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    Mae Ka Khanom Wan (Completed)

    ohhh man thanks for the upload on youtube....gosh it is so good....but if you dont mind and put up the download site for it that will be awesome....i love your hard work....but thanks for the hard work though....i really appreciate that....thanks a lot....keep it up... :)
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    Sawan Biang (completed)

    thanks wishbone, hopefully you are putting up the rest of the download....gosh i am so in love with this lakorn.....but thanks a bunch for your hard work...
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    Zinc - Tseem Nco COVER

    no this really your you almost sound like zinc....heheh i like couple of their songs as well and this is also one of the favorite song that i like to listen to...but wow i give you props for singing this song....nice voice by the way....
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    Ice Sarunyu - In Magazine In Korea

    wow he kinda look like korean people to think about these pictures for the magazine hes very hot looking..... :blush:
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    Who is your favorite actor?

    OMG i dont know who to pick...they all are so hot and good actors....sniffs sniff....aight i have to say KEN my wish..... :drool:
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    OMG i think your bf's eyebrows does resemble yea and you do look like that girl from that mafia lakorn...she is :lol:
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    Bie's new MV is out!!

    thanks for the share i totally forgot about his new mv......heheh that just remind me.....gosh he is so HOT.....
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    Jai Rao (in hmong dubb) by TNT Entertainment

    man already being dubbed...gosh hmong people are so fast but what i hate the most is that they usually cut out a lot of the parts in a movie....sometimes it ends too fast or the story line doesn't even make sense......heheh but ill give them credits for it....oh jai rao is officially done not...
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    Kids singing!

    hahaha this is funny cute and corny...gosh little kids these days are weird making songs and mv already....:)