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  1. BeeBee

    addict to Chinese paladin3

    addict to Chinese paladin3
  2. BeeBee

    addict to Chinese paladin3

    addict to Chinese paladin3
  3. BeeBee

    Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying (Makers Group)

    oh no...i hope ya prediction isnt true.lolz..2010 seem soo long..let alone, late 2010?..i miss seeing matt onscreen too... i know..there's isnt much news and update on this lakorn..maybe i should dig out more.. oh,does Matt hv a english fan club web or something? hmm..i wanna see her profile..i...
  4. BeeBee

    Roy Ruk Roy Baht

    yeh,talking about Jeib..i dont mind seeing her taking this kidda it back to a few years ago..she always take the lead role which annoyed me even more!!! offense to her (or her fans) but i personally think she's NOT the lead girl material,not in look wise nor in acting wise...
  5. BeeBee

    Sapai Jai Ded (CH7---DIDA)

    not a bad lakorn actually..its beta than i think..i will continue watching it for sure..(coz of Woot,ofcoz)lolz
  6. BeeBee

    Health Plus vol. 4 no. 42 August 2009

    juz by looking at these photo shot make me miss seeing her onscreen and it hasn't been a year yet...i wonder,if she will ever be in lakorn again!..look like ch7 hv lost one of their most valuable actress... oh,thanks for sharing the picture!..lolz
  7. BeeBee

    Matt Peeranaee: Lisa Weekly

    I totally adore this girl!!..thanks for sharing... somebody mention b4 that she's under-rated...ch3 should promote her more!she's talented,pretty and best of all CAN ACTUALLY ACT! does she hv anymore lakorn out this year? .. once again...thanks for sharing the pixz!!
  8. BeeBee

    Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying (Makers Group)

    juz finish watch K.K of Matt and Tye,,its such a good romantic/comedy lakorn..fully love Matt after K.K..hmm..i wonder when this new one finish filming..Mart and Matt make such a good couple...but hope to see Matt and Tye in the near future!lolz.
  9. BeeBee

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    me too...i like her with longer hair...but she still pretty tho... wow...still cant believe Punch finally be in lakorn...i hope this lakorn will do well, so we can see more of her in da future! her music,love her voice.i really admire her originality which define her simple style of...
  10. BeeBee

    K-OTIC - KAZZ & KAZZ Mini Magazine

    oh dear...those boys are really cute ..soo cute that make sad,i feel soo old now just looking at them.
  11. BeeBee

    Sarah Malakul Lane

    she's beautiful,no doubt..but wat happen to her? come we dont anymore of her far as i can remember,she only had a few lakorn out then she just disappear like as if she was neva been show all her pix in here..thanks for sharing!
  12. BeeBee

    Kob & Brook's Wedding

    if they can last after 11 years of dating...m sure they will last 2gether 4ever after their wedding.. :wub: .we can only hope and wish the best for them.. once again..Congra to both of them..and thanks for sharing da clip..lolz. :)
  13. BeeBee

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    wow thanks for the pixz update!! Andrew is sooo CUTE...his handsome face making me wanna watch all his lakorn again!..especailly da one with kob!...Miss seeing him onscreen..its been ages!!
  14. BeeBee

    Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)

    hmmm..i juz started watching this lakorn...and man..Aff is soooo pretty!!..her role in here is abit different from her other role b4..she get to wear lots of pretty dresses..beautiful and classic!.. :wub:
  15. BeeBee

    Pinky & Aum: It's over...

    hmm..m happy and sad..happy that they're broke up but sad that Aum is hurting..i dont know..i always felt like Aum is the only one that try to make their relationship work...i also agree with bxzgirl that Pinky look cute with Win.lolz..cant wait to see who's Aum will date next.
  16. BeeBee

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    i cant wait for this lakorn to air! Andrew is such a hunk!Rita+Andrew make such a compatible couple... do we hv ani update..galz?..
  17. BeeBee

    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    I personally think that Poo did actually improved! alot beta than her first few lakorn! she a very attractive girl altho most of her lakorns isnt all that good..but hopefully this lakorn with Num will turn out good for her..
  18. BeeBee

    Kob Suvanant Leaving The Industry!

    oh man..nooo...she cant leave now..i still wanna see her staring a lakorn with Tik....she pretty much played with every leading actor out there in Thailand but except Tik..oh..and i wanna see her with Oil and Mos again!..please stay longer to fullfill our dream! lol
  19. BeeBee


    you are such lil cutie kid! like u got lot of sis juz like me! i got 5sisters..NO brother (thx god)!!'re cute
  20. BeeBee

    my 21st bday

    lol..look like you really had lot of fun there!..21st hah?..make the most of it!..times fly..!enjoy life while you're still
  21. BeeBee

