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    [OneHD] Jad Ruk Viva Luang (Magic If - Exact)

    I heard that Bie and Noona's new lakorn is called Jad Ruk, but I'm not sure. It was also said that Khun Boy himself will direct this lakorn. We'll have to wait and see on the 13th. Please ignore the other same topic of this lakorn, I accidentally created it 2 times. Credit to...
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    Best Nang'rai

    Have seen best nang'ek and pra'ek, but haven't seen best nang'rai. Just want to know which nang'rai you think is the best with their acting.
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    What's your most favorite lakorn from 2013?

    Many lakorns has air already in 2013, so I want to know what's your most favorite lakorn. Mine would be KOO KUM, I'm so obsessed with this lakorn and have been waiting for it, LOVE version 2013 the most (even though I haven't seen all the old version, but I know I would still love version 2013...
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    Who's your favorite couple for 2013?

    I want to know who's your favorite couple for 2013. Mine would have to be BIE and NOONA.
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    Album Koo Kum

    Love this version of Koo Kum super much. The songs from this version 2013 matches the characters from the lakorn very much. Gun's song is called, Kum Sunya (the promise), it's about the promise Angsumalin made and more about how Vanus feels. Noona's song is called, Halm Jai (holding back my...
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    Why and what do you LIKE/LOVE in Bie?

    I love him because he has the cutest smile ever and he has a very cute,funny, and strong characteristics. When he smile I feel like my heart is melting and the worlding is shining with happiness. Whenever I watch his songs or him there's always a smile appearing. He's not like any kind of guy...