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    Janie Tienphosuwan (IMAGE Vol.25 no. 6 June 2012)

    haha the last two outfits were also wore by Susie Susira...let's play who wore it better?
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    Noon Sirapan- (SLIMMING Vol.7 no. 98 July 2012)

    Gorgeous!!!! I love her with long hair, I hope she decides to keep it.
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    Best P'eks in the History of Lakorns

    I agree with u ladies...KOBORI all the way. When I rewatched Koo Kum a few months ago, I couldn't help thinking that he is the most perfectest pr'ek. No matter how n'ek treated him, he still loved her....and this just made it much more sadder in the end.
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    [Ch3] Wanalee (Wave Media)

    That's what I was thinking too. Especially when Mew has her in two braids, reminded me of Joy in Ban Sai Thong.
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    Dome is so good looking, can't help but drool :drools: I agree his acting is so so, but I think his handsomeness just overshadows that. I love the way he stares, so intense(if looks can kill). I actually like ploy's bubblyness, I kept giggling at her antics while watching the first episode. At...
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    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    I was going to pass on this lakorn as well. I am not a big fan of Aun, but I like Rita's role, the other cast members (esp Janesuda and Jaja), and the intense storyline. I can't wait to find out what all the hatred is about. I am glad I gave this a chance and now have something to look forward...
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    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    Gosh, this drama is much better than I thought it was going be. Plus, Por is super hot here, I don't know what it is maybe the haircut, just love him. Punch is okay and at some angles she is pretty. I also like the relationship between the parents, it's funny. I am a fan of the old one w/Kob...
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    Teya Rogers

    I randomly decided to watch Cold Case tonight. When she appeared I was like she looks so familiar and then I was like OMG it's Teya. Yeah I agree she is really cute and has a pretty smile.
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    Songkram Nang Fah (Exact)

    I was channel surfing and found this. It was on kcal 9, talking about this lakorn and flight attendants, I was surprise to see it on American tv.
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    La-ong Dao(Scenario)

    man i miss seeing pol as the pr'ak, he was always one of fav pr'ak. brings back memory of his old lakorns. just wondering is this lakorn following the old version at all? i watched the one w/ Siriam along time ago and can't really recall what went on. puey is so annoying, my mom thought she...
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    Bua Prim Nam(Makers Group)

    Iunno, but i kinda did lose interest also. i ff like all the time now. the only thing worth wild is Chai, he is super hot and his character is cute and funny, just love him. i look forward to his and Pita's couple.
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    Jao Ying Khor Taan

    I just love numfon, she is such good actress. I am glad she playing the tougher roles. I love Ta too cuz he is good as a jokester, but as you ladies say, the hair has got to go. I can't wait for her to get out of the house, her stupid stepfather is ass, trying to rape her and then threatening...
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    Bua Prim Nam(Makers Group)

    I haven't been catching up with this lakorn. But I am glad to hear that Chai is onscreen, I was wondering when he would come on, just love him. Now things will be more interesting.
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    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    everytime i watch an exact lakorn especially the dramatic ones i get pissed off because the people who can help or point the finger die. its so annoying cuz you really want the bad guy to be caught, but then again it adds to the drama. the preview fooled me, but i am glad that pong decide to...
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    Queen.Of.The.Game.게임의 여왕 [SBS Drama]

    You have to join the small parts with hj split and it will make it into one whole episode. So put all parts of episode 1 into one folder and join them together with HJsplit. If you dont have it here is the link for HJsplit I hope this help, and now you...
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    Queen.Of.The.Game.게임의 여왕 [SBS Drama]

    Thanks for sharing. I havent had time to watch kdramas in awhile, but man this one is pretty interesting. There is even a slap kiss, now thats hot. I like how she is going to get even with him later on. The pace is pretty good, its not dragging its going pretty smooth. I dunno know bout you...
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    this lakorn is really cute, i like the second couple too. hopefully Muay will come to realize that Daynuth really likes her, right now she is so mean to her. Poo mom is such a biatch, a gold digger, breaking up other peoples family and trying to use Poo do it. for some reason i never that...
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    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    I always thought Pong was okay, but man in this lakorn he is smoking hott!! He is so mean, at the same time so sexy. He does that mean really good. Bee is such a beautiful crier, I feel so bad for her every time she cries. Everybody is so mean to her and she so darn weak. This lakorn is...
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    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    I totally agree its just going on and on, hopefully it ends soon. I just want n'eke to tell the truth about not killing the brother, so Infah can just go away.
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    Sao Pern JaoSanae(Broadcast Thai)

