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    [Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)

    The T-ser definitely catch my attention. I will watch for Noona and Bie for sure. Does anybody when this lakorn will air?
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    I would like to see :highfive: Mario & Taew Aum & Kim Mark & YaYa Mike & Margie
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    Mario Maurer(Watsons Magazine Vol.13 December 2012)

    Wow, Mario look super handsome! I always look Mario hairstyle. Thank you for share.
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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    i wish Kim will reunite with Aum. I think Aum suite this character well. I really want to see Kim with Aum again.
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    The ending is kind of bitter-sweet in my opinion. I feel sorry for every tragic couple in here, May Lee & Ming Tian and Ah Wei & Ming San.
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon 2 (Tv Scene)

    already? I am so happy to see Jay and Lapin again with their baby. I just can't wait to see Raak Boon 2, I hope this time the lakorn will be longer. Are they already staring filming?
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon (Tv Scene)

    i can't believe is going to end. I will miss jay and lapin very much. I wish they will have more lakorn in the future.
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    Everybody in Jao the family always throw everything to May lee, bully and threat her. I wish May lee was a strong woman like Pink. I feel so bad for her. I wish somebody were there to protect her and stay by her side.
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    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    Totally agree with u everthing. I love Ah Wei mak mak ka.
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    Dom Dominic and Ae Sasikarn (WEDDING GURU vol. 2 no. 17 November 2012)

    did she used to date james?
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 1: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (Maker Group)

    thank you much for this awensome mv, i can't wait to see this lakorn.
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    This is such awensome mv. Thank so much 4 share. Did anybody know when this lakorn going to start filming?
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 1: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (Maker Group)

    isn't is the first story of the rising sun series? they probably will film this lakorn first too right. i hope both at the same time.
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 1: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (Maker Group)

    is finally december so i hope fitting for this lakorn will come soon.
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    I hope Ming San & Ah Wei will have a happy ending.

    I hope Ming San & Ah Wei will have a happy ending.
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon (Tv Scene)

    i hope Lapin and Jay will a lot of scene on tomorrow episode.
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    Weir Sukollawat (CROW MAGAZINE vol. 2 no. 15 December 2012)

    Wow, Weir is super sexy and hot looking. Thank you for share.
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    thank so much for share two awesome trailer. I am die to see this rising sun series.
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    [Ch3] Tawan Chai Nai Marn Mek (Maker Group)

    I glad that Tawan Chai Nai Marn Mek will air next month, but at the same time I also sad because I don't want Qi Pao to end yet.
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon (Tv Scene)

    wow so is only 11 episode for Raak Boon. I wish they will extend a little longer. I still can't get enough of Lapin and Jay.
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon (Tv Scene)

    i totally die to see this scene. It seem to be a very touching moment between Lapin and Jay.
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon (Tv Scene)

    wow more event for Mike and Margie together. I am so addicting to this lakorn. Luv both Jay and Lapin. Thank you for share.
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    Mike Pirath&Margie Rasri (Cheewit Ruk Vol.31 No.1572 November 2012)

    thank yo for share. I love both of from Raak Boon.
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    [Ch3] Tong Neu Gao (Act Art)

    Noon look so gorgeous. Por looks exhaust, but still handsome as always.
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    [Ch3] Madam Dun (Broadcast Thai)

    Miss Mario! I can't wait to see Mario back to lakorn. He only have one lakorn per year i guess.
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    Mario with Baifern or Taew?

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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 1: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (Maker Group)

    I finish the whole series in one day + night. It was a very good series after all. I don't very like Taew (Numfon) character at first because she was so mean to Plern (Mario), but as I watch the lakorn, I fnd that they are very cute. I love how Plern loves numfon so much, but he never had to gut...
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 1: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (Maker Group)

    wow, i can't miss this lakorn because both of pair are my top favorite koo kwan . thank you for the great news.
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    [Ch3] Tawan Chai Nai Marn Mek (Maker Group)

    when this lakorn going to air? I want to see already.
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    So Taew will not be in part1 with mario no more?
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    Mario Maurer (LIPS vol. 14 no. 4 September 2012)

    Mario looks very sexy!! Thank for share.
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    Wow! Mario n Nadech look super hot!! I can't wait to see the fitting! Hopefully they remain in the cast throughout. Love Mario and Nadech ma ma!
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    mario looks hot & sexy? i can't wait to watch this lakorn.
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    nadech looks so hot and sexy? wonder how Mario will like? with all the tattoo?
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    Alex with Preang...or...Mario with Taew

    i like mario and taew
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    [Ch3] Dao Raung (No Problem)

    yaya look pretty natural in this lakorn. I can't wait to watch.
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    Taew with who?

