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    Thunderbolt or Iphone

    Well Hello.. I need help in deciding between a thunderbolt or an iphone. Now i'm mainly going to be using this phone for browsing and streaming. So what I want to know is has anyone tried viewing dootv from any other beside iphone?
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    Attention: Wanted!

    Attention! Wanted! all those who are good with photoshop or art. The Monkey King will be coming out with a second album soon but he needs your help! We are looking for someone to come up with a good album cover! Genre of album 2: Romance.. so maybe something like Monkey In Love would be...
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    Weirdest Food

    I was talking about this during my session and it made me wonder lol.. So what are/is the weirdest food(s) you ever ate? mine are: squirrels turtles grasshopper beattles (laos call them meng kee noon) snakes gators (not weird and goooooood)
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    Kita Concert

    man i'm watching this right now and it brings tears to my eyes while watching Dr.Kid perform. They were like my fav group when i was young (lol yeah long time ago). It's just not right without Tah.
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    All In

    i just got the dvd today.. but would like to know what you guys think about this serie...
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    Natty's addiction

    (have request? pm me) Touch Reverse exp. 09/21 Track 1- Track 2- Track 3- Track 4-...