    never watched pr'ek before, so was a little skeptical, he has a great smile tho. But I love noon, she is so cute and funny. I love her character, so dorky, clumsy, you name. Overall a fun lakorn to watch. There are also so many of new people that I haven't seen before.
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    this is my kind of lakorn gook kik and funny, i am always cracking up, i loved when she dressed up as keo nah mah and bon said nobody would drug her because her face is a shield. i totally agree poo has improved, before i couldnt watch any of her lakorns. and its a plus that Rotmay and Oan are...
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    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    I don't really watch both leads lakorns, but I am glad I decided to try it. I didn't realize I'd like it so much. I love Noon's character, she is so cute, I hope her character doesnt get too depressing. I like how the story is so far, and felt so sorrie for Au, that they make him feel low...
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    Phone new boran

    just wondering does this one happen to be about a flute and the nang'ek pretends to be a boy and plays a flute. if it is, then i remember that it was kinda the sad.
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    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    its kinda good and then kinda boring. i have to say i ff alot too. so far from what i have watched, i mostly watch aum and the other two couples cuz they are funny. i love miang in here, she is so cute and funny. while cee is just there and not that interesting cuz aum carries most of the show.
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    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    the storyline is so good that it overshadows the actors, but then again, imo the actors are fine and the acting is decent. i am really hooked its just so addicting. i think pr'eke is kina cute in certain angles and so is the n'ek, the only thing that bothers me is that she has broad shoulders.
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    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    I like this lakorn and all but I can't keep myself from laughing at all the romantic scenes, I know that they are new actors but I keep thinking---wat a bunch of amateurs--- And yeah wat is up with the friend and the Lina sleeping around with each other, it just so wrong how she is still trying...
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    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    Kob is so pretty, she looks so sultry in a super hot way and I love how she is a fighter. I am starting to feel sorry for Chakrit, cuz he is just an innocent getting sucked up in a game.
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    Kaew Tah Pee

    Gosh I am hook, it so sweet. Tik is one hot blind man and Cherry is beautiful, the only thing I hate is how she is weak and lets the other girl slap her around.
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    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    I gave this lakorn a try, and have to say that its not that bad, kinda reminds me of lhong ngao jun a bit. I think Rotmey is really really pretty, her eyes just twinkle. About Waan, iunno, he is okay i guess, maybe he will grow on me later. And Poy does look way to old for the younger brother (...
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    i heard it on the sarnworld radio and now i am addicted Lee Wang Hom- Can you feel my world such a pretty song even though i dont understand
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    I love sarnworld, without it I would be so bored death. I hope you got my moolah.
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    New Skin.. !!!

    It is nice and blue.
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    you guys are so hot, i m super jealous, i am finally feeling gutsy enough to post a pic, well heres a pic of me and my lil cousin.
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    Note as a Villian in new lakorn

    Note is such a hottie, he won me over in Jai Diew, i think him playing a badass is even hotter. i can't wait to watch and the cast looks good.
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    Hottest boran p'ek is NangPaYaPrai p'ek

    i used to like him a lot too. he used be my fav boran pr'ek, but he didn't have that many lakorns out. i was surprise to see him in fah suay len sai with kwan and nam.
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    Gomin vs. Gomin

    the old version, what i liked the most was the n'ek was much stronger and she can kick butt just as good as pr'ek. i liked how they fought since they were kids and then fell in love later.
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    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    Kaopoon was getting on my nerves, but after the preview i feel sorry for her because she gets tricked by the nang rai. The bathroom scene was so funny that I laughed like a crazy person. Ta is getting hotter and hotter.
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    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    It was pretty good, but then it kind of dragged, then towards then end it really dragged. It could have ended a long time ago but they keep adding ostacles whice made it boring. Yeah, I am glad it ended too.
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    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    this lakorn is so cute and funny. i love all the scenes with noon and aon. they have great chemisty and make a cute couple. so sad that it is coming to an end. thanks for all the summaries so anxious to watch.
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    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    I thought the same thing when I first saw her. Some people were saying that Aom looks like Shu Qi, but I think Noon looks more like her. Anywayz, this movie is pretty good and i really like the storyline. i disliked Ta immensely in OumRuk, but in this one i am starting to like him.
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    <span style="color:green"><b>Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk(Exact)</b></span>

    i saw a preview and its looks darn good. i can't wait till it comes out. its gonna be a cute romantic comedy.
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    Scars: Any Remedies, Treatments

    thats good to know cuz mederma is too expensive and it comes in a litte bottle.
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    Accounting and Finance

    The math requirement shouldn't be that bad. You need some calculus, but it is minor compared to a real calculus course. Accounting is sort of tough and tedious, you have many rules and guidelines to follow. And so far it deals with ledgers, balance sheets, finance statements. But then I plan to...
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    If anyone knows about this old boran..

