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  1. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    Episode 11 -- It's funny how this was the episode where they only completed 40% of the work before Han Ye Seul left for LA.. and the real drama began.. anyways i'm not talking about that lame crap that went on in the real world of filming this drama.. i'm here to rant about the episode. LOL...
  2. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    Episode 10 ending... is great! I had to keep watching it over and over again.. i love Eric's acting here the most. His emotions.. that guy can really do the angst, hurt, and frustration part well. However.. I do think that ending part is out of place.. it would fit very well if he had already...
  3. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Scent of a Woman

    wow.. seriously, i can't find the soft subs for this anywhere... it's already Thursday... but I'll wait patiently as I know ppls are hard at work trying to the subs out. Can't wait to watch 7 & 8 when it comes out. I'm hearing lots of positive comments for those two episodes! :)
  4. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    OMG, this news is on every forum I've been at. I don't really care much for all this media stuff.. she's back, let's just get on with this drama. As much as I don't LOVE this drama, I don't HATE it enough to quit half way. I want to see how things get concluded in the drama... so I for one am...
  5. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Scent of a Woman

    Episode 5 was soooo good! I totally loved the tango scene! When they ended up by the mirror.. felt like i was watching a MV. HOT HOT scene! Then the spell was broken when Ramses was like "director, you can't just keep going straight" LMAO! I can't believe somebody's already uploaded this...
  6. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    So the site where I download this drama is taking forever for the subtitle... so just to fill my time.. I'm watching Shinhwa MV. lol Just thought I'll share one!
  7. queeny_bee

    Ouran High School Host Club

    I just watched episode 3.. which i waited forever for.. and it was so funny and exciting then it was over already!!!!!! They are killing me here with these 30 minute episodes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Please watch, you will not be disappointed~!
  8. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Scent of a Woman

    Same here!! I love this drama. Kim Sun Ah is such a great actress!! I've seen Lovely Samsoon and City Hall. Both are great and I'm loving this one too! She is so natural and her scenes never seem exaggerated. I think she also has great chemistry with all her actors. When I first saw Lee...
  9. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    Episode 7--- I thought was just okay. What I'm confused about was the whole kidnapping scene... didn't make any sense unless I was too stupid. Why did they want to kidnap Kang woo in the first place? I mean.. doesn't Kang Woo kinda question like.. wth, myung wol could've gotten out of the...
  10. queeny_bee

    [Mainland] Gong Palace (Hunan TV)

    I finally finished watching this! I don't know why it took me so long.. perhaps because it got lagging towards the middle... but I'm so glad that I finished it. The ending was great!!! It is so sad that the 4th prince never stopped loving her.. it's sad because she fell in love with 8th...
  11. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    Okay, seriously episodes 5 & 6 were awesome. The best part was when she starts liking him... and she starts trying to avoid him and he thinks it's cause he was being mean to her. I was practically ROFL on the scene where they were practicing fighting with the sticks and he as always was so...
  12. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    I love this song from the drama. I'm a bit sad that there isn't a lot of distinct songs in this drama.. but I feel that when this drama gets to the heartbreaking scenes.. if they put this song on I know it will touch my heart... this song seems so saaddd.. but I LOVE it! I just finished...
  13. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Spy Myung Wol

    Title: Spy Myung Wol AKA: 스파이 명월 / Myung Wol the Spy Previously known as: Beautiful Spy Chinese Title : 间谍明月 Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama Episodes: 16 Broadcast Network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2011-July-11 to 2011-Aug-30 Air time (KST): Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Synopsis An elite North Korean...
  14. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Lie To Me

    Waiting to download... and waiting for the subs. So probably won't be seeing any of Episode 5 or 6 until the end of the week... can't wait.. since I'm peeking at all these spoiler comments online. lol
  15. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] Drunken to Love You (TTV)

    Whoever is not on board with this drama better start NOW! :) This is a very fast pasted drama. Character development is all there as well as a great storyline. Joseph and Rainie definitely has awesome chemistry. I just finished episode 6 and all i can say is that Avril (tiffany hsu) has got...
  16. queeny_bee

    Hmong songs for funeral Help!!!

    Sorry for you loss! My best friend loss her mother a few months ago and I know it can be really painful as her mom was someone I knew as well. Hang in there. This site allows you to extract songs out of the youtube video. Just copy the link and paste it into the box, then click 'Convert' and...
  17. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Lie To Me

    Watched the first episode... some funny moments! Definitely worth trying... I started 1/3 of 2nd episode.. nothing extremely exciting happening yet but I'm going to keep hoping that it will pick up soon.
  18. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] Drunken to Love You (TTV)

    Episode 6 preview... definitely... hot! hot! :blush:
  19. queeny_bee

    [Mainland] Gong Palace (Hunan TV)

    Finished Ep4 last night and Ep5 right now. I can see why all the girls fall for 4th prince. He is so nice to them!!! I feel quite sad for su yan. she does so much for him and i mean i'm sure he knows how much she cares/loves him but for all this ambition and desire to be emperor, he is...
  20. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] Drunken to Love You (TTV)

    I saw this last week and it's making me antsy.. I keep checking if the subs are done for the second episode this week. I really liked the pace of the first episode. I have never been a fan of rainie. i don't hate her acting.. just that the dramas she's made... the storyline never...
  21. queeny_bee

    [Mainland] Gong Palace (Hunan TV)

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have never heard o fthis but then I saw it here and I decided to check it out. I found Qing chuan so annoying in episode 1 in the real world... somehow she irritated me with her expressionless, zombie-like personality especially during her...
  22. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] Sunny Happiness

    Is anyone watching it or finished this? J/w I did finish episode 1.
  23. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    i'm stuck on episode 15~ can't seem to make myself finish it.. maybe when i'm super bored!!! hahaha
  24. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    Episode 10 ending!! "Can you not be the princess.. and live as my woman?" OMG!!!! I LOVE THAT LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Episode 11 better not be lame. Why do they always torture us with all these great cliff hangers!? The last couple episodes after 8 was great! Totally loved...
  25. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    Episode 8 was a definite cliff hanger. Episode9 should be ready by today... or at least tomorrow. So does the museum lady only want to marry him because of the money. unless i missed it.. i didn't quite understand why they wanted to marry cause they admit to not having feelings for each other.
  26. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    "the WHORE of a Museum Lady" hahaha that's exactly how I feel about her. She definitely revealed a bit of her ugly side to everyone in episode 7. I also hate the sister. She is such an ugly character. She's always so mean to the princess, even before they found out about her being the...
  27. queeny_bee

    thanks for the add as a friend! I occasionally watch some jdrama. Have you seen Buzzer Beat? i...

    thanks for the add as a friend! I occasionally watch some jdrama. Have you seen Buzzer Beat? i LOVE that one! hehe check it out if you haven't
  28. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    Secret Garden can I say that I love you but I also hate you because you've ruined me for all other korean dramas.. i'm expecting something great and I've been disappointed. I hope there's another drama that will be as great as you! LOL :)
  29. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    I watched episode 4 and 5. Again, nothing too special. I had to force myself to finish these two episodes. There's a few funny moments.. like the part where she writes the letter to the mom and they tried to retrieve it.. but then the pastor starts reading it.. he's like.. "mother..? sometimes...
  30. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    the first two episodes makes this drama looks promising, but i just finished watching episode 3 and the preview for episode 4 looks alright... well.. there really wasn't anything special about episode 3 either. but i'll keep watching it.. hopefully the story will be progressing soon. the museum...
  31. queeny_bee

    GIRLS! Don't do online dating or this might be you

    Did anybody else other than me find it weird that they used an ASIAN police to talk about the situation???
  32. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    SOOOOOO sad! i so agree with you. A roller coaster of emotions for these two episodes!!!! Episode 18 ending was so cute!!!! SPOILERS--- even though he had amnesia he still loves her... acting like he was when he first met her. it is so sweet!! ahhhhhh. I also love how she's trying to help...
  33. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    Episode 15 ending was so dramatic! I'll be watching episode 16 tonight when i'm done downloading it. i guess my prediction was wrong.. about them revealing themselves and how they've switched bodies... I didn't think they would confess but they did. It's funny how Oska can't look at KJW because...
  34. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Princess

