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  1. triANGgo

    A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

    As You All May Know, an MTV's show call "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila" has been getting high ratings.... i personally myself is a big fan of this show and i stay tune every Tuesday Night @10pm est time. i was just wanting to see if anyone else in SW watches it and also... who do u thinks...
  2. triANGgo


    Hey James..... i just have the urge to tell u along with everyone else that i miss u mucho man!!! i know u've been busy but when u do have free time, msn or flashchat us up.... we all as in the sarnie peeps miss u and ur lazy butt.... anyways dont work too hard k...... love lekie :)
  3. triANGgo


    I dont know if this would fall under the Superstition Thread but I'm Curious to know about Dreams, what they mean and is it like a sign or so........ let's share some stories and some meanings of why we dream that way.................. ;)
  4. triANGgo

    Request for a really really old song...

    Hey. I'm wondering if any one has a download for this lum song, I think..It's called " Thea Long Salawang." or somethign like that...I nedd this song by today..for my neice..Thanks
  5. triANGgo

    Singing From the Heart Part II

    Okay kiddo's i'm back with a little short clips..... listen to it and give me ur feedbacks k.... thanks lekie