    It is the old version of Gomin. I like this version a lot, as a kid I watched it many times with my brothers. The only thing was how they changed actors after he died as an adult. The first actor was Chatree, the second actor was in other lakorns Glot Phet 7 see (orange) and DinNamLomFai
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    I am not sure if any body has heard or seen it, but it is a short movie about short stories. I don't know the real name cuz all my dad tells me is that it is called Kom. It is pretty funny even though I don't get all the humour, but I thought it was still hillarious. I am pretty sure the elders...
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    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    this lakorn is freakin hillarious. aon and noon are so funnie and get into mischief. i was cracking up when he gave the girl Jieb the spicy meat, and then she had gigantic lips.
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    Wo Ai Ni(Ch3:?)

    I just finished it, and I thoroughly enjoyed. Its a cute romantic comedy, and there were some parts that made me crack up. My favorite couple was Jern and Pok, they were so funnie, fighting all the time, and Jern is such a big dork with his bushy eyebrows and wide smile. I would recommend this...
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    MING DAO (183club) so HOOOOOT :D

    yep after watching, prince turns to frog, i just fell in love with him. at first i wasn't going to watch it, because the cast seem uninteresting. but i am glad that i did, cuz his pictures don't do him any justice, he is so much hotter on screen. i got so addicted that i finished the drama in...
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    i heard that its gonna be similar to Annitita, but i just watch episode 1 and its kinda but not really, and they go back to a different era. it seems pretty interesting by far, can't wait for the story to unfold.
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    thanks for sharing destiny411, it is so funny. the nang r'ai is so annoying and the aunt is so mean.
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    Scars: Any Remedies, Treatments

    The other day I took my dog walking. Me being a smartie decided to run with her, she saw another dog and suddenly jerked, I lost my balance and fell. I have scrapes and bruises all over. My shoulder got the worst of it, cuz I think I fell shoulder first. It's really nasty and I could tell that...
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    Man I love food. It just tastes so good and that is why I can never go on a diet. I also like to cook, my specialty is making pasta dishes, cuz its so easy. But my favorite food is noodles all kinds: pan fried, soup, lad na type. I can eat it every day, and I am always craving it.
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    I hate getting it too, it makes me break out and eat a lot. I swear I crave all the bad stuff. Mine is really irregular, I get it every other month. It last for 4-5 days. I noticed that when I exercise or am very active, I barely get cramps or have bad pains.
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    Likasit Hua Jai

    I was gonna pass this lakorn up because of the new stars, but I am glad that I didn't. It turned out to be pretty good and I became a por and pat fan afterwards. I am helping cuddlyxkute upload some episodes, so go check in the archive section. If you want earlier episodes just pm me, I will be...
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    Jao Sao Prissana

    yeah this is definitely one of my favorite lakorns, i just love how anne kicked but and didn't take crap from no one. the storyline was good and i like how everything turned out good at the end. not to mention the slap/kiss and other stuff.
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    just watched the latest episodes. happy that they are all back now. i kinda hope that it won't end, cuz i want them to focus on the couples a little bit more. grrrr amika tricked pumin and now they have his gor, now the brother is trying to trick the monday girl.
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    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    I awhile back I was really addicted to the historical romances, I read so many it is hard to keep track. I have a mini library in my room. My favorites are Julie Garwood, Jo Beverly, Theresa Mediros, Julia Quinn, Christina Dodd, Jude Deveraux, and Judith McNaught. For the ultimate romance lovers...
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    this was a really cute lakorn, this was my first lakorn of andrew and bua. this made me become of them. it was just a little weird that they were cousins, but it was good.
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    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    mark and jasmine are way to annoying, i hate how jasmine was putting doubts in their heads, when mom was watching was bitchy at jasmine for being so conniving, wow only 3 ep left can't wait.
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    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    i can't stand her(phatae) either, she just needs to get with the other guy, its he totally loves, and she should just leave kelly alone.
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    i just finished watching ep 3 and man i can't get enough of it, i love how por is so mean but also so sweet. the beginning of the episode was so cute, when he acted like he didnt do anything. i also like how it moves good pace, cuz i hate lakorns that drag too much, in this one i dont have to ff...
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    boran lakorn with kate thiyada?

