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  1. thai4ever93

    Ploy Chidjun gave birth to her 2nd child

    Ploy gave birth to Chili on Feb. 6th she weighs 2.98kg and is 49cm tall Congrats to them, now Chino has a little sister hehe. Chili looks just like her dad! Credits to Ploy's IG for photos and info
  2. thai4ever93

    Utt Uttsada is going into monkhood

    Utt will be going into monkhood "today" in Thailand. He's posted a few photos of the temple he will be staying at, I just wanted to "Anumotana Satu" for him. Utt is going to be 39 this year in September, I think it's a perfect age for him to do it now. Here are his photos with his exact...
  3. thai4ever93

    Dior Event

    Cr. Dome, Nat, Mam, and Ploy Chava IG
  4. thai4ever93

    Golf new single "Black Hole"

    So Golf is working hard trying to bring in Electro/Techno music to Thailand, here's his 1st attempt. I'm not into these type of music, but I support Golf. The beginning reminds me a bit of Dome's style in singing and NOLOGO Cr. Golf's youtube
  5. thai4ever93

    [CH7] Pandin Mahatsajun (Pordeecam)

    Credits to Thip @spicyforum ;) Thip said: Thanks Thip
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    What's your favorite Ken-Ann and/or Ken-Janie lakorn?

    In my opinion both Ann and Janie makes a great koo kwan with Ken. Hehe however I am more of a KA bias. Anyways, he has played a few lakorns with both leading ladies and I was wondering what your favorite ones were and why? :) I'm not sure if Ken will reunite with Ann or Janie again in the future...
  7. thai4ever93

    Aom Phiyada is pregnant!!

    Congrats to her and her husband! I'm so happy for her, I can bet she will be a great mother. Also, for those who are wondering...I don't think that this will affect her role in "Ruk Khun Tao Fah" because a fan on twitter asked if she is acting in it with Ken and she still said yes. So they may...
  8. thai4ever93

    Polyplus Superstar Onstage

    Polyplus is going to have a concert with all their actors and actress performing. It looks so exciting. There are also some guest stars such as Christina Aguilar, Chin, Lydia, Bank etc. I cannot wait to see this, I think it's tomorrow! I want to see all their performances. Dome and Ploy look so...
  9. thai4ever93

    Vicky and Chai are engaged!!

    News got out that they are engaged so Vicky announced it on her twitter and facebook. Aerin tweeted that she's been keeping it a secret for the couple for awhile now :) After many years of dating, they are finally engaged, I'm so happy for them congrats to the couple!! They just got back from...
  10. thai4ever93

    Chin's new MV starring Mew Laknara

    Part 1: BTS credits to : duckbarteam @youtube Continuation: Cr. gmmgrammyofficial @youtube BTS...
  11. thai4ever93

    [Ch3] Ruk Khun Tao Fah (Citizen Ken & UMA 99)

    http://www.komchadlu...29;ก.html Noi is making a lakorn with her hubby as p'ek how cute!!! i wish she would be n'ek with him again! Big thanks and ALL credits to snow_scorpio @spicyforum for the news hope someone can translate the article please, don't know what the title of the lakorn will...
  12. thai4ever93

    Thai celeb that don't know how to read and write in Thai

    This might be a weird question, :facepalm: since both you and I know in order to become a singer you need to know how to read and/or write the lyrics, and in order to become an actor/ress you need to know how to read the script, however... I just came across this thought and realized that...
  13. thai4ever93

    [Ch3] Bupae Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai)

    Just saw this at the thai wiki this morning and i'm super excited i noe most of us been waiting for this awesome pairing!! I really hope this lakorn is confirmed soon! Anyone know the storyline, i couldnt read the whole news bout it cuz im on my phone =(
  14. thai4ever93

    Paula Taylor (Pregnant!!)

    CREDITS TO : Lynn's Lakorn Blog
  15. thai4ever93

    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    Ken-Ann remake !!! I cannot believe it! Janie is rumored to be the n'ek.... I personally believe that they shouldn't remake any KA lakorns and Janie might not pull this off. Credits to: noiki @
  16. thai4ever93

    Where can I purchase Love 18 with Eng Sub

    Hey can anyone help me out thanks. I really want to buy or find the movie.
  17. thai4ever93

    Alex Rendell

    which lakorns have alex played in as a kid? i know i've seen him in so many lakorns but I can't seem to think of any. Please help!!
  18. thai4ever93

    khmer dubbed lakorns!!

    Hello, please help me. Does anyone know any websites that sells khmer dubbed lakorn like the lakorn "Gro Pid Jid See" those boran ones, or the lakorn called Melody of love "Benja Keta Kwarm Rak" starring Cee Siwat, Cheer, Tangmo, Miang Atima, Woot, Big and many more I can't find that movie...
  19. thai4ever93

    Boy Blinya HELP.

    hey does anyone know wat is boy blinya's real name like his whole name, thanks.