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    Delightful girl-choon hyang (khmer dubbed)

    Has anyone seen this korean drama in khmer dubbed ??? I'm looking for the khmer songs in it. Can anyone tell me the title and the artist who sings it and upload it if you have the song, thanks
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    TV Magazine: Sawan Bieng

    I went to ethaicd in order to buy TV magazine for sawan bien and i couldn't find it so i was wondering if the magazine was already out or not, i only saw Chevit dara and Darapappayon...
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    Creating banners with a moving clip

    I see all the great banners people are creating and they are putting like screen capture (avi/mpeg/gif) from lakorn, i'd like to know what program to use , i wanna learn how to create that too!!! The program i have only let me caputre avi/mpeg and convert them into gif icon.
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    how to make a dvd-video ???

    Helloo! I've been trying to make a dvd-video but i really don't know how... I know i have to create .vob .ifo and .bup files but i don't know what kind of sofware can convert mpeg to those kinda of files ???? I'm really lost here so hopefully, can someone help me with this ??? :sweat: