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    mussaya starring bua ford and andrew g.

    can someone tell me what is mussaya starring bua ford and andrew g. is about and wait are they like related in the lakorn or what? please post a summary. thanks in advance.
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    Oh P and Tao S.

    how old is Oh P and Tao S.? i've seen them in some many lakorn old and new! just wonderin how old they are got any clue?
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    Bee Sawich & Numfon

    did bee sawich and numfon ever dated?? if no who is he dating and who is she dating?? and isnt she dating stephan right that half chinese thai italian or whatever guy??
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    johnny efrone adn his wife

    does anybody have a pic of johnny efrone and his wife oh yeeah i heard they played a lakorn together if so whats the title of the lakorn?
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    Jjvit Neang Moo-Dang

    can someone tell me the summary for this lakorn Jjvit Neang Moo-Dang starring Pirote & Ann-T??
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    what is the best lakorn of all time?

    i think a really good lakorn of all time is wow there is a lot it would have to be the ones with johnny efone wow he makes it scary haha everything that he is in is really good well some and it just make you want to watch over and over!!! and the ones with pete, bee(the white/thai guy),andrew...
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    burn movies?

    hey can anybody tell me how to burn movies im so lost like how to burn the ones we dl here and turn it into dvds so we can like take somewhere else like relatives house or when your out of town and bored and just want to pop in a dvd player so you wont have to take your computer with you lol i...
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    hey list all of the thai magizine out there and does anyone have that thai magazine with "NOON" Woranuch Wongsawan and Saksit Taengthong on the cover or something in the magazine if you do can you post it up in here!! well thanks in advance!! :D
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    ntry lakorns

    umm.. i know i kind of sound stupid asking this but what is ntry again :lmao: is it kind of like srok khmer or better and is it better than mayura can someone show me an example of ntry :sweat: !!! thanks in advance!!! :D
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    leh ratree

    hey can someone give the summary for leh ratree and tell me what happen at the end of the movie cause i didnt get to finish it!! please!! :)