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    Yadech or MTeam?

    never enough of Yadech!! Wish they produce more lakorn soon.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    thank you very much!! I will start download the epi asap.Thank you again.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    how many more episode till it end? I want to watch when the lakorn is finish air. I don't like to wait for every week episode just not patience enough. Thank in advance.
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    Vicki Sunisa tells off a hater

    Did Vicki really said that? she doesn't look like that kind of woman.
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    [Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)

    Nadech and yaya always have awesome chemistry. Luv this two together.
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    It's hard to watch Kim and Nadech together as couple. I always see them as sibling since 4 huajai haeng khun khao. I love both Kim and Nadech. I'll trying to watch when they air.
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    Khun Juri Osiri has passed away

    God bless her and rest in peace.
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    [Ch7] Pin Anong (Moom Mai)

    Weir looks very hot in this lakorn!! I will definitely watch this lakorn for Weir.
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    BEST COUPLE OF 2011-12

    WEIR & PANCAKE from -NFGM! This two has awesome chemistry and great lakorn storyline.
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    [Ch7] Nang Fah Gap Mafia (Kantana)

    I just watch the ending episode. This is one of my favorite lakorn of the New Year. I will definitely miss Rui and Mae.
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    Wish best luck to Pancake! I respect her opinion and hope she will find her true love (soul-mate) in the future. I hope she will stay single for a little longer and take her time.
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    [Ch7] Nang Fah Gap Mafia (Kantana)

    Yes! Pancake and Pae are over! Source
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    [Ch7] Nang Fah Gap Mafia (Kantana)

    That's is also my favorite part. I rematch episode 15 more than 20 times already. I can't wait to see the next episode.
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    Cheer Thikumporn Rittapinun

    Wow, Cheer is so "WHITE" ! She is beautiful as always. Thank You for share.
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    Pong and Bee Namthip

    Bee and Pong always look great together! Hope they will have a new lakorn together soon.
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    Nak Soo Pun Khao Niew (Ch7 / Compordee)

    Cheer looks very pretty in this lakorn. She looks more sexy nowadays.
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    Yam Rachada Ban.

    I like her, I think she is a great actress and very beautiful. I hope she will have more series.
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    Boy Blinya

    I like Boy too. I remember he play all the good old boran lakorn. I really miss him ^_^
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    Yam vs. Au

    I like Yam more!
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    Weir & Pancake [Again & Again]

    weir and pancake always together ^_^ They are cute as always.. Hope they will have only happiness and blessing in their life.
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    Noon Woranuch & Todd Piti

    Noon and her sweetheart, thanks for share!
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    Cee & Amy

    thank you for share, Cee and Amy look so cute together.
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    Rome & Rita

    wow, thanks for sharing with us I always think that they make a cute couple.
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    A Place In The World

    Love Island
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    happy 25th birthday dan!

    Wow, Is dan Bday, then Happy Birthday to P'dan and hope all his wish come true!!
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    May 11th 2009 - 8 am - Last Peace Rally for GVP

    My family went to all of the last rally for GVP and the Hmong people in Laos and Thailand, and we will go to this one too. No matter who you are in this world. There are some people that love you and some that hate you. Good or bad you know yourself better than anyone else. I am Hmong, and I...
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    Sacramento police unravel alleged murder plot

    It is the thing called "Karma"
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    My cousin Lily Vang or Mai Lee Vang

