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  1. Khikarugal

    [Ch3] Tarnchai Nai Sai Mok (Tv Thunder)

    OMG PUNCH IN A NEW DRAMA!!!!! I don't know who the guy is though...anyway, I'm just glad Punch is doing lakorn again!! Hope she'll have more "romantic" scenes teeheehee
  2. Khikarugal

    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    I'm so loving this drama!! I love Chompoo's character! Sooo glad she's not the "weak-give-in" type! This is first drama I've watched her in. I love how Arunprapai "talks" back to her husband. She shows that she's not afraid of him and his stupidity. lol :bravo:
  3. Khikarugal

    Ch3 Upcoming 2011 Lakorns

    Mia Taeng...I've never seen a Chompoo drama but I'm looking forward to this one with Rome and Chompoo.
  4. Khikarugal

    1 Tsob Ntoo, 2 hom Txiv

    Yeah I think Eb and Txiab look good together too, but if you've already seen the movie, the way they're together makes me so mad because in the movie, he's her boyfriend's brother!
  5. Khikarugal

    Which perfect couples do you like most

    Rome & Rita When I saw them in a tv show walking down the stairs, I was in awe....they look so beautiful together!! :blush:
  6. Khikarugal

    Thai celebrity TWITTERS

    Don't know if they're legit, but the only person I'm gonna follow is Oh Anuchid. :cloud9:
  7. Khikarugal

    Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

    Aff Mint Pancake Anne Thongprasom Janie Aom Piyada - nice lady, but not that pretty :)
  8. Khikarugal

    Bie Sukrit & Punch Worakarn: The Flying Stars

    I would LOVE to see Bie and Punch in a drama together!!! They make the cutest couple!! xD
  9. Khikarugal

    Theppha But Maya, Theptida Jamlaeng (Kantana)

    Yeppie! First episode is out! but I'm gonna wait until someone sub it then I'll watch! Please be soon! :D
  10. Khikarugal

    Help me find the original Thai title for this drama!

    Thank you very much!! :D
  11. Khikarugal

    Been mistaken for another race

    Mexican or Korean... :lol:
  12. Khikarugal

    Help me find the original Thai title for this drama!

    I only have the one dubbed in Hmong and the title is Kev Hlub Tswj Tau Kev Phem. Anyone know the real Thai title is? or the actress/actors' names? The drama is about two babies that were switched. The rich family wanted a boy but the step-wife gave birth to a girl. And then the husband's sister...
  13. Khikarugal

    Theppha But Maya, Theptida Jamlaeng (Kantana)

    Her blonde hair in the trailer looks so fake and funny lol Anyway, I'm looking forward to this drama. Win & Kwan!
  14. Khikarugal

    Theppha But Maya, Theptida Jamlaeng (Kantana)

    This drama hasn't aired yet? I thought it already aired early 2010. Well, I'm glad Kwan and Win are doing another drama together! yay!
  15. Khikarugal

    The first real kiss in Thai lakorn?

    Rita Jensen and Andrew Gregson in Mongkut Saeng Jun...
  16. Khikarugal

    Which version you like of "Tat Dao Butsaya"

    The only version I saw was Por and Punch's. It was a best Thai drama I've ever seen because I've never seen any lakorn about cross-dressing lol. Punch was a really cute boy!
  17. Khikarugal

    Ch3 New Actress

    What about Punch Worakarn Rojanawat? Thai actors/actresses are separated by channels? o.O
  18. Khikarugal

    just finished watching Thai drama, Taddao Bussaya! It was good!!

    just finished watching Thai drama, Taddao Bussaya! It was good!!
  19. Khikarugal

    just finished watching Thai drama, Taddao Bussaya! It was good!!

    just finished watching Thai drama, Taddao Bussaya! It was good!!
  20. Khikarugal

    Best lakon 2010 so far.