    I watched Episode 1 last night. I think it's pretty decent so far. Never been a big fan of KTH but so far.. okay. I really like some of her advice that she keeps giving to SSH. Some of them quite true. Like how girls don't like it when a guy likes her too much or how she'll get jealous if...
  35. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    GRI and JW will probably laugh it off and say something like.. "I was just playing with you". They always make the episode ending seem so dramatic and then beginning of next episode, it will totally not be what we expect. That's my prediction. I cant WAIT! It will be at least a week since...
  36. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    I hate waiting! episodes 13 + 14 are so good! The kiss was the BEST! So happy that Seul stepped in in Episode 14 when JW and GRI were talking at the VVIP party. I think that's the best she's ever done. At first when she was talking to the other girl about how in drama there can only be one...
  37. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    EPISODE 10 screencaps the cream kissing scene How does a man still manage to look so hot even with an umbrella? lol HOT!! HOT!! :) They look good in the period clothes. If I have time I will post some screen caps from episode 12 later. I am just dying here waiting for episode...
  38. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    I went back to read the second story... some of the entries are missing. Actually a huge chunk of it is missing. If I recall, Meng raped Mai..?? haha sounds pretty bad but yeah that's what happend. its like a thai lakorn. he raped her when he was drunk but then she still loved him even after...
  39. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    PhoneO_5 Thanks for explaining that part for me. Sort of makes sense. Thanks! Love this part! Why does he persist in wearing this awful shirt. LOL. I can't wait to watch Episode 9! I watched episode 3-8 all in one day! This is so good! Yes, Hyun Bin got way too skinny! I liked...
  40. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Secret Garden

    The first eppie was just so-so.. but I am totally won over in episode 2. So everyone should definitely watch this. I couldn't stop laughing in episode 2. Lots of funny scenes.. then a lot of dramatic scenes.. very good!! SPOILER: I love the part in Episode 2 where she's like.. can't you do...
  41. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Playful Kiss

    Oh noooooo! tempting... tempting... but NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm not going to watch that clip or I will spoil episode 13 for myself... I will be waiting patiently for to finish subbing it... which i think they are almost done because most of the parts are already at 100%!!!!!!!! Can't...
  42. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Playful Kiss

    omg episode 9 was so goooooood!! I love his confession scene.. okay it wasn't a i love you.. but you know him... when he says he doesn't hate her.. it's a good enough confession that he likes her. haha. she was so dumb too when he said that she makes his life more fun and he can't avoid it. i...
  43. queeny_bee

    [Mainland] Jian Xia Qing Yuan

    Thanks for sharing!!!!! :)
  44. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Playful Kiss

    ***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** One of the funniest scene!! I totally agree! That was one scene that threw me off. I totally didnt expect that at all!! I was laughing and I was STILL laughing when I watched that scene over! LOL The kiss was so cute! Not as dramatic as the Taiwanese one.. in ISWAK...
  45. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Playful Kiss

    So I was really hyped about this drama because I really liked the Taiwanese version of this. I usually give the different versions a try and not try to compare to the other versions. Each has their goods and their bads so I'm watching this with an open mind and trying not to compare it too...
  46. queeny_bee

    Coming on too strong

    If a guy says that you are coming on too strong... what do you reply back to him? Does that mean there is no chance he will hook up with you? I guess I wasn't aware I was coming on too strong with him... but I was drunk too. BAD IDEA!!! Anyways, if he's no longer interested, I now know I...
  47. queeny_bee

    Jay Chou

    Jay Chou's in the new movie The GREEN HORNET with Seth Rogan (from the comedy movies Pineapple Express and Knocked up). It even looks like Jay Chou's role is a pretty big role, LOTS of screen time!!! Check out the trailer
  48. queeny_bee

    Atashinchi no Danshi

    I just finished this series. It was great!! Some episodes had boring parts but it picks up again and the ending of each episode kept me wanting more! Also, you can't go wrong when you got a bunch of good looking guys who are pretty much shirtless for each episode :blush: ^_^ I also love...
  49. queeny_bee

    Most common last name in China, Xiong

    I'm not sure how legit the website is but from the same website that you found, if you're YANG, you're the sixth most common last name! :) Yes, had to check it out since I'm a Yang :) Origin of Yang*, Young*, Yeung*, Yeo*, Yong* The 6th most common last name in China. Yangs are the...
  50. queeny_bee

    Atashinchi no Danshi

    oh no.. i'm up to episode 2 and it's still pretty good.. i hope it continues to be good
  51. queeny_bee

    Order Geo lenses!!

    It is really nice.. it does define your eyes and make them look nicer. If only I can get use to the blurriness around the eye.. I've been wearing prescription contacts for a long time so I'm use to wearing contacts.. and I can say that the Geo lenses aren't very comfortable... I'm gonna try...
  52. queeny_bee

    Order Geo lenses!!

    i think I put the lenses in right.. but they still don't feel right. The colored side should be facing out right? I still get this blurriness...
  53. queeny_bee

    Order Geo lenses!!

    so i bought some!! you should never had shown me these! lol. i bought them from a diff. website. two pairs for $58 w/free shipping. I was reading online and it said to be careful about where you're buying them from bc they might not be authentic geo lenses. so that person recommended a site...
  54. queeny_bee

    Order Geo lenses!!

    are these like just fake lenses?? what if i have prescription contact lenses, how does that work?? probably wear geo lenses with my glasses?
  55. queeny_bee

    Hitting on guys...

    So what do you do if you find that you're interested in a guy?? Should you wait for him to make a move.. or should you make a move on him?? How do you know if he's slightly interested.. cause you don't want to make a move on him.. cause you think he might be interested then find out that he's...
  56. queeny_bee

    Bangkok Traffic Love Story

    omg, first few minutes reminds me of my life! lol. i go out with my girlfriends and i'm the only one single with all gf that are not single. they never want to party like i do. lol i'm totally going to watch this... but where? :(
  57. queeny_bee

    Meeting Guys At The Bars/Parties

    Thank you so much girls! It was so much help having you two giving me your opinions. You know how when you're in the moment, you don't really think straight. So thank you again. This is the first time that it's happened to me so I wasn't sure what to do in this situation. He wasn't...
  58. queeny_bee

    Meeting Guys At The Bars/Parties

    Have you gone out to the bars and meet guys there? What is your opinion on hooking up with guys at the bar? What about meeting them at parties? Well, here's my situation and I just need some advice. So, recently, I was at the bar n this guy asks me for my number. The thing is, I've seen him a...
  59. queeny_bee

    Orthros no Inu

    sounds interesting! on my list "to watch" list! Thanks for sharing!!
  60. queeny_bee

    the movie: Daim Duab

    the trailer looked good!! I think it's the best hmong trailer i've ever seen. made me want to watch the movie. maybe i'll have to give it a try
  61. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Shining Inheritance

    seems like everyone is reccommending this... so i've watched the first two episodes! Can't wait to watch more... off to download the next few episodes!
  62. queeny_bee

    Ua Neej Yuav Kev

    it won't be out until dec? that's a long time. thanks for the info! My parents loved it so much but i only saw bits and parts of it. i so agree with you. the girl does look like a mix of mab sua and ntxawm lis.
  63. queeny_bee

    My gay DEMO singing:

    it was very very good! hope to hear the full version of ying yang's song
  64. queeny_bee

    Star Trek

    Star Trek! Go watch it!!! It's SUPER GOOD!!!!
  65. queeny_bee

    Precious Heart Romances (4th Installment): My Cheating Heart Trailer

    these precious hearts sounds so interesting!! This is Philippine right? Will there be anybody subbing these? I really want to watch it but I'm not phillippine and I don't understand what they're saying. please let me know if someone is subbing this and where i can get it. by the way...
  66. queeny_bee

    Where to find information on Hmong Divorce?

    i think the divorce rate for hmong couples are in the increase. At the moment, there is hardly anything out there statistically. It is such a new phenomena that information will become more available in the future. With the census bureau 2010 being conducted, I'm sure there will be more...
  67. queeny_bee

    [Movie] Twilight

    After reading this, I was like "NA UH" So, YES!! I knew it couldn't be true!!! Thank goodness!! Please post the interview!
  68. queeny_bee

    [Movie] Twilight

    Robert Pattinson Smells Bad, 'New Moon' Crew Members Say 'Twilight' star 'never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy,' unidentified staffer says. By Jocelyn Vena Despite the assumed notion by many "Twilight" fans that Robert Pattinson is perfect, reports from the set of "New...
  69. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    Boys Before Flowers' Jang Ja-yeon commits suicide Jang Ja-yeon (27) chalks up another number for the increasing cases of celebrity suicides in South Korea This is really sad news to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Boys Before Flowers actress Jang Ja-yeon (27) committed suicide yesterday...
  70. queeny_bee


    actually, the other DAO and PZK thread is not on page 1,245 (or an exaggerated number), it's only like 5-6 threads down this one. which meant, when you created this thread, it was actually right in front of you. i'm not trying to hate, i'm just tired of all these repeated threads! next time...
  71. queeny_bee


    it would have been nicer if u didn't create a new thread for this, seeing that there's already a thread for this!
  72. queeny_bee