    She has a very nice voice. If you don't said that she only 12, I would have think that she is much older than 12 because her voice sound like she is older than 12 to me. She is a good singer now, and will be a great singer someday.
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    If you 100% sure that your sister in-law stole and cashed your checks, you should talk to your sister in-law first before file a police report because if she the one who did it, she will be in big trouble with the law. If after you talked to her, and she still denied about it, then you should...
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    How would you know

    If you feel that you don't love your husband anymore because your found a new man. Just let him know that you don't love him anymore, you found a new man, ask him for a divorce, and don't just run away with your new man without telling anybody. If you have kids, think about your kids too...
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    Weir and Cheer, Philips Promotion, My Random Pics

    thanks for share!! Cheer and Weir look extremely kawaii desu!!
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    These 3 P'ek, Weir, Cee, and Nam which N'ek out these

    Weir + Pancake Cee + Pinky Nam +Alexandra
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    Happy Birthday To P'num sornram !

    Happy Birthday to Num Sornram. I wish you nothing, but the best. Hope you find someone that you love and love you soon.
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    are you a man or woman?

    I'm a guy. For everyone that love watching TVB Chinese ancient series dubbed in Thai language. You can go visit my youtube channel name (thadming). I upload some of my favorite TVB series in my channel.
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    youtube HELP

    Maybe youtube delete you current account. Try to sign up for another account and see it work.
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    Kom Faek (DIDA)

    thanks for share, Noon is beautiful as always..
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    Kom Faek (DIDA)

    Wow on the teaser, Cee looks super cool and cute!!! I can't wait to see this lakorn of Channel 7. Cheer's character play tomboy again, but good thing is she always look very pretty..
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    Khun Noo Tevada

    i'm very happy and super exciting that they will finally have a new lakorn together.
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    Metinee Kingpayome and husband

    Metinee looks pretty as usual. I didn't know that she was marry, but congrat to her and her sweet hear anyway..
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    Which clan?

    You are just stereotyping against different clans because you had a bad experience with couple people. I feel bad for you to think in this such immature ways, but anyway maybe you just a kid.
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    Do the guy that was shot and killed related to your family? I think his last name is lee.
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    Anyone know or have seen this Thai Lakorn?

    If you don't want to pay for the expensive price, you can go rent from the Hmong movie store and record it yourself.
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    i want ur opinions

    I believe you should weight the benefits and costs on you decision on attending college close to home or far from home, and choose this one that most benefit for you.
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    why go to college?

    I believe that everyone should go to college because education will payoff in the long run.
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    which side would you choose?

    I think this show how teens are like this day. Most teens this day don't respect their parent or anybody. This show how the world we are living in this day the American life. People just have to learn that the good old day is over and deal with the reality. Hmong teens are begin to adopt to...
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    Ua Phem Vim Kev Hlub

    Her mother is the evil one not Kristy.
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    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    In my opinion, If you choose to marry other race and you parent don't like it, then you have choose between your parent and your lover. I guess most people will choose their parent because they can not cheating on you.
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    :: sarnies ::

    I can guarantees 100% that he's not Sek LoSo. He used to attend Sacramento City College and he did not even know how to play guitar. Some of my friends used to teach him how play guitar and LoSo songs. He does look little bit like Sek LoSo with his long curling hair and tall skinny body. I...
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    who do you think will look odd by pairing up in lakorns?

    Num look good with every girl because his is handsome.
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    RS Artist for Grammy - vice versa?

    Anyone know what-up what Aon Lukkana? She is mine all time Thai singer. I haven't heard any new song from her lately. <_<
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    rs singers

    ALL time RS singers is Aon Lukkana. She has the sweet voice. I love all her albums. Hope she come out with new album.
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    News Num and Kob

    hope its ture, really love to see num and kob pair again...
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    Pieng Peun Fah [Daravdo]

    this is so sad, i like cheer with tle better....
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    Pieng Peun Fah [Daravdo]

    i agree wit u, Cheer will lead over Mo 100%. I'm not so sure abt TLe will lead or not, but i hope he is.
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    Nadia & Joey Bazoo News

