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    [Workpoint] The Mask Singer : Line Thai

    I can't get into lakorns lately but totally addicted to the Mask Singer. It's hilarious. I love Kan as the host and the judges are so funny, especially Sara, P'Tak and P'Hoi. The singing is great too. I'm not as into any of the S2 singers as Tom Room 39 from S1 but it's still good. It's pretty...
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    [Ch3] Duay Raeng Atitharn (Guts Entertainment) : Tik J/Mew Nittha

    Remake coming? Source P'Dao of Guts asked for Bella but channel hasn't approved yet. It's weird that Guts asked to do this when Pa'Jaew did the other 2. It's the 1st part of Tam Ruk Keun Jai/Buang Hong. Like the other 2, Duay Raeng is loosely...
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    Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon's worst 1st date?

    I'm not sure if you guys have seen this but watch it! It's really the most hilarious thing I've seen on late night tv talk shows. Kidman and Jimmy talk about their awkward first meeting and then Nicole tells him she liked him back then and came over to get to know him. But Jimmy had no clue...