    it funny cuz they were all cheesy, but i think my grandma rented all of them. i guess thats why i like her so much. one of them was Enouw, in that one almost all the guys got like two wives or something like that. Pr'ek Enouw gets 4 wives including Kate. it was kind of dumb.
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    so hard to choose but these are my top picks the one with boy and aom, miti mahasajun, glot piet, and nang praiya prai.
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    grrrr....its so hard to be patient, I have been waiting for everyone to comeback, it is like they are taking there sweet time with the story, I want to see the all of them and their couples, it is just taking way too long, hopefully suriya will get the shield soon, even thats is a little better.
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    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    I am totally into this lakorn, and I am happy that someone decided to upload more episodes. It is pretty good and has all the elements that I like: comedy, fighting, romance. I am not a big fan of Kelly's, but I have to say that he is a pretty good actor and I can see the chemisty btw him and...
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    I like it so far Por and Namfon are really cute together. Por is really good at being mean, his face is so serious. But he is still a cutie and I do like aggressive Pr'ek, he can pull totally pull it off. As for Namfon she is good considering this is my first lakorn of hers.
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    Khun Nai Som Lon

    I remember this lakorn way back then. It was really cute, I totally loved pol and numfon. My aunt just gave me a bunch of old lakorns to watch and one of them was this one. I rewatch it a couple of months ago. I just never knew the title. Too bad it was so short.
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    I am not a fan of the leads, but I have to the story is very interesting, I am glad that I decided to give it a try. The storyline is good and I can't wait to see what happens next. Numfon plays a good bad person, she is very convincing. Oh and the dude that brought Pong's wife back is her...
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    Oobatthihed Hang Ruk

    i want to see mos in a really mean role, not like in HJC, cuz usually he plays such a nice guy. he would be super super hot in a slap kiss one.
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    Ruen Naree See Chompoo(Ch3:Drama)

    I saw the teaser, and man does it look very intense. Its gonna be one of those dramas that make you cry. so who is pairing up with who?
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    Wai Rai Yod Ruk

    wow i didnt realize that it was ending already. i just finished finals, so i havent been watching it. thanks for the pictures, they look so good together.
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    Choolamoon Woon Ruk

    this lakorn is really cute i just love utt and cheer they are so funny. the marilyn monroe scene is so hilarious. its so funny when they pretend to be each others servant and tried to eat papaya salad and asked for it to be very spicy. i was cracking up so hard. way to funny.
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    Which Star Are You From

    i caught a few episodes on tv and KRW is really hot in this one. iunno why but he is super handsome. they mad JRW so plain but she is still cute. ill probably have to watch this one after finals.
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    "Lovers in Paris"

    i watched this one awhile ago and totally loved it. the ending could have been better but the story and acting was great. i just love how the main guy never relented on his love for the main girl. no matter what anybody said he still wanted to be with her. i thought that was so sweet.
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    everything is so crazy, so many things happening at once, my video store takes a long time to get the episodes, i am waiting like crazy, cuz i want to know what happens next. aont r is not that bad in this role, i guess as long as he is not sissy like in his previous ones
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    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    I have to say its pretty fun to watch. I like how kwan has a slight temper and she is still darn cute. Nam is pretty funny cuz he didnt want to move in her house, but when he heard how kwan didnt want him to move in either, he changed his mind just to annoy the hell out of him. yeah with her...
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    Wai Rai Yod Ruk

    i just love this lakorn. its so cute how chakrit and yard pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. in eps 16 i think, charkrit push yard on the wall, oh man was he really hot in that scene. lolz
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    Mun Korn Song Payuk

    I just saw the opening theme and man does it look really hot. Tong is so beautiful her hair is just so flowy. Bogie and Beam look really good also. I m glad Kate Thiyada is back, I always liked her.
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    Wai Rai Yod Ruk

    It like a light comedy with a touch of something. So far I like it and Yardthip is not that bad either. She is actually pretty cute and funny. I was going to to pass, but then again there is Charkrit. So far Yardthip ran away from an arranged engagement and went to stay with her cousin in the...
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    Jao Sao Katan Haan

    i am lovin it rite now. i kinda find ann's voice annoying too, but i still like her. its a nice romantic comedy. kong is cute really funny trying to put the moves on her.
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    YOur Lao Name??

