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    dome got dumped because of mai

    there were text msgs (including i miss you msgs) between mai and dome indicating that there might be something more going on besides just being coworkers. his gf (ex) didn't want to talk about the other person, just wanted to end there. she didn't want to talk about mai too as they've already...
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    celebrity friends

    did we have this topic already? pls list daras and their dara friends. ann t., nat myria vicki, rita aom, jeab noon, jieb, bee, ning(?) aum, tong, may f., may p. margie, boy kob??? aff, chai, aum janie, ann alicia, paula, woonsen, jane tanya, khem, pita krit, kat english pancake...
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    to all the girls out there

    what kind of make up brands have you used or are using right now? i'm looking for a good make up foundation. i'm not a big make up person. i like something more natural looking. also, where do you shop for them? seems like sephora is the ultimate one stop shop for your beauty items, but...
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    aum's ex rejected by nuch niranat

    after breaking up with aum, note's been after girls nonstop. recently he showed some interest in the young model, nuch niranat (the look kreung girl that said she doesn't like thai et or not good in the language so she doesn't want to be in lakorns? something along those lines). the girl said...
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    pancake sucking pae's lip

    link lol no it's suppose to be a real kiss. oh yeah she surely cheated on wier with pae no doubt about that. she's been really stressing it in interviews and stuff that she's been doing all these love scenes with pae because of the script like she's afraid that people is gonna think...
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    actors that look older than actual age

    vier-maybe cuz he smokes and drinks? lol noon w-i think cuz of all the plastic surgery she got tik-i think he's in his early 30s but he looks a few years older pancake kimberly-looks more mature than 18? dunno why tho anyone else you guys can think of?
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    Paen Din Khong Rao

    Exact lakorn ~1996 i was browsing through johnny's old lakorns and found this. it's quite a sad lakorn. sam didn't get his first love so he stayed single until he met mai. sam married mai, who was the youngest of his best friend's daughters. there's a huge age gap between them according to...
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    nam peung satan

    i don't think i ever saw this before. does anyone know what this is about? pra'ek looks really mean. youtube
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    channel 3

    i wanna know how do they pick their leads. what do you guys think? it seems they have a bunch of actors who have been casted once or twice in a lakorn (mostly supporting roles) and then they don't promote them anymore. like they don't get a chance to develop. all of a sudden they decide to...
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    Do you think Noon has changed?

    there was a lot of talk from people in thailand that noon seem more stuck up now that she is a hiso whether it's about taking pictures with fans or giving out interviews. i think she is a bit and trying to fit into his family more cuz after all they are a higher class. i mean part of the...
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    noon look alike

    wow does she look like noon or what?! korean actress kim min ji. noon can past for a korean!
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    temple in cambodia

    so what's the scoop between thai and khmer about thai claiming that a temple in cambodia is their? i don't get it about the thais claiming this and that their's like angkorwat now this. i mean those temples are in cambodia so it should be understood that it's khmer. you can tell by the...