao Nirandon

    OMG they look sooo extra cute together. :D Thank you so much for the screen caps. Can't wait...
  125. wunh

    Mos-Aom on Preaw Magazine

    They look soo cute together.
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    oops. It's My Webpage
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    Mine is: My Webpage