    My name is Angela Vongkoth, my nick name is an or la. I kind of wish I had a Lao name. But I asked my dad and he told me that they may have named me Bua Keo after my grandparents. I just wanted to share my cousins names cuz I think they sound nice, they were born in Laos, so they all have Lao...
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    <span style="color:red"><b>RUK RAI UNDUB</b></span>

    just wondering what its about. can you give a quick summary. thanks
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    Lady Mahachon

    i was wondering the same thing. I hate it sometimes when they write something cuz i cant read thai either. but yeah it was a cute ending, so sad it ended so soon. lolz
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    My Girl (KDrama)

    When I first saw the pics of this drama, I thought the cast wasn't attractive. So I didn't want to watch it. And then I heard so much hype about it. I am so glad that I decided to watch it. The picture in the first page does not do Lee Dong Wook justice. He is so much hotter. And Lee Junki, at...
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    It Started With A Kiss

    i just started watching this series on youtube. and man am i in love with joe, he is freakin hot, i totally love his expressions. at first ariel kinda bugged me, but then she grew on me. this series is so funnie and cute, i cant stop watching it. by the way does any body have any info on joe...
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    My Girl (KDrama)

    yeah this was a very addicting drama, i watched it in like two days, i stayed all day and all night. i also really liked the music, it totally make the movie really good. tye-niranh, sarn is uploading in the archive section, you should check there. i totally recommend it.
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    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    Gads i am so behind. i caught an episode last week on tv. it really caught my attention so i had to come to sarnworld and check it out. lolz. my comp is slow so i only watched up eps 9 and its getting better and better. i have to say so far shin is so mean and yul is nice and sweet tempered. but...
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    The Dormitory Boys

    my cousin showed me one of their backstreetboy's video, and i thought it was the most hilarious things that i have seen. the guy has a really big mouth and his expressions are exagerated. lolz
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    Full House Or My Girl?

    its such a hard decision, i really like both of them, but then again when i started watching my girl i was so addicted, and i think that it has much more comedy than full house. and since i love comedies my vote is for My Girl.
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    Pr'ek Who needs a comeback lakorn?

    pete, he is a really good actor and has a very hot piercing stare, i cant wait for his lakorn to come out
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    for me it would have to be Kelly Clarkson. I was never into that idol stuff but man can she really sing especially that song behind these hazel eyes which truly blew me away, she has such a powerful voice.
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    Thats funny Sarn, I was thinking about too. I even tried to look for sites that had translations, but no luck. I watch this one teeny bopper one called Rebelde on and off and a little of this other one, because the guy was really hot. I would seriously watch all of them if there were subtitles...
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    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    i was just channel surfing and stopped when i saw him. damn he is hot hot hot and totally gorgeous. i knew someone had to post a thread about him so i came here to check and i was right. thanks for sharing his info and pics.
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    yep this lakorn was very good i stayed up watching it with my grandmother. i also found the theme song, so i uploaded them in the buddy media section, if anybody still wants them.
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    [CH3] Jao Bao Kun Krua

    I am loving this lakorn so far. Its funny and sweet at the same time. I really like Pip's character he so adorable. I like how he always counter acts Vicki when she is trying to catch him doing something bad. I also like Nampueng and Job too. It was funny when Nampueng tried to make Job jeaulous...
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    For Fun

    i love kao boon (red curry with noodles)
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    here is one pic from there's more here i think he is kinda cute especially the way he acts. you may also remember him as Aum's friend in Nang Sao Jing Jai Kup Nai Sandee. i wouldn' t mind seeing him as pr'eke.
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    Lao Reunion in San Diego

    I knoe this was held on the 26-28 but I was just wondering if anybody went or anybody's parents went. My parents went and they said that it was great, they got to meet most of their old friends and that people flew from all over the place to come to this thing.
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    what is your favorite boran lakorn? and why?

    i agree with u girls grot ped is the best. i mean wat's not like it was dramatic, romantic and had hot guys.
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    Favorite Boran Pra Ek n Nang Ek?

    my fav. boran actor of all time is boy prinya, i really loved him in miti mahudsajun. he as cute and very handsome. his voice is so soothing to me. i just wish he would have played more p'ek roles, but i guess because he is getting old. actress- no doubt would have to thwang savica as pra ka...
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    BuaKeaw BuaTong???

    i still have this movie. i liked it alot when i was younger, i still like it. the main n'ek is Buakeaw and her daughter is BuaTong (played by younger Pinky). the second n'ek is benz pornchita. the p'ek is the manee dang for manee nopakao. there is like three generations with grandparents...