    Muab Kub Yaj... his songs are catchy

    the song is from the korean drama SAVE THE LAST DANCE. he's got a nice voice, it would be better if he came up with his own song Korean Drama SAVE THE LAST DANCE SAVE THE LAST DANCE (korean version)
  73. queeny_bee

    New Breed

    the link doesn't work anymore. it links onto a page about viagra. lol
  74. queeny_bee

    My cousin Lily Vang or Mai Lee Vang

    holy crap!!! she's super duper good!!!!! wow, it's awesome!!! she really doesn't need more practice, she's already good. i think as she grows up, how voice will mature and it will just be even better.
  75. queeny_bee

    Andy Lau, China's George Clooney...

    he looks like he hasn't aged at all!! he still looks hot!! my all time favorite of his is moon warriors!! i love the music!!! beautiful music!!!
  76. queeny_bee


    :huh: :lol: :P that came out of nowhere.... lol
  77. queeny_bee

    Neeg Tsis Sawm Zoo

    xab again did great!! it's funny, cause i feel the same way too.. he's not hot, but then he's got some sort of attraction on you that makes u want to watch his movies. lol. i agree, i think it's his personality. he's not bad looking. his personality definitely adds an appeal to him. anyways...
  78. queeny_bee

    3 lub tooj npab........

    i read it! it's really good!!! the name change doesn't bother me at all. i hope to see the finished product soon!!!
  79. queeny_bee

    ::Brenda Song::

    hahahaha! i like this one!! :lol:
  80. queeny_bee

    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    I've watched episode 1 and 2. I think the chemistry between the main characters progressed too fast. But I mean you still understand why he started liking her. Even though the main girl isn't that pretty, she's got her moments too and she has a certain cuteness to her. The main guy plays the...
  81. queeny_bee

    PRIDE (2004)

    * Title: Pride * Genre: Sports, Human drama * Episodes: 11 * Viewership ratings: 25.1 * Broadcasted network: Fuji TV * Broadcast period: 2004-Jan-12 to 2004-Mar-22 * Air time: Monday 21:00 * Theme song: I Was Born To Love You by Queen Synopsis Halu (Kimura Takuya)...
  82. queeny_bee

    Jay Chou New Ablum-Capricorn 2008

    wow! what a beautiful cover!
  83. queeny_bee

    S.E.G. Presents: PC inKorporated

    i have to agree with above posts. i think they are better than advent vibe. control, smooth voices. very nice and catching song.
  84. queeny_bee

    The World That They Live In

    two episodes out at d-addicts already!!!!
  85. queeny_bee

    Want to see a scary clip?

    Check out this video that my club did for one of our event. Enjoys!
  86. queeny_bee

    New Horror Hmong Movie Coming Soon: Nkauj Nyab

    I think it is a remake of mai nai. the storyline isn't much different than Mai Nai. couple falls in love, the guy has to go home. before he leaves, they make a promise to be forever no matter living or dead. his mom gets sick and can't make it back. the girl gets taken by dab.. or in this...
  87. queeny_bee

    BoA Official Thread

    it's kinda catchy. I think she has a chance.
  88. queeny_bee

    PETA wants Ben & Jerry's to start using breast milk in Ice Cream!

    thanks for the information! I find it disturbing too! yuck!
  89. queeny_bee

    Funny picture

    omg! hilarious!
  90. queeny_bee

    whats good to watch???

    thank you so much for the suggestion!!! I started the first episode today and it was very good! the main guy is pretty hot looking! I decided to buy the DVD on ebay for $25. ahahhaah. thanks again! I recommend watching it on you can watch it in high quality. okay go watch...
  91. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i hear so much good stuff about this drama but when i watched it.. it was just okay. nice storyline but the acting.. is kinda weird. i stopped at the third eppie. somehow his acting just isn't that believable.. he's trying to hard to play his role.
  92. queeny_bee

    What Do You Guys Do?

    romance books! me too! I read them all the time.. it's like watching a drama.. but reading it instead and it always has a good ending. well, when i go to school i don't read too much romance books b/c im busy reading school textbooks. I like to play my nintendo Ds and PSp. I like to go...
  93. queeny_bee

    Shanghai Bund

    what is the storyline? the main actor looks hot. who is he?
  94. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    ^^^That's the third story. I don't recall what the second story is about.. i only remember the beginning... about a couple Meng and Mai. Meng and Mai goes to the same school and Meng had an arranged marriage to Mai's sister Sheng. But before they found out about that, Meng and Mai liked...
  95. queeny_bee

    Labor Day DJ Party!

    cool! thanks for sharing, I'll probably go since I won't have anything to do at night. thanks again!
  96. queeny_bee

    Vic Zhou

    In total agreement with you, he is hot in that drama! I've only seen it up to episode 9 with English subtitles. Still waiting for it to be subbed. I got the episodes from d-addicts, but they only have soft subs up to episode 9. As mentioned, has episodes 1-6 with english...
  97. queeny_bee

    Vic Zhou

    i didn't really like him after watching his past dramas, but im totally in love with him after watching wish to see you again. his acting is superb and he is so funny and romantic in that drama. everyone should watch it. Episode 8 was the best episode.
  98. queeny_bee

    green lady for a wedding

    i've done it three times. it's like what you've said... follow the bride all day. IF she sits all day, you sit with her all day. If she helps with preparation for the dinner, you help. If she goes to pee, you have to stand by the door. If you need to pee, you have to tell her to wait for...
  99. queeny_bee

    Wish To See You Again (2008)

    i'm up to episode 6 watching on crunchyroll. this is such a good drama!!! vic is such a cutie!! he is so weird sometimes but that just makes him so much more appealing. ken and king are super good looking in here too, but i still think vic's character overpowers them both. can't wait to...
  100. queeny_bee

    mab sua lis and her husband

    he's older than her... but i guess we could say that she married well b/c he actually still looks decent... she could have done worse.
  101. queeny_bee

    Minneapolis police: A mistake, an apology and then medals

    why are they honoring the policemen for? Doesnt' make sense at all. I would be mad too if they raid by mistake. Thanks for sharing!
  102. queeny_bee


    the trailer did not look interesting at all. Too many characters and what the hell is the storyline?
  103. queeny_bee

    Ib Leeg Tub

    Thanks for the song!!!! I really wanted it too. There is a small cheating part in this movie but it is very short and is only a minor incident in the movie.
  104. queeny_bee

    Ib Leeg Tub

    this is a very good movie. i don't watch hmong movies, but after reading some comments in here and watching the clips i decided to buy it at july fourth. the whole family was watching this and had a good laugh, it reminded us of our family.The songs were also nice and catchy too. It was a...
  105. queeny_bee

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    i didn't watch it, but my mom cried a lot when i saw her watching it. but she is one of those emo type mother, so i wasn't surprise that she cried
  106. queeny_bee

    How old is ET Yang

    he was at july fourth and he looks better in person
  107. queeny_bee

    Hana Yori Dango Movie

    i want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know it came out yesterday.... that means it won't be awhile until I see it online!!!!!!!!!!!! you shouldn't have told me... because if i didn't know it isn't so bad, but now i know that it's out, im waiting disparately for it! The trailers look good!
  108. queeny_bee

    My Sassy Girl (2008)

    wow so many remake. the english remake is already on its way too. the trailer can be found on youtube.
  109. queeny_bee

    Soccor Tourament @ St Paul Minnesota

    im going too!!! but what is there to do at night??? any suggestions????
  110. queeny_bee


    my first thought when i saw this too :P
  111. queeny_bee

    [K-DRAMA] The World They Live In

    there's already a thread for this. thanks though.
  112. queeny_bee

    Hiroki Narimiya

    ^^^ I second that =)
  113. queeny_bee

    Mab Sua Lis - New album release

    yes she was at the gb tourney. i took a picture with her. she is very pretty in person too.
  114. queeny_bee

    Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

    episode 4 was the best!!!!!! wish i could say more but then that would be a total spoiler
  115. queeny_bee

    Sawan Bieng

    yes, what will be the hmong titles for this?
  116. queeny_bee

    Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

    yes!!! pissed me off!! what kind of friend to steal your best friend's bf. totally not deserving of the friendship. night is so funny, always a devoted bf. so sad.. when he was sad....
  117. queeny_bee

    Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

    is there a sub of absolut boyfriend episode 1 anywhere else. i would have to download veoh player i don't really want to do that. sounds interesting!! anyways, vampire knight anime is already out right now. check it out at up to episode 3 now.
  118. queeny_bee

    Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

    what is this drama about and cast???
  119. queeny_bee

    Last Friends (2008)

    wow, the theme song to this drama by utada hikaru is so awesome! i haven't seen the drama yet, i might give it a try. thank you for sharing.
  120. queeny_bee

    Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

    oopies, double post.
  121. queeny_bee

    Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

    you can find this series at with english subtitles I found the song at youtube and was able to extract it. This is the ending song called Bokura No Machi by Kat-tun as Puffypie said Kamenashi Kasuya belongs to...
  122. queeny_bee

    Huas Ham

    voice and songs are alright. he sure is very good looking! i hope to see him in a hmong movie soon and I am going to say that he is way better looking than tub yaj ......whack! queeny_bee gets smacked by a million tub yaj fan sarnies in here =) thanks for sharing!
  123. queeny_bee

    BIG NEW!!!!

    omg there is already a thread for this... no need to repeat.. sorry not really trying to be mean or anything..
  124. queeny_bee

    Shutter (2008)

    watched it yesterday afternoon. It followed the thai version pretty well... storyline wise, however, the thai version of course was much more scarier. the thai version had a lot of scary scenes, whereas the american version, much like the other american version horror remake films were much...
  125. queeny_bee

    Hello! Miss/Hello! Baby

    when it first came out, i watched the first eppie then skimmed the second eppie... couldn't seem to get into this one.
  126. queeny_bee

    Funny hmong dubbed American Idol auditions

    they were pretty funny!! I like the second one. it sure matched!! thanks for sharing!
  127. queeny_bee

    Hmong in Clint Eastwood New Movie

    thanks for the information!
  128. queeny_bee

    Any manga readers?

    i am currently reading midnight secretary... so good!!!!!
  129. queeny_bee

    Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

    thank you for posting this thread otherwise I would never have known about this. i liked it a lot. there were a lot of sweet scenes between them and a lot of sad scenes between them. Kamenashi Kasuya personally isn't all that good looking, but then he sort of grows on you and i think he looks...
  130. queeny_bee

    Hmong Girl Band...Anyone???

    omg. I know the girl who sings joo's song!! ia ong is a totally great singer. she's from mn.
  131. queeny_bee

    Are u green, white, or both?

    how about neither? I'm Hmoob Lees! I speak white though. Complicated huh?
  132. queeny_bee

    Kwon Sang Woo <3

    His newest drama is called Bad Love
  133. queeny_bee

    Heath Ledger dead

    this is sad. he is such a good actor. I couldn't wait to see him as joker on dark knight! so sad, i know that after that film he would be even more famous that he is now. it seems like a promising movie. we shall remember him once dark knight comes out on theater.
  134. queeny_bee


    has a nice tune. i like it, it's different.
  135. queeny_bee

    Tshua Ib Yam

    the guy looks like the guy who did a mv with mabsua lis in her mv. if its him, he's pretty good looking. but thanks for uploading if you still are, not that im going to watch. i think they need to spend more time investing in the movie instead of a good hour of the movie with people crying all...
  136. queeny_bee

    mn metrodome new yea

    how much is it to get in?
  137. queeny_bee

    Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

    is there any new updates on this one?
  138. queeny_bee

    Ntxawm Lis

    i just hate that these girls even though has a bf can be real gold diggers. she is one of those people who like to talk to US guys so that they can send her money. of course i don't blame her for taking advantages of these old man since they are so desperate for her, but she should be...
  139. queeny_bee

    My Tutor Friend 2

    from my point of view, I did not partically like it all that much. If you've seen My TUTOR friend the first one, My Tutor Friend 2 is by far nothing as good. I guess I was expecting too much because I absolutely loved My Tutor Friend the first one. However, I think its got its own unique...
  140. queeny_bee

    Bull Fighting

    they look good together!!!!!!!
  141. queeny_bee

    brenda song speaking hmong

    did i sound mad? damn, it's hard to say anything in these forum without having someone put words in your mouth. anyways, here's something that may clarifiy some stuff about her.
  142. queeny_bee

    brenda song speaking hmong

    ^^ funny!!! btw, I think we should just all be proud that she is coming out and saying that she is hmong. we have a hmong celeb out there in hollywood. shouldn't we just be proud and help support her? i don't really like her acting, but hey i am happy to know that we have a hmong actress out...
  143. queeny_bee

    Hanazakari no Kimitachi E ~ ikemen paradise ~ [Discussion tread]

    haha. i so agree. nakatsu's "silent acting". that was so funny!!!!
  144. queeny_bee

    Tub Huab Tais Hlub Pej Xeem Ntxhais

    this was a good one!!!! very very funny. it's one of those where the na'ek and pa'ek have a hatred toward each other than it becomes love. i love those hate-love movies. highly reccommended. it has been out for awhile now.
  145. queeny_bee

    Hanazakari no Kimitachi E ~ ikemen paradise ~ [Discussion tread]

    the ending was so-so. i didn't feel a sense of loss that the series ended. it was just like " ahhh.. how sweet...okay, it's done... what to watch next". it started out good, but then it got boring b/c sano's personality was so blah... i didn't quite feel the chemistry between him and mizuki...
  146. queeny_bee

    Romantic Princess

    i just saw the firs tepisode. it was alright. there were a few funny scenes. I definitely can't wait to see what the next episode has to show. thanks for letting me know about the eng.s ubbed version on veoh.
  147. queeny_bee

    Romantic Princess

    let me know when the subbed ones are up!!! can't wait to watch it with eng. subs!
  148. queeny_bee

    Rush Hour 3

    hhaha! i have to agree with you on this! it was the funniest blooper!!! is kenji a popular japanese actor? i loved this movie! it was super funny. storyline was too predictable and it was short, but it's a jackie chan movie. of course chris tucker is in it too. super funny. A MUST...
  149. queeny_bee

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    you know what really annoyed me about this movie was ... okay, almost everything. like everyone here, the storyline is similar to the last movie. he doesn't love his first wife enough and she runs away. what annoys me the most is that tub yaj's first wife got married to this other guy. as...
  150. queeny_bee

    Hanazakari no Kimitachi E ~ ikemen paradise ~ [Discussion tread]

    episode 4 is out in d-addicts!!! i've just started downloading---- approximate time: 5 hours!!!! oh wells, currently waiting for the subs anyways.
  151. queeny_bee

    Da Ren Wu ???

    is it out yet?? did somebody upload it w/subs yet?? it's only been two days... i hope so. :unsure:
  152. queeny_bee

    Hanazakari no Kimitachi E ~ ikemen paradise ~ [Discussion tread]

    i saw the first three episodes of the taiwanese version. so far everything in the jap. version is the same. but i think the japanese version is funnier and the main guys personality seems more cool. his aloofness is more convincing. however i think elle did a better job at portraying a guy...
  153. queeny_bee

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    tub yaj's third music video album was all based from this movie. the main actress is pretty only with makeup on. but i saw her in one of this movie called "ntxhais zoo nkauj" where they filmed all these girls from thailand at the new year. she didn't look all that pretty cause she looked like...
  154. queeny_bee

    200 Pounds Beauty

    i hated this movie. nothing much. weak storyline.. i didn't feel much for any of the characters. boring. boring!!
  155. queeny_bee


    i can't get it to work either. there's this flashing icon but nothing.
  156. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Meng comes back home to find Mai washing the dishes by the sink. “Mai. What are your plans tomorrow?” Mai answers quietly. “Not much. I want to go visit my mom.” “I see. Mai…? Mai. Can you meet me at the park tomorrow at three? I will meet you there after work” said Meng. “I suppose...
  157. queeny_bee

    [Upcoming] Perhaps Love/Beautiful Days Drama

    i first heard it was only two episodes and now it is bumped up to only four episodes?
  158. queeny_bee

    Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords

    they look good together!
  159. queeny_bee

    [Upcoming] Perhaps Love/Beautiful Days Drama has two episodes up for download. btw, how many episodes are there in this drama?
  160. queeny_bee

    SEG Lead Cast Photos

    really looking forward to this! however, your cast are so young. i mean i'm young too and glad to see such a good-looking cast yet they don't look old enough to fill their roles. sons of CEOs-- will we see their parents?? however, i guess i can't say much since i haven't seen any of it...
  161. queeny_bee

    Da Ren Wu ???

    any new news on this series?
  162. queeny_bee

    Hana Yori Dango II (2007)

    I want to see more of yuki's story!!!
  163. queeny_bee

    Tub Yaj Music Video Vol. 1

    how do you use the ripper? I mean once I ripped it, it says completed,but then what next? can you help. very confused. thanks in advance.
  164. queeny_bee

    Tub Yaj Music Video Vol. 1

    has anyone seen his newest mv? I really want the song where he sings a duet with a girl. I don't know what the title is called, but it's a very nice song.. in the mv.. something about her being poor/orphaned and he sings that he will love her forever.
  165. queeny_bee

    Hana Yori Dango II (2007)

    i know!! i almost died when that episode ended!! it was SUPER good!!
  166. queeny_bee

