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  1. shattered soul


    Im going to make a tribute but I dont know how to add a song to the video after i join the file together so can someone help me on this part. how do I put a background song to a video without hearing their voice.....and what program do i need to do it? thanks in advance
  2. shattered soul


    I reallie like JJen song "maj mam" and jux wonderin if anyone can help writin the lyric of dat song for me??? it would be so nice if someone help me out!! my hmong writin suck!
  3. shattered soul

    lookin 4 my old friend

    jux wondering if anyone from the northern states happen to know this old friend of mine xD he moved up to the north side(MN,wisc) from fresno and have lost touch wid him...he's about 23-24 years old...jux want to kno wassup wid him now =D here's his pix..his name is lee sai xiong CLICK!
  4. shattered soul

    A Chinese Ghost Story (Eternity)

    jux wondering if anyone know where i can get the songs from this serie? i reallie like all the songs from dis serie but can't find it anywhere to download...dis is the serie starring barbie hsu and daniel. tnx^^