    I would say Taddao Bussaya because I've never seen a Thai drama about cross-dressing before. I didn't know who the actor and actress were but they were really good actors! Punch is a really good actress for her first lakorn. I hope Por and Punch pair up again in a new drama! They look so cute...
  21. Khikarugal

    Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

    Just finished my first drama of Kwan and Win so my vote goes to them. I don't know who the other couple are.
  22. Khikarugal

    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

    I didn't like Kwan at first but after watching this drama, I really like Win and Kwan as a couple. They make a really cute couple. This drama was pretty funny and interesting. x]
  23. Khikarugal

    who do you think is shahrukh's best female costar?

    Best female costar for him is AISHWARYA RAI!! They always look wonderful together.
  24. Khikarugal

    Is the Hmong movie: Txiv Nplooj Siab uploaded online?

    Hey there, my sis and me wanna see the 2009 hmong movie Txiv Nplooj Siab. Does anyone know if it's uploaded somewhere online that I can watch?
  25. Khikarugal

    xab old horror movie

    Dang...sounds like a scary movie!! Hmong horror movies can be scary as hell! Especially when they deal with the dead. >___<
  26. Khikarugal

    Jiro Wang Da Dong the hottest one out of his group!! He looks the manliest too!
  27. Khikarugal

    Vicky Zhao getting Married

    I've been a long-time fan of Vicki Zhao's. Though I don't really like her new hubby, I wish the best to Zhao Wei and as long as she's happy, then that's good. Congratz to Zhao Wei on having a new baby girl! The baby has Vicki's beautiful nose! If there is ever going to be a Mulan 2, Zhao Wei...
  28. Khikarugal

    Name of Lakorn?

    Hi, I would like to know the name of this Thai drama please. I only have pics to post. I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me. Thank you!
  29. Khikarugal

    Oh hello, sisty!

    Oh hello, sisty!
  30. Khikarugal

    Hott Rome!!!

    man, when does that look (2nd pic)...XDDDDDD so hot!!
  31. Khikarugal

    Rome in BangkokPost Magazine

    dang, he looks just like Leo Ku with his hair combed back with gel. I prefer the spikey hair lol
  32. Khikarugal

    LMAO!! ROME!!

    lol I thought he was itching his face.
  33. Khikarugal

    Stephan & Aum

    She almost looks like Rita in some pics.
  34. Khikarugal

    [Upcoming Live Action] TEKKEN

    Tekken Sales Art Poster -- Jin is looking mighty fine! xD
  35. Khikarugal

    Orthros no Inu

    I like this drama and is currently watching episode 5! It's really interesting! ;)
  36. Khikarugal

    Dil Bole Hadippa

    yep. ur missin' out on many hot bollywood actors! i suggest cheking out Shahid Kapoor and Arjun Rampal movies! :D
  37. Khikarugal

    Looking for this Thai Lakorn theme song

    Thank you so much for the download links! I really appreciate it! All the songs are good =D
  38. Khikarugal

    Rome & Rita

    They make the cutest and hottest thai celebrity couple ever! Really wish they were a couple in real life!
  39. Khikarugal

    Looking for this Thai Lakorn theme song

    Thanks =)
  40. Khikarugal

    Hmong old ghost movie

    I've never seen it but CREEPS ME OUT ALREADY!
  41. Khikarugal

    Chinese 12 Animals Movie

  42. Khikarugal

    Looking for this Thai Lakorn theme song

    Hi, I'm trying to find a song from the lakorn Proong Nee Mai Sai Tee Ja Ruk Gun. I think it is sung by Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng. What is the name of the song? Anyone know? Here's the link to hear the song
  43. Khikarugal

    [Upcoming Live Action] TEKKEN

    It's Hollywood. They never want a "full" asian to play the asian character. lol
  44. Khikarugal

    Sieng Luang Sieng Ruk

    from reading the synopsis from someone, i thought Cindy was gonna end up with Baeng, but no....? she ends up with the fake Baeng? -_-
  45. Khikarugal

    [Upcoming Live Action] TEKKEN

    it's an american movie, so even if they get a japanese guy, maybe he's not gonna be able to speak english that well for the movie. jon foo is a good choice cuz he looks the part (he's chinese/irish), he can do martial arts in real life, and he can speak english.
  46. Khikarugal

    [Upcoming Live Action] TEKKEN

    THE LIVE ACTION OF TEKKEN WILL BE RELEASING SOMETIME AT THE END OF THIS YEAR. The story will follow Jin, who enters the "King of Iron First" tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken's powerful and controlling chairman, Heihachi Mishima. info credit from...
  47. Khikarugal

    Sister is b****

    dang just reading about ur sister makes me really mad! if i had a sister like that...i'll definitely kill her. damn and i thought my sister's friend's sister was bad lol. knowing about ur sister just makes me...:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  48. Khikarugal

    Ong Bak 2!!

