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    [Ch7] Jao Sao Salatan (Kantana)

    :) Boss Kantana confirm.
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    Kwan Usamanee

    Credit magazinedee
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    [Ch7] Tida Payayom (Kantana)

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    Kwan, Boy and Kat at Thank you press party by Isuzu

    Credit: baankwan and boy fanclub
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    Kwan Usamanee: Avon Thailand

    Credit: Avon Thailand Facebook
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    Kwan Usamanee

    credit: tvpool
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    Kwan Usamanee

    Credit:tee nee
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    Kwan Usamanee & Toni Raekkaen

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    Kwan and Toni Finale wedding dress

    Credit finale and Toni twitter
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    Pong & Kwan at Wan Warn

    Pong and Kwan was there with their mom.
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    Kwan Usamanee: Kwan New Looks

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    Kwan Usamanee : Look Lovable

    credit: by me
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    Kwan Usamanee and Tle Thanapol

    Credit: shinraeyon
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    Kwan Usamanee- I'm not anymore Barbie

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    [Ch7] Sunta Dara (Compordee)

    Little princess was lost when the Sunta Dara facing to the darkness, the only last clue is at Thailand. Harman as a royal guard have to go and find even he never saw her before. And fate makes him meet with young guy with sweet face, similiar with memory that not clear. Secret that shakes the...
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    [Ch7] Horb Ruk Ma Hom Pah (DaraVDO)

    March 17, opening ceremony. I guess wait until that day to see what happen
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    City of Love event @ Central Rama 2

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    Kwan Usamanee & Vee Veeraparb

    Credit:Fashion Review
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    [CH7] Dok Kaew (Compordee)

    credit to noiki from spicyforum
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    Kwan Usamenee, Woman's Story

    credit to baankwan
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    Kwan Usamanee, Bride:

    credit to magazinedee
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    Kwan Usamanee

    credit to kwanreun Three more pix. Credit to Kwanruen/facebook
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    Kwan Usamanee: Heartthrob

    credit to tvpool
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    Kwan Usamanee

    Credit to Ispinza
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    Bo Bay (DaraVDO) CH7

    ch7 finally confirm the cast on the blogs. Credit to noiki from spicy So happy :cheer: Kwan and Cee reunion after 5 year :bravo:
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    Kwan dad found dead in parked car

    The officials at Petchaburee police station were informed that a dead body was found in a Bronze Isuzu Vertex parked in the parking lot of a local eatery. The dead man was later identified as 61 year old police officer Kasem Polkerd, the father of famous channel 7 actress “Kwan” Aussamanee...
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    Kwan Usamanee: Wicked

    Credit to Magazinedee
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    Kwan is a fan of Om Akapan

    Credit to dirtii-laundry Whereever you turn every girl is swooning over “Om” Akapan Napart, every girl including leading actress “Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon. The channel 7 starlet announced she’s a fan of Om Akapan and would like an opportunity to work with him Apparently you have a crush on...
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    Kwan Usamanee: Barbie Girl

    Credit to
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    Kwan Usamanee: Quest for a Perfect Dress

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    Kwan Usamanee: Hottest Girl