    Curse of the Golden Flower

    anyone know where i can download this movie??
  167. queeny_bee

    Ib Zaug Ntxiv - New 2006 Movie

    it has a nice movie cover.
  168. queeny_bee

    Nodame Cantabile (drama 2006)

    i finished this yesterday!!! OMG!! it is so GOOD!!!! such a funny one. the couple is so cute together. even though chiaki doesn't admit that he likes nodame until the end, you can tell he was falling for her throughout the whole drama. i love the ending. SUPER SWEET!! Each episode kept me...
  169. queeny_bee

    ying chou moua... tsu muas

    he looks like the main guy in the new movie with hnub lis.
  170. queeny_bee

    Nodame Cantabile (drama 2006)

    i've only just finished the first eppie and it is super funny!! they make it seem like an animation. very funny. yes i agree, the main guy is super good looking with a super looking body. i can't wait to finish uploading and watch the rest of the series.
  171. queeny_bee

    Lub Zog Ntawm Txoj Kev Hlub!

    it was a horrible movie. typical, cliche hmong movie. rich girl likes poor orphaned boy. no character development-- it was yet ANOTHER first love at first sight... you never understand why the couples fell in love. ugh! typical typical. if you want the ending, just PM me and I can tell you...
  172. queeny_bee


    i have a question about episode 2. Does the senior student know that she is a girl too? he does doesn't he since he likes girls so much he would probably distinguish a girl from a guy. Btw, i thought the soccer dude was so funny.... keeps thinking himself gay. lols. funny funny!! can't wait...
  173. queeny_bee

    New movie out: Blaum Lwj Blaum Liam

    can anyone give a summary?
  174. queeny_bee

    if you could make a movie

    i had started a story on my brother's computer but his computer broke down. I never had the passion to write it over again. but i wished i somehow had a replica cause i really like the story, just that there was too much that was already written and i can't remember everything that i had...
  175. queeny_bee

    New Hmong movie from SKY Company

    can someone give me the title of this movie. I would like to get it for my parents if it's a good movie.
  176. queeny_bee

    Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series

    it's good!!!! i want to watch the next eppie!! but, there's no sub yet!! so sad!
  177. queeny_bee

    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    did u guys finish dubbing the other ones?
  178. queeny_bee

    Share your Hmong posters

    very great posters nancy vang! i so agree, the OG hmong covers has got to go!! haha
  179. queeny_bee


    ^^^^ any more info?? pictures??? anyways, i'm still waiting for the other one too!! geez, he makes so much series in such a short time. what about the one where he plays... is it yuen biao's son against sammo hung's son?? maybe i'm just getting confused. anyways, i'm excited to see him act...
  180. queeny_bee

    Share your Hmong posters

    i like the first one leek18. looks very good! nancyvang, your third one that you just posted up is very good too. you should submit your artwork to them so that they will use your artwork for their new movies or something. just a thought. don't know if that is even possible. but it's very good.
  181. queeny_bee

    Edison Chen Featured in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" List!

    does someone have the page that was in people? can u upload so everyone can see? thanks in advance!!
  182. queeny_bee

    Share your Hmong posters

    i really like the first poster nancyvang! awesome job! seems like you took a lot of time into making it look nice!! congrats! wish i could do something like that!
  183. queeny_bee

    Learn Khmer

    omg! thank you so much!! i don't know how to write in khmer or know khmer. I'm hmong. BUt i appreciate it so much. I hope that when i write it out again, it will look just as nice. once, i get it done, i will show it to you! thank you again!!!!
  184. queeny_bee

    Learn Khmer

    do you know how to write it in the khmer character/alphabet not with the english alphabet.
  185. queeny_bee

    Learn Khmer

    it would be like saying the english version... telling a fairytale, folklore, or myth. once upon a time... there lived a beautiful princess in a beautiful castle. our university club is doing an event on southeast asian folklores and we would like to represent southeast asian countries'...
  186. queeny_bee

    Help Please!!

    wow! i wished I know how to read this. Sorry I can't help. but i was just wondering if somone can write "Once upon a time..." for me in the Thai. Either using the english alaphabet or the traditional one. Preferabally in the Thai written one not using the english alphabet. thanks!
  187. queeny_bee

    Learn Khmer

    can someone write out "once upon a time..." in khmer for me? Do you write with the english alphabet too or no? It would be great if someone could help me. THanks!
  188. queeny_bee

    Anyone here know how to read or write

    how do you say "Once upon a time..." in Laotian? Can someone spell it out for me in Laotain? That would be great! Thanks!
  189. queeny_bee

    Tik & Cherry lakorn

    just started watching this and i don't understand thai... and they don't have eng sub. i really want to watch it!! so it would be nice if you guys could tell me which dubbing comp. has the best dubbing and how many parts so i know which one to buy. in addition, yes, it would be nice if you...
  190. queeny_bee

    Do Thi Hai Yen (movie)

    it's the hmong people in vietnam. i don't know but it might be that they dress differently than the one in Laos and Thailand. But you can see that she has a hmong embroidery sash.
  191. queeny_bee

    jUsT 4 fUn...

    very very good Dancy!! i think the second story.. the guy's name is Meng not Tou. anyways, love it!!
  192. queeny_bee

    Casting Call In SouthCali!

    there's a LOT of characters!! I think there is too many guys! but i kinda have a sense as to where this movie is heading... the main girl is going to be bombarded with tons of RICH, GOOD LOOKING GUYS and she can't decide which one she wants... however one of the SO MANY guy is going to stand...
  193. queeny_bee

    Da Ren Wu ???

    is nic tse's serie out yet??
  194. queeny_bee

    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    very nice voice!
  195. queeny_bee

    Npawg Tooj

    i hate this guy! I can't stand watching his film!
  196. queeny_bee

    Ciaj tuag los yuav hlub

    he didn't actually blow the flute and made her alive again... i think he picked her up from the coffin and patted her back and that's when the egg came out of her mouth. i think that's how it was.. correct me if i'm wrong. she shouldn't be alive... since she couldn't have been able to breathe...
  197. queeny_bee

    Friends here's a site that is uploading it.
  198. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    okay, i edited a little... so it wouldn't be so confusing. sorry! meng actually didn't give her his heart.. he was able to find a donor. yippee!! i'm a sour loser for sad stories... so i had to turn the story to a more happier one... for now. someone else could play around with it...
  199. queeny_bee

    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    my brother marry my sister in law and she's from australia. they met online!! lols! but she's actually like my 4th or 5th cousin too... crazy huh? yeah, so i know there's hmong ppls in australia. my sister in law has been here for about two years and she still has her austrialian accent.
  200. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “Mom..?? What are you doing here??” asked Mai squinty as she tries to adjust to the bright light. As she looks around, she realized that she was back at the hospital. “oh my darling… Why didn’t you tell us you had a heart problem? I’m so glad the heart transplant procedure went well...
  201. queeny_bee

    Indian Idol

    i totally agree! thanks! he seems so cool with it! i'm glad!
  202. queeny_bee

    Kwon Sang Woo <3

    my hottie.... lols! i swear he's the only k-actor that is still hot when he cries!
  203. queeny_bee

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    :lmao: I also thought tswv yis was hot back than too!! lols!! yeah, i actually watched it a few days back and the acting wasn't as good as I remembered, but i have to agree that it is WAY better than the ones now a days and the storyline are SO MUCH BETTER!! Especially this one has got to be...
  204. queeny_bee

    Do u know how to write in Hmong?

    ntxias_hmob_thoj, xws li koj tau hais, neb txoj kev hlub zoo li lub hnub uas twb poob lawm... tab sis mus raws li lub hnub txawj poob, lub hnub yeej txawj rov qab sawv tuaj thiab. tiaj zaum neb txoj kev hlub tsis tau kawg, los yog, koj yuav muaj txoj hmoo ntsib tus koj yuav hlub tiag thiab yuav...
  205. queeny_bee

    Hmong Labor Day Tournament

    i heard about it too. i don't think it's possible to JUST have it in Oshkosh. GB always have one... i would think that it'll have it again. but my cousin from oshkosh told me that it's been moved to oshkosh. well, please let us all know. we wouldn't want to drive to gb and find out that there...
  206. queeny_bee


    wow!! thanks for the info!! i'm really interested since it's nic tse with sammohung and yuenbiao. those two guys are great when they have movies together. what's the storyline of this series? so does that mean that nic is finished filming the other serie?? when is the other one out then??
  207. queeny_bee

    Go Soo

    he's hot with that hair!!
  208. queeny_bee

    My Girl (KDrama)

    i have to agree. LJK was good in this drama. At first i was like... goshers, this guy looks like a girl. but then I started to fall for him during the middle of the drama. i actually don't know much about him. is LJK a singer? he looks like a singer. does he have any other drama?
  209. queeny_bee

    Hwjchim Txiav Kevhlub

    i have to say that this is actually one of the best hmong trailer i've ever seen. this movie seems very epic. however, from the assumption made by nekoyuyu, then the storyline would appear to be very cliche. there's too many of the poor orphan boy loving a rich/well to do girl. i hope that's...
  210. queeny_bee

    My Girl (KDrama)

    finally watched it! it's really funny! i think one of the funniest drama i've seen. however, it wasn't as good as i expected. i think the character development was sort of weak. the couple had great chemistry but their love development was sort of weak. anyways, i still recommend this b/c...
  211. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Sweet Spy

    ^^^ thx for the spoilers! i'm sort of glad I didn't take the time to watch this drama then. especially with all these rumors of a sequel? that's gonna be too much to stomach.
  212. queeny_bee


    will it be out this weekend at july fourth or is it just out on theater in mn?
  213. queeny_bee


    thanks for the photos and news! it was so sweet! the way he acted it out, saying her name and then kissing her!! i wished i was there... even if i wasn't there... i could imagine him saying her name. so sweet! thanks again!
  214. queeny_bee


    can't wait to see this! when is coming out?
  215. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] The Prince Turn Into Frog

    i finished it! it was very good! so sad that i finished it! lols! i totally reccomend this serie to those who have not seen it. ming dao has a sexy voice! lols! when he was dang ou he looks so young but when he is junghao he looks so much more mature and older. but he is cute playing as dang...
  216. queeny_bee


    thank you again menia! I love the song a lot! I can't stop listening to it!
  217. queeny_bee

    [Taiwan] The Prince Turn Into Frog

    i'm currently watching this series on and i'm on the 20th eppie. it's better to just watch it on youtube than downloading cause it's fast and the quality aren't that bad... just that sometimes the audio is off. but i'm almost done and it is so good!! makes me want to cry everytime...
  218. queeny_bee

    Old Movies

    I remember this one! Kobori was super hot in those days.... i was only a child back then but i thought he was pretty good looking! haha. btw, the girl was such a biatch to him! she finally realized she loved him when it was too late.. so sad.
  219. queeny_bee


    ^THANK YOU SO MUCH MENIA!!! I'm so happy that someone finally tells us the storyline!!! I'm so happy happy happy!!! It seems like a very promising series. that is if they follow the novel as you have just quoted! lols. btw, the links aren't working
  220. queeny_bee

    [DRAMA 2006] SWEET GUY

    sounds very interesting! can't wait!
  221. queeny_bee


    yes! yes! i really want to know if anyone here knows, please tell! btw, in this series, i wonder which girl is he getting married to? the photos and the preview throws you off! thanks karenyang for the photo updates!
  222. queeny_bee


    thanks for the link! you sure were right! it took forever for the download, but the preview looked so good!! the song is so catching too!! i ONLY listen to this now!! ahaha!! my sister is telling me to stop watching it cause it's making her want to watch the series very bad as i am!! haha...
  223. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Green Rose

    i think what made this drama so good was the whole thing that even though the couple didn't have many scenes together, you always felt their love for each other and it never went away.
  224. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    :o they did!? haha :lmao: thought so. hope i didn't ruin the story :unsure: , sounds like a great story so far!! ^_^ lets keep it going!! :D
  225. queeny_bee


    yeah, it's sorta like windstruck and sassy girl... where there seems to be some sort of connection... but then not really. Some elements seem to click, but according to fearless than some parts don't fit. since he did get poison at the end.. but yeah, the japanese guy in fearless was much more...
  226. queeny_bee


    what is the storyline of his new serie and when does it come out??? gosh! he still smokin' hot!! ouch!
  227. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Mai heads downstairs only to find her parents gone. “Where did they go? “They were just here.” said Sheng who had followed Mai downstairs. “We’ll speak to them later. You want to go shopping?” Mai asked Sheng. “Let’s go!” said Sheng. --------------------- Ding-- ding-- ding-- The phone...
  228. queeny_bee


    just finished it an hour ago. i downloaded it and it's been stored up in my comp for awhile. but finally watched it and it's pretty good! what a sad ending. so i heard that it's suppose to be the prequel to fist of legend--jet li's older film. in this one, jet li plays the master and in fist...
  229. queeny_bee


    it's so cute and funny! hope you don't mind that i take it and put it on my xanga!
  230. queeny_bee

    copy right

    it sounds like that's what they have to do... but aren't these movies/series consisting of top-notch celebrities.. wouldn't the hmong ppls who are dubbing have to pay a lot of money than? i mean take Jet Li.. and all his movies that are dubbed... wouldn't it be kinda pricey?? Jet Li is very...
  231. queeny_bee

    -Hmong Dubbing Tearm-

    omg! this sounds like fun! i've always wanted to dubb the part of a mean girl... since i have a rough voice. haha! but i don't have a mic.. and no money. but make sure to keep us updated!!
  232. queeny_bee

    lolz......cute and funny

    that's so funny!! i'm so stealing this too and putting it on my xanga!! haha
  233. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “I’ll see back at our dorm room, Pa.” said Mai as they exited the classroom. “What are you doing today? We’re going to go watch a movie. You want to come along?” asked Pa. “No I can’t. I need to study.” said Mai. “Take a day off. You’re always studying. It’s just going to be a few of...
  234. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Chai was confused, yet he could see the hurt and frustration on his face’s wife. Looking at her face, only made him love her more and he knew that she has no mean streak in here. “It’s a LIE” shouted Tou. “No it’s not!” cried Gaoying. “Everyone wants the truth… here’s the truth.” Says...
  235. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    omg! i'm so happy this thread is up again! i didn't have any more ideas... but maybe i'll think of something now!
  236. queeny_bee

    Short hmong horror movie

    ahhhhh!!! i couldn't stop screaming!! it was quite scary... i didn't expect that to happen!!! i'm still a bit shaken up!! they did a great job with this!! it must be just exactly a short film... cause i don't see how it could be a movie.. since it seems like it has already ended.. with the way...
  237. queeny_bee

    How old are you?

    19.. turning 20 in May. Can't wait until i'm 21. some of my friends are clubbing without me... hahaha
  238. queeny_bee

    Do you speak white or green?

    omg! that's me too!! actually i'm hmoob lees, but then my grandparents and them grew up in a white village, so then they lost their hmoob lees language, so us kids can only speak white... which my friends constantly reminds/and make fun of me everyday! :sweat: and some ppl get real surprise...
  239. queeny_bee

    maiv liag thiab xoblaim

    i saw this moive a long long time ago, when i was very young. the original version was pretty long, but the hmong version was put into three parts, the hmong cover is exactly like the photo that rainie_vang posted. i thought it was an okay series... i really like the pa-ek's name; xoblaim.
  240. queeny_bee

    pHaU nTAwV hWj hUaJ

    same here, i can't believe they're making another one. they were totally false advertising the first one by making the movie look like it was going to be them in the old chinese costumes, but it was only like only 15-30 minutes. i think it might be the same with this movie too... i agree that...
  241. queeny_bee

    sponge bob sq pants in hmong

    this was so funny!! thanks for sharing!!! i love watching spongebob, and i was like, this is going to be dumb, but then i was bored so i watched it, and it was hilarious! that guy is good at dubbing it!!! lols!! i showed it to my lilttle brother and now he's going to share it with all his...
  242. queeny_bee

    It Started With A Kiss

    i'm so slow in watching this series!! ahhh! but i'm in love with it right now... acutally i'm not done with this series, but i just have to say that the main actor is so HOTTTTT!!!!! it's a great great series so far!!!
  243. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    haha! i like that!! ---->FF button that's what i do when i like to just see the good scenes too!! lols!!
  244. queeny_bee

    [upcoming TW-nese Drama series] Shen QIng Mi mA (Silence)

    vic zhou looks great! it seems like it will be a sad drama.. or sad ending..
  245. queeny_bee

    Original versions or hmong translated versions

    i like originals better. i can't stand the people who are dubbing. i went back to watch glass slippers... and omg! the guys were trying too hard to be sweet... or you know that shrilling creepy guy voice.. i don't know how to explain. but i like originals esp. the k-drama cause i get to hear...
  246. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    i agree. it started out real good... but i quitted after eppie 7. :lmao: it kept on dragging...and then my comp took forever to download it with torrent files, so than i quit downloading.. but i guess i might still give it a try....
  247. queeny_bee

    spygirl korean movie 2004

    i just finished this video two days ago. it was sorta funny! it was a lot different than the other romantic comedy. the ending wasn't the best, but it was a great ending... it's just that the ending didn't feel like an ending.
  248. queeny_bee


