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  1. sirena

    guys , i need help with traveling by planes

    ok so this summer im traveling to cambodia by myself, the only thing im very worried about is that ive never travel on airplane before i don't know what i need to do im talking about like checking in etc all those stuff you need to do before going on plane :unsure: if someone can give me...
  2. sirena

    guys , i need help with traveling by planes

    ok so this summer im traveling to cambodia by myself, the only thing im very worried about is that ive never travel on airplane before i don't know what i need to do im talking about like checking in etc all those stuff you need to do before going on plane :unsure: if someone can give me...
  3. sirena

    can i use microsoft words 2006 on more 2 computers

    you see, i have a desktop with microsoft words 2002 or 06 i think and i just bought a laptop today can i download my old microsoft word on to the new laptop or am i allowed to only use it on 1 computer thanks for help
  4. sirena

    calling all physician assistant

    are there any PA in this forum??? im actually very interested about this profession i cant believe i didnt know anything about it up till now O_O if you don't mind me asking some questions so you like your job? what do you enjoy most about it? are there any aspiring PA? current PA students...
  5. sirena

    korean things

    its seems like everywhere asian i go its korean! like the movies the food and even the hair style and clothing and everything even my little sister who speaks thai and khmer started talking to me in korean lol last month she asked me to drive her to the airport just to see some korean singer...
  6. sirena

    falling for your co worker

    ok before working in the hospital i told my self that falling for a co worker will not be happen because of work and relationship doesnt always mix very well and it always seem to end up in a tragedy of heart broken but no matter how much i tell my self that im falling for this doctor that i...
  7. sirena

    GPS troubles

    ok so i got this gps about a year ago as a birthday gift and i never used it until now i don't know why but i have a question, around where i live and places i wanna go new roads have been built and for some odd reason the gps direct me to the old road where its close and they've open the new...
  8. sirena

    the new harry potter movie

    did anybody see it my bff and i went to see it last night i thought it was ok not my fav because lack action it was more on romance and jokes and clues etc i won't give it away but over all it was good i gotta say melfoy looks smokin in this movie he is gorgeous with that all black suit...
  9. sirena


    ok girls and guys um ive been suffering from acne ever since i was a teenager iam now 22 years old about 9 month ago i went to see a dermo and he put me on antibiotic call doxycycline and topical cream tretinoin and my skin is now cleared beautiful still have minor acne scars but nothing...
  10. sirena


    ohhh touchy topic is anybody here still a virgin? iam :D and im proud well not really i mean im just waiting for the right person typical question, are u the waiting type? or u just don't care and love is love type of person? im 20 and im still a virgin part of it is that im...
  11. sirena

    coming out story

    so ok, on tuesday, my oldest brother came to visit from NY and it was great to see him after 3 years so..he pull me aside after dinner when we got home and we were outside..he said he needed to talk to me about something important and i really didnt know what was going on then he told me that...
  12. sirena

    hows everyone doing :]??

    hiiiiii gosh i feel like its been so long since i last longged on i miss u girls and as i was reading other thread i see lot of u still around :] news for me is ive been busy i just started my job as an RN last month which is great im stresss free AND BOYS free haha im not always on...
  13. sirena

    unlocked iphones

    hi , ok u see im planning to get an unlocked i phone i have t mobile, in my plan, i don't have internet or anything but say i do get the iphone, would i have to pay for anything other features?? or do everything stay the same?
  14. sirena

    cambodia and thailand are fighting

    me im half khmer and thai and i heard my parents talking about this, i don't know all the details but i know like the main part and if anyone of u know it share with us anyways, what the fighting is about is that on the border of khmer and thai, there this really religious temple the...
  15. sirena

    i need u guys to help figure out this lakorn

    ok it a really old lakorn and i think u guys and girl probly know wat it is i only know the title in khmer and its "majest satry ariya" english= princess ariya it star is ann and willy now, if u know what it is do u know if there are any remke after that?? thnxs everyone
  16. sirena

    any good lakorn??