    3 nights a week :: (Sequel) Tik/Aff

    this fiction is like vitamin supplement for me....the more i read, the more addictive it become!... love it!
  22. BeeBee

    Jiw Jaew Jing Jai ( TV Thunder)

    hmm...i'm growing to like Som now..i saw her in Kob and Vee's lakorn afew month ago..Som was very cute/pretty in yeah..i hope she goes far..Ch7 should give her kiss/slap lakorn..m sure that gonna boost her popularity up..
  23. BeeBee

    Kom Faek (DIDA)

    thx for da clips..! how exciting..i hvnt watch Por in awhile..hehe...sumthing to look forward to!..YAY!!!
  24. BeeBee

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    so far i'm happy wit the way epi 1&2 are going!..i reckon it's gonna be my new addiction after Aum and Aff lakorn (which i dont want it to end Kob just gone prettier and prettier by the day! the more lakorn she played the more prettier she got...and another thing, she's always look...
  25. BeeBee

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    finish watching epi1!hv to admit this lakorn turn out better than i expected!..m loving it so far!..Stefan is less stiff..Lift is handsome..Kob's character is cool, and nice at the same time!..hopefully she will be able to take more of Stefan aggressive attitude! Stefan is not a...
  26. BeeBee

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    The only thing I look forward to watch next week is to see Ingfah jump off the same place as galan brother does!...I hope she die and go to hell!ARRGGG!! her mum is freaking annoying!!
  27. BeeBee

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus) episode 26, it not as good as i hope it was..umm..well, there're a few cute moment. and thank god Galan's mother is not that stupid...she actually being nice to Baibua and not putting what that fortune teller said into account which make ingfah super MAD..not alot happen this...
  28. BeeBee

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    i gotta tell ya' episode was the best!!!nearly the whole episode was cute!..there are alot of stolen how Galan sang to Baibua,the song is beautiful... they made sooo cute..but as u all may know that biiitttchhh Ingfah have step in and...
  29. BeeBee

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span>

    thank you for clearing my mind up!I feel better now!lol.WOW..this lakorn got me hook without me realiise it.
  30. BeeBee

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span>

    Oh MY GOD!..i think Aum just got rape(???) please some one tell me is not ture!..I just got to watch the part where she have flash back!..and now she going all crazy (confuse)...poor her!..I swear this lakorn driving to "drama" now...but i still love it!..
  31. BeeBee

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span>

    just got to watch about 20min of this lakorn...It look really good..the song,the cast..never better. Aum is really funny with the whole protecting body thing but the thing u know is she jump all over Paul coz she got scared!..and Paul, his expression is like little boy (maybe it juz me.LOL.) But...
  32. BeeBee

    Sunisa "Vicky" Jett

    one of the best photo of Vicky!she look soo refreshing!very pretty!LOL. thank for sharing
  33. BeeBee

    Stars’ Before and After pics

    York ThitRatha and sreyNo look pretty in both before or after. but personally I dont really like sreyNo but she very pretty tho. Thank for sharing very interesting. :D
  34. BeeBee

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span> look good already!have to admit..Paul alway look good with any of his lead lady..and Aum, no comment..this girl is just too pretty to say.LOL..can't wait to watch Ch7 lakorn look like they have alot of good lakorn to air soon. Thank for sharing this screen cap...
  35. BeeBee

    What country do you live in?

    Fairfield..SYDNEY!! AUSTRALIA...
  36. BeeBee

    Jai Diew

    I have to say, LOVE NOTE&KWAN..they soo cute together. I catch last night episode, Note got soo jealouse of kwan so he try to RAPE her :lmao: ...but he sorta stop coz he hear her cry..(he should of finish wat he started)...Vee and Pok, both really pretty and handsome but I wouldn't say they...
  37. BeeBee

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    this episode is soo Pim cry when her grandma pass away was soo real and SUPER SAD! I had a feeling that Ae havn't been talking much in this episode..he always look like the whole is on him shoulder...but then it can understand why...Oh, remember how Khem always use an excuse as falling...
  38. BeeBee

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    hmm.. I was lucky enough to catch today episode, but nothing much happen. the first 15 mintue was soo cute. "A" show alot of emotion toward Pim..everytime I see Pim and A on screen my heart just sank.LOL..too cute to describe. Khem (pim's sister) really scared me..hehe..she always scream..her...
  39. BeeBee

    cee and amy

    I'm pretty sure...Cee is older by a few month.. [correct me if m wrong]
  40. BeeBee

    What college/university do you go to?

    Hey,I go to UWS as well...richmond
  41. BeeBee

    Whats your favorite apples?

    OMG..talking about apple...I have to say "pink lady"!YUM!.....just talking about it making me wanna run out of my class and rush to fuirt market right away!...hmmm.....appplllleeee! LOL