    :D JOE ODAGIRI is his name .....he was the crazy man in white makeup in Azumi. He starred in a couple of favorite is `Satore,` and I think u could rent one of his movie in Blockbuster....I forgot the title of the movie. BUt yes, he`s really HOT wow! he was really the crazy guy...
  249. queeny_bee


    i was there! wished we had started this thread sooner so then we could all have met up! it would have been cool! I thought the conference was okay. I really liked the conference that i went to though. keynote speaker needs improvement (twice I fell asleep!! lols).
  250. queeny_bee

    Shadowless Sword

    i just clicked the link to see the trailer and wow! it looks great! i wanted to find it on ebay, but i see that no one is selling it there.. and yesasia doesn't have it either. does anyone know where i can buy it or download it?
  251. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “She really is pregnant... then who is the father?� wondered Dee. “"Babe, are you okay? Who are you talking to?" said Chai as he walks around to face her. “She's really pregnant Chai...� said Dee dazed. ------------------------ “Tou... please...� pleaded Gaoying. “No... I...
  252. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “No. Don’t lie to me again Dee. I know you weren’t talking to Nancy.� Replied Chai. “honestly I wasn’t talking to nancy. I have something to ask you… do you still love gaoying?� said Dee quietly. “why do you keep asking me this? I don’t love her anymore… why do you...
  253. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    ahhh!! I'm sorry, I haven't add anything in here yet... i don't have time to sit down and think of something very good to write... so give me some time and if something pops up, I'll add something in here
  254. queeny_bee

    The Millionaire's first love

    yeah i was looking hyunbin up and i saw that too. couldn't find it anywhere to download.. so i'm thinking i might just go and buy it or something.
  255. queeny_bee

    Maiv Xyooj

    i heard about this. is it true? i mean if you look at her.. she IS more skinner and her nose looks a lot smaller. I wouldn't be surprised.. a lot of hmong singers are doing plastic surgery. besides Maiv xyooj probably has all the money to do it from her concerts, music videos, and albums...
  256. queeny_bee

    what do you guys think about tsab mim xyooj?

    i remember those days when tsab mim and luj yaj were so popular. WE even had a music video of tsab mim xyooj. I like her old old old songs... but i've heard some of her new ones and I don't like them... similar to luj yaj. I think they just have to accept that they're getting too old and even...
  257. queeny_bee

    The Millionaire's first love

    if that's what this movie is.. i'm not up to it... hehe besides... i don't like his hair style in this movie.. lols! but if it's really good.. let me know and maybe i'll check it out :lol:
  258. queeny_bee

    The Millionaire's first love

    so this is a movie then?? i thought it was a drama. Oh wells, even though the ending was sad.. i hope it was good overall...
  259. queeny_bee

    Hmoob love songs

    oh okay!! thanks for the upload
  260. queeny_bee

    Dating Now

    same here. i think the subs are good. i have no problem with it.
  261. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    eeks!! it's so good!!! i'm scared i might screw it up... and actually i don't know how to add anymore... but alright.. I'll try my goes... Continuing to hold onto to Dee with his strong arms, he asks “Did Gaoying say anything to upset you?? What did she say?� as he could see...
  262. queeny_bee

    Hmoob love songs

    what's the title and artist of these songs???
  263. queeny_bee

    Hmong Men Are Beautiful

    i really DO think he's good looking!! I heard he's single too... someone should hook me up with him... :P Yeah, I think out of the whole calender, there's only two good looking.. and of course, like i said Lor Thao is one of them. hehe I have to say though that the photos are very good...
  264. queeny_bee

    Dating Now

    yeah, I know what you mean... the cell phone was pretty big looking.. hehe!! and the main actor's.. forgot his name.. his hair looks pretty outdated don't you think?? And of course, they look a lot younger in this.. yeah, i thought it looked old.. just wanted to confirm if it was... yeah, it's...
  265. queeny_bee

    Hmong Men Are Beautiful

    I just saw the calender today at one of the Hmong store... it looks pretty nice... I think the one named Lor Thao is pretty good looking and ouch! nice body.. hehe the lady at the hmong store was like saying that it was her cousin.. it would be great if she would hook me up with him.. hehehe...
  266. queeny_bee

    Dating Now

    so how old is this drama? I think it's alright... it's not the best so far... I just want to see what happens at the end... but I want to see more of KWON SANG WOO's story... he's so HOT in this drama THanks for uploading SARN
  267. queeny_bee

    Somchai Yang

    i don't really see a resemblance... cause i guess i don't know these two people.. but i got to say.. they both look pretty good.. hehehe
  268. queeny_bee

    share true real life love story

    I cant believe ppl actually told your sister that. That is so mean, esp. since it's his funeral too!! :angry:
  269. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “Im okay now. I just want to go home.� says Dee gently as she quiets down from crying. Looking at the three over Dee's shoulder, Chai said nothing and puts his arms around Dee as he takes her out the exit. “I'm sorry Dee. Truly I am, I'll make it up to you... � said Chai glancing...
  270. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Upon reaching the front doors, they could see that there was a group of reporters asking Mrs. Kang many questions. “What are your plans? What do you hope to accomplish?� Mrs. Kang was Chai's aunt. She was running for senator. This party of hers was a gathering and one her many...
  271. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “Why didn't you wait for me!� stated Chai angrily following her out the room. “I even called you a few times, why didn't you pick up?� “When did you get my cell phone number and how am I suppose to answer it if you had it all along?� asked Dee sharply. Chai stood back thinking to...
  272. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Chai was left outside as Dee went inside... Chai was going to follow Dee inside, when Gaoying pulls Chai's arm and rounds the corner of the house so no guest could see them. “Do you love her?? Did you EVER loved me?� cried Gaoying. Chai didn't say anything. He pulls her abrutply into...
  273. queeny_bee

    share true real life love story

    gurliethat's so sad!! I hope your sister will find someone again.. that will love her as much... but i guess it is going to be hard for her to find someone after such a sad tragedy... she probably hasnt' let go of him yet...
  274. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Hmmm.. It’s getting harder now to write.. I’m getting stuck too.. Hehe.. goes… Chai got close to her and continued to look at her. Dee was starting to get intimidated. Chai for the first time, had a good look at Dee. Thinking to himself… “she’s not pretty yet she...
  275. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    At Tou’s House, In Tou’s Room: Tou and Dee’s mom walks into Tou’s room. “Oh my dear, do not cry. My son is an airhead, but he is very nice. He will love you and treat you well.� Gaoying looks at her, feeling her motherly love. “If only I love your son. I am love with someone...
  276. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Gaoying cries silently to herself in Tou’s bedroom. “My mom has always warned me about this. I can’t turn back now. Chai…What will do if you find out?� says Gaoying to herself. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dee sits moodily in the...
  277. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    “Hey! Where’s Gaoying? Her car is still there,� said Chai looking out at the parking lot. “Let me give her a call.� Chai started to dial Gaoying’s number. “What’s the matter? Your face is all white,� Phong asks Dee. Now seeing that she was huffing and breathing for air...
  278. queeny_bee

    Hanoi Bride

    can someone give me a short summary about this short mini-drama?? I think i've heard it somewhere... but if someone could give a short summary, i'll appreciate a lot! thanks!
  279. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    Dee had already memorized her brother Tou’s schedule. She knew that around this time, he was done with his class. Looking all over campus, she needed to find her brother. He’s been keeping quiet for the past two days now. Dee knew that something felt odd today… something is going to...
  280. queeny_bee

    A hmong story

    continuation... Staring after Tou, Dee starting chuckling to herself. Talking out loud, Dee said, “He is such a nerd! He could never be able to pull it off.� Popping his head out of the room Tou stated, “I am really going to. Remember that last time I said that I was going to jump...
  281. queeny_bee


    oopies.. my bad. I replied in the uploading thread. But thanks for the srt. file!! it's easier for me to use! I like the music in this movie and the characters are so well done... kind of like watching an animate instead but we get the real people acting it out instead. Somewhat like...
  282. queeny_bee

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    yea, i think it is like what you said, hes my friend so certain expression he does really reminds of dennis, n if you gurls see him in real life than it might be easier to see him as dennis. too bad u cant show us the guy at ur school's pictures, it would have been fun to make comparisons and...
  283. queeny_bee

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    haha! that's funny! no one here thinks he looks like dennis. most of my friends agreed that he somewhat resembles Dennis!! I guess cause he's mix and has the mix look like Dennis. but i guess everyone has their own perspectives. lols!
  284. queeny_bee

    share true real life love story

    how come you dumped Guy1 in the beginning?? i guess you two were meant to be together no matter what. that's kinda sweet!
  285. queeny_bee

    share true real life love story

    ahhhhh.. i''m so touched by all these stories (true life ones)!! Hopefully one day me and my guy will have a sweet story too... and if whenever i do, i'll share it too.. hhehehe!!
  286. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Green Rose

    lols! I also thought he wasn't bad looking too!! the ending?? it's a happy ending!! i'm one of those people that are into happy endings too!! So i'm satisfied with the ending... i think it could have been better, but still it's a happy ending!!
  287. queeny_bee

