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    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    this drama just barely aired. EPS 1 is recently traslated. After watching the first ep i gathered that it's about: a spy-Myung Wol (played by han ye seul) from the north who got kicked out of her secret agent team bc she ruined their secret plan to steal a part of this acient book consist of...
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    i dunno if this topic has been posted anywhere, if it has please delete this thread. anyways, it barely aired, so check it out. I'm started to like where this drama is heading. park shin hye is great as always! love both JYH in PSH.
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    Mae Nak [TV3]

    Can someone please lead Me to the right Mae nak lakorn played by namfon kullanat n kitsuwon aired by ch 3 sometimes during the 2000 or late 1999... I can't find this lakorn anywhere omg it's the best Mae nak version ever made!!!!! So sweet n saddddd!!!! But I keep running into the one with Pete...
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    Peerot Yaapin Mueangngaam (Mew)

    I'm sorry but I was just wondering... Does anyone know what happens to her? She was the na'ek in Roy adee hang rak with bie the star I love that lakorn one of my favorite of all time, but where'd she go?! I heard her sang with bie n a song n she was good, n her acting wasn't bad either, but...
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    Num's upcoming drama

    I'm sorry if this have been posted anywhere or whatsoever, but I heard that sornram's new drama is Silapat Duang Jai Nak Rob. N that Rita's the nanek Is this true n what's the story about in the translation of the title please