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  1. Prisna

    Work from home

    I want to know if anyone interested in working from home by just using their computer or mobile device. Please let me know and I will give more details.
  2. Prisna

    Waan Jai Tai Krua

    I really like this lakorn. Amy never disappoint me with her acting. She and Oun make a really cute couple. I was wondering if any know a synopsis for this lakorn?
  3. Prisna

    _ - *P r i s n a ' s Creation* - _

    Hello all, welcome to my new thread! And YEAH, it's "2011".
  4. Prisna

    Thai song

    I want to know who sing this song. It kinda sound like Peacemaker,Potato,Ice,or Boy but then not. I want to what is the title of the song & who the artist. It will be a big help if some one know. Thx in advance! unknown thai artist
  5. Prisna


    :yahoo: WELCOME TO MY JLR FEVER HEART! :wub: I made a few ARTWORKS for AUM and AFF because I cherish and admirer they talent,personality,and charm. Enjoy my artwork and hope your heart is filled with JLR FEVER like ME at the end of the day.:P Try to close your mouth because you might drool when...
  6. Prisna

    Volume : AFF : Soap Opera

    Credit to Yimsiam
  7. Prisna

    LISA : AFF : Timeless Classic

    Credit to Yimsiam
  8. Prisna

    Parppayon : AFF : No Fake

    Credit to Yimsiam
  9. Prisna

    Women's Story : AFF : Perfect Lady

    Credit to Yimsiam
  10. Prisna

    Dichan : AFF & JUI

    Credit to
  11. Prisna

    Madame Figaro : AFF : Fancy Year

    Credit to
  12. Prisna

    Belly of the Beast

    Did Chakrit plays in this movie?
  13. Prisna

    Klin Kaew Klang Jai MV

    Here a video I made and decided to share with Rome and Rita fans, the video didnt fits the song that much. I just learn how to use Window Movie Maker, not the best. I post this video at Talent thread but on Performances section, so some of you might saw this ready. The song title is Dai Mai Ta...
  14. Prisna

    Rome Pictures

    Rome look HOT in this pic, love his smile and hair!
  15. Prisna

    Rome and Rita Lakorn

    I didn't watch Soi Saeng Jun yet, so I want to know, which lakorn is better?
  16. Prisna

    Klin Kaew Klang Jai MV

    Here a video I made, the video didnt fits the song that much, it something I did for fun and when I was bore. The artist is Lydia and the song is Dai Mai Ta Chun Jah Bork Wa Ruk Tur. Check it out! :D Klin Kaew Klang Jai MV
  17. Prisna

    Can Not Download Files

    When I try to download lakorn and other stuff, my computer won't let me, there a popup said "xvidcore.dll not found", does anyone know what the problem?
  18. Prisna

    Mp3 To Midi

    Anyone know how to convert mp3 to midi, or have a program that I can use?
  19. Prisna

    Loving You

    How would everyone rate this movie.
  20. Prisna


    Hi Buddies!!! Welcome to aSian-SOuLs, I'll be uploading songs,music video and movie! Please"DO NOT" make "ANY" requests here. Please just pm me if link expires! All the album will be in rar format and it's my first time put file in rar, so if anyone have any problem, please tell me. I will lists...
  21. Prisna

    Please check out the other forum because not only we have Khmer section but now we have Thai section too. :D Have a nice day and hope to see some of you there!
  22. Prisna


    I will post all my artworks here! :D
  23. Prisna

    What are you wearing right now?

    I'm wear yellow t-shirt with balck jean!
  24. Prisna

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Right now I listen to Kelly Clarkson "A Moment Like This"