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    lao traditonal clothing

    does anyone know a site where i can view olden day lao tradtional clothing?
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    Annoying talk show host

    i saw the ep he interview some mor do.. mor chang or something in his new office and yeah he is straight forward but kinda rude... he cut off the intervewee as he didnt want to hear anymore of this prediction... odd guy and he interview jackie chan too once.. and i think he even scared jackie...
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    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    i am a lil over this lakorn now.... i think they should have made the betrayal much worst for chakrit to be so anrgy after all this time... and he and numcha dont have many parts together
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    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    what? he is the bad guy's nephew??? but when they met it seemed like they didnt know each other at all.....
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    Elle Fashion Week 2009

    aff so cute!..didnt realise how lil she is hehe
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    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    When will they learn...seriously!!! he may not have meant it to be an insult BUT what you say and HOW you say it is so important...because often your own words will come back and bite you the relationship between lao and thai is already quite sensitive and for someone in his position to utter...
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    Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)

    excellent point...but i guess because this is a lakorn ...they have to do things the long hard
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    Aum Patcharapa

    huh? what do u mean by that?
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    Aom Phiyada

    love her with long hair
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    Tong Pakkaramai

    has she had something done? her face looks different from b4
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    Who will make it big or will be hot in 2009?

    i think aff, ken, ann, aum, rita
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    Buachompoo Ford: Feeling Pretty

    wow she is so pretty in this shoot, love it!
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    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    poo's acting is really bad, but i like the story line so far
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    Aff Taksaorn: Delightful Day

    i never get bored at looking at this girl
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    Lee Wang Hom

    nooo stay, he is well worth your time :)
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    Who do you want to see as Fairy Tales n’ke?

    Bell ( Beauty and the Beast )……………Aom Snow White …………………………Ann T Sleeping Beauty ……………………Nat myria The Swan Princess …………………Rita Cinderella …………………………Aff The Little Mermaid.........................Buachompoo Princess...
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    Nimit Marn(Tv Scene)

    i can't wait until they talk about his past, should explain alot of things, don't ya think
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    when someone says "I am Laos"

    i don't
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    Tao Somchai and Nat Myria are together again!

    yeah i heard it was just a rumor too
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    Pat Napapa & Por Thrisadee: Blanc-Esque

    she's cute but too skinney 4 my liking
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    do you know how

    i may not be able to cook it (well) but i can sure eat it :yahoo:
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    Flirting 101

    Flirting is all about making the other person fell great rather than making yourself look cool
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    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    Ann is just simply stunning
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    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    heres hoping fingers cross
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    <span style="color:green"><b>Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk(Exact)</b></span>

    great lakorn, very cute. Por and Aom make a very cute pair, their chemistry is really sweet..i like the way Por looks at Aom- its just dazzeling
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    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    my favourite part so far was the part where after andrew got bashed, he and bua were sitting on the couch and she kissed his hand...very touching and emotional.
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    Anan Anwar

    hahaha, i second that
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    Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong (Ch.7)

    i concur this will be very interesting i hope there will be lao music in it
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    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    ARRRHHHHH, TOO HOT!!! FOR WORDS :wub: Ann is beautiful as always and Andrew is just 2 cute!
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    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    wow the chemistry between bua and andrew is really great, i think no other actress could connect with andrew the way bua does, two thumbs up
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    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    thanks cecilia, i have just realised that it was NSYNC were the ones who sang the song not rain, they just put the songer over the full house clip..hahaha here is the link btw can u please uplaod the songs just once incomplete...
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    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    i saw it on u tube but i really want to dl it, anyone have it please then can i dl it from you cheers btw here is a link to bi/rain learning english...super cute enjoy
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    Alexandra in Thailand..

    i love the song she sings with that guy, anyone know where i cam down load it?
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    Salman Khan

    didn't he hit/cheat on ash, she even came out and said that she would not work with him again
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    Bollywood News

    i hate how the article write "he is finished off with her" it sounds like she is just some kind of meat that he is finished using
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    Noon Siripan

    i like the clothes i hate how the photographer choose to position his camera from a low angle shotting noon from the bottom up ruines it for me
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    The Lao Cook Team

    wow what ever they are cooking it looks great!
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    Can you write or read laos?

    i can only talk well in lao other than that my lao reading an writing skills are very preschool like
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    "Always and Forever"

    i'm really enjoying reading your story, i can't wait to read what else you girls have in store
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    Teya Rogers

    wow long time no see, she looks great
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    YOur Lao Name??

    but ain't you lao
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    Mon ruk lottery(CH 3)

    this lakorn is so much fun, great cast, except i find the nang ek voice sounding more like the villian than a nang ek, dont y think?
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    Visiting Laos...

    you need to exchange currency at the airport because they have big notes just to get you by. check currency exchange places if they have big notes ( i've carry mine in my backpack) ask prices before buying ask for changes especially at the airport do bring you own toilet paper - very very...
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    describe these actress looks :

    Aum Patcharapa- sexy like the nang rai but confident looking like nang ek Joy Rinlanee- very pretty Ann Thongprasom- beautiful, gorgeous Kob Suvanant- pretty Benz Pornchita- natural beauty Janie Tienphosuwan-sweet, cute Numfon Kullanant- ok looking Yui Jiranan-ladylike Ning Kullasatree- was...
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    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    in some of the pics num and his nang ek still look uncomfortable together, compare to film and pat can't wait for the lakorn :)
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    Laos Weddings

    The best thing about Laos weddings is to be the door keeper; the groom has to bribe you with money you need to be happy with the amount before you allow him through. Also if you are the groom and bride there’s plenty of money tired to white string around both wrist. The worst part of Laos...
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    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    your just full off yourself ain't ya 2cute2care i've seen what u look like so don't flatter yourself. oh and reagan don't bother LOL. no just kidding, i reckon reagan u should make a move. don't be a chick shit. i heard that cyberlove is the in at the moment.
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    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    this 2 cute 2 care girl is full of herself, and i don't think she is full laos i'm what u call are true laos not that imitation 2 cute 2 care faker. so what do u think of that 2 cute 2 care. p.s love u heaps.
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    Who Is She?

    she is a vietnamese supermodel