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    [TVN] Reply 1988

    Guys, I rarely post in this forum/section since lately there is no K-drama that excites me or I am 100% in love with. But I bit my own tongue when I said I was not going to watch this version of the reply series.  This is the 3rd installment after all. If you follow the reply series you know...
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    Legal Advice? Anyone here a Lawyer or know one?

    Guys, I'm trying to get some legal advice if you are a lawyer or know one. Would anyone be willing to give free advice? Just got like one question LOL.
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    SLAM The Tour - LIVE IN CONCERT (Chicago)

    HEY, HARDCORE MIDWEST SRK FANS THIS IS OUR CHANCE........ I'M DEF. GOING!!!!!   CONCERT DETAILS BELOW:     Indian cinema, popularly known around the world as Bollywood, has carved its niche because of its stories and music. Bollywood, over the years, has not just entertained the Indian...