    wat lakorn r u currently watching?? and is it good? is it just me or there not really that good lakorn out right now :P im soo bored
  17. sirena

    hi, i need some computer help >.<

    urgg please someone help me! ok so the problem im having is that, i have internet explore and i have mozilla, i sometime use both sometime mozilla sometime firefox anyways, so i went to youtube and i wanted to watch this video but once i click on it, it said that "either javascript is turn off...
  18. sirena

    if u see ken on the street

    ahaha im soo bored well if i see him on the street, i would go up to him and say radom thai words cuz i cant really speak thai and try to get his autograph haha then maybe pictures with him and then give him a big slobber smooch :drool: slap his butt, giggle then run, b4 cops comes...
  19. sirena

    i couldnt do it -_-

    sorry for staring a stupid topic but i need to talk and let it out today, i had a date with the guy danny that i told u all abt and u know he took me to eat, went to mall, walk around etc at first, i waz reallly excited abt it and i waz really really looking forward to spend the day with him...
  20. sirena

    nangsao paa kie riew

    hey does any of u guys have the OST to it??? ive cheack everywhere but found nothing :P if u have it , can i have it please jaaaaaa ^_^
  21. sirena

    I wanna Start Fresh

    its been a week since my bf and i broke up, and it a pretty difficult week probly one of the most hardest week ive experience everything just all seem down hill and everything is just misserable for me but i came to realize y should i sit hea and, got treated like a dog on the street, i...
  22. sirena

    Favorite Scents From Victoria Secret And Bath&Body

    so wats ur favorite scent from those store if u shop there do u recommend any scent? as for me i mostly go to bath &body i luv it there they have such exotic scent i dnt noe y but for sum reason i think it soo fun to go to beauty stores like that me and my friends use to alwasy go and hang...
  23. sirena

    Ok sooo

    me and my family last night we had this convo just a normanl convosation nothing really special just gather around and then my little sister sophia, came down and told me abt how her friend wants to become a model blah blah to make the story shorter, my dad suggested that i should try out for...
  24. sirena

    Female Genital Cutting

    omg ive never i swear and being a girl ive never heard that a female can get circumsise i waz never teach in school, until i watched ANTM and that girl said that she had her genital like the clitoral area and the outside remove and stich it back, to leave just a whole to pee and for period...
  25. sirena

    HOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    YEA U GET just post pic abt ppl who u think is hot and yea talk abt it i dnt noe im in a mood for girl talk right now on boys haha i miss those time haha
  26. sirena


    do u want kids? like ur own child, baby, infint, wat ever wen do u want one or more? if u dnt want kids how come? i dnt noe wat wrong with me but everytime i walk around and i c little kids walking around happly wit their parents i want a child on my own i dnt noe y >.< lol my friends tell...
  27. sirena

    wat r ur dreams?

    simple, wat do u wana be wen ur grow up or wat ur goin to skool for right now? wat r ur dreams ?:) im currently in college freshmen :) haha and im goin to skool to become and get my degree in nursing assistance :] wen i waz younger i really wanted to be a designer or like super model ROFL...
  28. sirena

    america next top model

    omg did u guys and girls watched it??? i cant believe that grl salisha won :[[[[[[[ so dissapointed i really the white girl she waz so pretty and look more high fashion then that other girls sigh sad T_T
  29. sirena

    ok how do u ....

    get ur bf or gf to follow u or like get them to go sumwhere or do anything with you like to agree wit u im not tryin to make him agree with me on everything but just like get him to go along i admit im little bossy sumtime but i want the best for him well im tryin to get my bf to go to this...
  30. sirena

    i dnt noe wat u wanna call this but it a game

    okk im gonna say a sentence or phrase watever and u gotta say wat happen after that...get it?? hea an example sirena: the cow jump over the moon (you): type wat happen after that (example): it fell and broke it nose watever haha easy enough ok let start ^^ once a upon a time there waz a...
  31. sirena

    thai transexual

    omg have u ever them they soo like freaking pretty im not lesbian or anything but omg they r like even more prettier then regular girls :o take that girl or guy watever that play in ruk tur took wan i think her name waz moncy i dnt noe but omg i thought she waz a real girl like shes soo...