    This movie was awesome! I love Tony Jaa's acting and his wide knowledge of other martial arts style that he puts into Ong Bak 2. I simply cannot wait for Ong Bak 3, now that I know both of my favorite two Thai stars are going to fight against each other again. -_-
  49. Khikarugal

    Dil Bole Hadippa

    wow, shahid is sure getting roles with the big ladies now. first, priyanka chopra, now rani. COOL! :D
  50. Khikarugal


    wow i've never seen this film, but it sounds interesting haha
  51. Khikarugal

    HELP!!! Looking for a movie

    The description almost sounds like the movie "Karan Arjun" but I don't think it is because Karan Arjun is about two brothers and their mother -_-
  52. Khikarugal


    I thought this movie was really Japanese action film besides Azumi! So glad there is going to be a part 2 & 3!!!!! omg!!! >.<
  53. Khikarugal

    Ong Bak 2

    This movie was really good (but not as good as the first)! I really liked it because Tony Jaa was doing different martial arts in it. OMG I can't wait to see ONG BAK 3!!!!!! I'm anxious to see Tony Jaa fight against Dan Chupong!!! :clap:
  54. Khikarugal

    Neeg Tsis Sawm Zoo

    lol im not gonna hollar at the guy. i just thought he was cute and would like to know his name. thanks :lol:
  55. Khikarugal

    The Best Looking Man

    Vic Zhou is handsome! Then Mike He comes in second for me.
  56. Khikarugal

    who's cuter??

    :huh: Ming Dao? I don't find him that good-looking at all. I'm not a fan, but Mike He is the most handsome out of all the listed guys.
  57. Khikarugal

    Sweet Rain: Shinigami no Seido

    I wanna watch this movie, but I can't find it anywhere online... -_- help?
  58. Khikarugal

    Your First Manga

    omg I soooo agree!!! I quit reading Fruits basket after volume four because it got boring. I love Special A! :lol:
  59. Khikarugal

    Your First Manga

    My first manga was I think Happy Hustle High....I started on volume 4 on that one. That volume was halarious, but after I bought the other parts, I didn't really like that manga anymore. :mellow:
  60. Khikarugal

    Neeg Tsis Sawm Zoo

    I watched this movie yesterday. It was halarious! lol I thought Xab's dad was the most funny! Hey, does anyone know the real name the girl's fiance, Nu shi li (something like that)?? :)
  61. Khikarugal

    Utada United 2006

    yeah. she said she wanted her english album to be mainstream. something like that. you should listen to her songs from her new album ("This is The One" on youtube). it's really good.
  62. Khikarugal

    Utada United 2006

    Utada sang with passion in this concert! I love it!
  63. Khikarugal

    strewberry on the shortcake...

    Love Kyoko Fukada and Tackey! My favorite couple! >.<
  64. Khikarugal

    Kyoko Fukada

    Kyoko Fukada is one of my favorite actress! I love her dorama "Remote" along with Koichi Domoto!
  65. Khikarugal

    Attention Please

    Damn I love this series so much I bought it and watched it again and again! I love Nihikido Ryo and Ueto Aya! They make a cute couple! ^_^
  66. Khikarugal


    She's a good singer but I think she IS overrated now... :mellow:
  67. Khikarugal

    Any manga readers?

    I read alot of mangas! My mangas are consists mostly of ShojoBeat mangas though lol I read Kaze Hikaru <---my favorite of all! SA (Special A) MeruPuri La Corda d'Oro My Heavenly Hockey Club Koukou Debut Beauty Pop Good Luck Heaven! Penguin Brothers Atashhi wa Bambi and many more... :D