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    haha!! I think my friend looks like DENNIS... and he's such a dork that's why I couldn't see DENNIS as cute... sorry. :P Photos that was post in here of Dennis: here's my friend's photos:
  288. queeny_bee

    a romantic love comedy

    wow! it looks great!! very talented with all the scenes and sets! thanks for sharing!!
  289. queeny_bee

    Moua Lee Upcomming Movie

    OMG! it looks very very very good!!
  290. queeny_bee

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    i think the other police saw her at the edge of the building, therefore they prepped the balloon which the couple eventually ended up falling.
  291. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    from the manga... it said that he didn't want to call or return her calls because it would have made him miss her more...
  292. queeny_bee

    Dating Now

    i agree, green rose is an awesome drama, but since i've already seen it, i would like to see Dating Now just cause KSW is in there!! LOVE tHAT GUY.. HE's SO HOT!
  293. queeny_bee

    Old Indian movie in Hmong

    haha! i still have this movie at home, unfortunately, my lilo brother still watchs this all the time, so i can't be selling it. sorry! but um.. i think if you're lucky, they might sell it at the new years, cause now a days, they're making copies of those old flicks and sellling them again.
  294. queeny_bee

    A Very Promsing Hmong Movie!

    i hope it's not like the movie that yeng tha and ying yang just did... it was so deceiving the Nplooj Siab hlub hlas ntuj, they made it seem like the whole movie was them in the chinese outfit but it was a modern movie with only 30minutes of them in the chinese outfit. I see that this movie is...
  295. queeny_bee

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    i really liked this one... on my top list of favorite k-drama. Sometimes the drama got a little slow, but the beginning good and especially the ending! the two characters aren't that pretty and handsome, but once you keep watching they start to grow on you. i think the main actor played his...
  296. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    wow! your wallpaper is very purdy!! Yeah, i'm only on epi 2 going on epi 3... and i really like it so far.... it follows the manga very well! congrats cause sometimes it doesn't and i'm happy that this one is!!
  297. queeny_bee

    huab tais xya leej nthxais...aka nananuna

    i remember this movie! i thought it was really good!! they were a really good couple. and the guy was real tough in this movie... something that some of the guys seems to be missing... lols. but um.... i think there's two hmong version... one is older and the other one came out several years ago...
  298. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Sweet Spy

    so how does he interact with the other characters if he can't speak it??
  299. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    i just started reading the manga novel.... i started at six..and now it's almost two.... it is so good, but then the site i was at... they didn't finish posting up the volumes yet. i just finsh volume 7. btw, how many volume is there?? now i just have to go to d-addicts and download the...
  300. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Sweet Spy

    if Dennis speaks all English in this drama, does the other characters speak to him in English as well... you know kinda like in Sam Soon, where Daniel speaks only english? I guess, I was just wondering if the other actors and actress' english are good too??
  301. queeny_bee

    [MBC] Sweet Spy

    is this drama good so far... for those that are downloading them?? there's not much discussion going on in here... i just want to know if it's a pretty face paced drama so far.... so i'll know if i want to download it for myself too.
  302. queeny_bee


    jet li is going back to old school film... looks very very good. I like his films that are like this one!! can't wait.. sounds really epic!!
  303. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Green Rose

    the seller whom i bought it from is no longer an ebay seller.... so i guess you don't really have to worry about it, it's someone from hong kong. and i think i bought in during the summer, it's been a long time, but the subs were okay until i got to this one eppie, just all messed up, but it's...
  304. queeny_bee

    tub yaj

    my parents were watching this last night! lols. I thought he was kinda cute.. but he's a yang and i'm a yang. but have to say that he's not bad for a yang brother. lols the movie started out pretty good, some parts they're not that pretty but they make a good couple i guess. and i didnt'...
  305. queeny_bee

    The Millionaire's first love

    eww.. don't like his hair in here too.
  306. queeny_bee

    Marry a Millionaire

    yeah, i started watching the first eppie cause i really like the guy when he played in Green Rose.. so hot! i'm not sure if i really like the girl in this series though. i've seen her in glass slipper.. hated her attitude and how she played the two guys, and always playing the damsel in...
  307. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Green Rose

    i finally finished this!! yeah! it was awesome! i bought mine from ebay and so the subs were very bad that sometimes i had no idea what they were saying. at first i couldn't get past eppie one, but once i got to about eppie 3 then it got very very good! it's different from the other dramas...
  308. queeny_bee

    New Movie

    ooohhh!! i'm finally excited about a hmong film for the first time!! ths looks like it might be a good film.
  309. queeny_bee

    [MBC] My Lovely Sam Soon

    yeah i think she wasn't really that fat. It's just that the other girl was so freakin skinny and the guy that it just made her look fat. I also agree with you two that her character was kinda annoying even though that was the whole point of the series. she was kinda extreme annoyance.. :P...
  310. queeny_bee

    [SBS] Green Rose

    i watched the first eppie, but haven't had the time to finish them. yeah, have to sometimes soon
  311. queeny_bee

    It Started With A Kiss

    hey, this sounds like a very good drama!!
  312. queeny_bee

    Wonderful Life

    wow sarn! i can't believe how fast you're doing this! you are so GREAT! love you so much! thanks!
  313. queeny_bee

    [Ancient Series] Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passions

    could u upload the trailer? this looks like a good series.
  314. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    it was so interesting to read this. i haven't actually seen paheli, so i can't really make a comparison, however, i never liked black. I mean the acting and everything was great. but i hated the idea that it was a big replica of the american version of helen keller "the miracle worker". but...
  315. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    good luck to them at the oscar!! Haven't really seen the movie though
  316. queeny_bee

    a romantic love comedy

    very intersting... even though i dont think he is too hot
  317. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    this one looks interesting! they look like a great couple. I haven't seen them together in a film yet.
  318. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    so expensive! but definitely worth it!
  319. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    interesting article. I too think that some of it is true and some false. Bollywood acting is a lot different than hollywood. to me, bollywood doesn't seem as professional and good. but since aish has been in the movie industry for a while, she might be ready for hollywood. her movie bride...
  320. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    this reminds me of the american film chocalat with johnny depp.
  321. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    interesting to read about her. I didn't know who she was when i say her in the trailer of jackie chan's new movie. thanks for sharing.
  322. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    i think that it's actually a good thing that he is making a documentary. he IS the King of bollywood, what if there's an accident and he dies... no one would know much about him but from his friends and family. it takes us into his lives and know him even better than we do now.
  323. queeny_bee

    Wonderful Life

    i'm still waiting for it sarn :P sounds like it's very good and right now, i'm really into these romantic comedies!! anxiously waiting!! thanks sarn
  324. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    i love their clothings!! They look so elegant and sophisticated! I bought a saree once and it was so pretty! the outfits are so much more expensive! but still very pretty!
  325. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    that's so odd!! I thought bollywood prides their women have alittle meat?? That's what i always thought and liked bollywood for that. The actress didn't have to be skinny, but just pretty. I guess they've changed somewhat and trending towards american's way of thinking??
  326. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    wow interesting!! do imagine that?? I grew up watching Madurhi's film.
  327. queeny_bee

    Bollywood News

    thanks for sharing!! it was very interesting to read this
  328. queeny_bee

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    thanks nameless for uploading ff7 the last order! it's a cool animate!! it's like we get to see the part where cloud was explaining the truth about how his hometown got burnt in the videogame. but i have a question.. to whoever may know this. is that how zack dies, trying to protect cloud from...
  329. queeny_bee

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    this is such an awesome movie!! i was kinda disappointed when square came out with ff: the spirits within, I didn't like that one too much. BUT ff7advent children is so COOL!! oh yeah, cloud is still the best final fantasy character!! his blade in this movie was so cool, but of course i missed...
  330. queeny_bee

    Gallery of Mud

    these are so awesome!!! how do you do them?? please teach me!! you're very very talented!! keep it up!!!
  331. queeny_bee

    gas price??

    $3.19 is the highest i saw today for gas (central wisconsin-stevens pt)!! You all hear about hurrican katrina in new orleans?? That's where the gases are coming from through the mississippi river. new orleans is totally gone!! gas is going to keep rising!!
  332. queeny_bee

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    that is so awesome!! THANKS!!!
  333. queeny_bee


    i love his artwork!! he's very talented!! thanks for sharing
  334. queeny_bee


    I like subbed!! Especially hearing the low bass voice of the guys in animates!! lols. But dubb isn't bad, but i still prefer subs.