    Joey Bazoo is a thief? really, hope is not true...anyway what happen to his other group member gumpan and debbie...haven't heard any news of them lately.
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    Cheevit Ran Thod [Exact]

    i soo glad p'tand is having a new lakorn..i hope the n'ke is some new face actress..
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    [Pix]Ch3 Fancy Night

    they all looks so hot!!
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    Dung Duang Haruethai

    i really prefer Pancake better!! Weir and Pancake make so much better couple!!
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    Kaeng Kradon(Dida)

    yep, Haven't see cheer lakorn for a while now.. ANy ideal wat is the storyline!!
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    Jakjun Akumsiri

    wow, she is so pretty as usually.
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    Top Award 2006

    i cheer for Weir, Pancake and Cheer. They are all great actor!
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    Oguri Shun

    i first see him in Azum 2, he didn't very attractive me until conan live action, i love him so much in that special drama. He is so cool and hot in that drama.
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    Hana Yori Dango II (2007)

    really looking foreward to see shun oguri character again i miss so much after season 1 end, i really want to watch this series so bad, to see shun cute face but too bad there aren't english sub yet, i will have to wait.
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    wow, pancake look so beautiful..
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    wow, thanks for share with us.. luv the pix, i luv poo and bon!!
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    i luv the ending as well, it is really cute and romantic lakorn..i hope poo and bon will get to play another lakorn in the future..
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    Anan Anwar

    happy 20 birthday to Anan, hope your wish come ture
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    Poo Priya: Body Talk

    Poo is such a pretty lady, i love her nice figure sexy body..
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    Cheer: SHADE of CHEER

    cheer looks so pretty, she's gettig so hottie!! i really looking to watch cheer new lakorn with weir..
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    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    hEy..yEsH oF cOuRsE dAt wOuLd b A dReaM cUm tRuE!!!
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    Vier Sakollawat

    just 3 part that's very sad news, i expect him to have more screen time.
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    The Romance of the White Hair Maiden

    this series is one of my most favorite Ada tv-series.
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    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    i just watch the first ep1. and it's really good.. I luv this lakorn so far. Andrew and Bua are cute togather.
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    Por Tiksadee and...

    i Go 4 Pat..
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    Pix of Verr from GossipStar

    He sing will and he looks hot! I glad ch7 has such new cute and hot actor.
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    Cheer & Veer pairing up

    Via and cheer will be great, but i prefer via with pancake more..
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    Apimahuemar Mahar Sedthee

    yah, new pancake lakorn...
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    TV Inside No. 158 [Magazine]

    they're too cute, luv them the best.
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    Sai Nam Sarm chewit ( Pau Jin Jong)

    will, i just hope they will have more screen togather..
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    "NoRa Sing"

    that's okay, thanks anyway..
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    Pancake and Via

    they're so cute, thanks 4 the photoshot.
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    "NoRa Sing"

    i really want to watch this lakorn of Numfon, do you mind upload 4 me, please. I really miss seeing numfon. Sorry to bother but i really miss Numfon.
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    Pancake and Via

    they're super adorable :)
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    Pancake and Via

    Via and Pancake is so super Hot and cute, i luv so much.
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    "NoRa Sing"

    Anyone know anything about this lakorn of Numfon, i really want to watch.
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    Papayon Bunterng Magazine

    they look so hot and cute togather, i luv their lakorn.
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    Namfon(stephen gf) new photoshoot

    she's is so pretty, i never know that she date Stephen. Anyway they match.
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    Namfon Patcharin

    she's pretty!
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    Sai Nam Sarm chewit ( Pau Jin Jong)

    Wow, Wier and Pancake have another lakorn...How Cool, they make such a sweet couple in Plink Din Sue Dao..
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    puri graduated

    congrat to Puri, he always looks so hot and cute..
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    Channel V Awards Winners..

    congrat to all of them...
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    paula always so beautiful..
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    Anne on Lisa Mag!

    ann always looks so pretty, thanks for sharing.
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    Num S. and Tong

    they look cute, tong look so much prettier than before.
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    Oh poor Yam, i hope she will be find.
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    Sirrita Jenson

    wow, she looks so beautiful..
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    Sonia "Pim" Cooling

    she looks so freshy and lovely.
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    Shining Star Paula Taylor

    Paula look so lovely!