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  1. donna

    Sarn Store

    i am freaking angry at her! she still hasn't sent me my order and its going on 2 months now! she don't respond back to my emails. the last one she sent she said she was going to express it to me. it should take 2 days right? well its been over a week now! does anyone know her personally or can...
  2. donna

    lao last names

    i noticed that most lao last names end with: vong many souk sack mines is khanthavong what is yours?
  3. donna

    temple parties

    i was wondering... in your state or country, is there a party thrown for new year? cuz where i live, they throw one for new years both american and laos and they also have a valentine's party too! if they do throw one, do you go to them? for me i used to go to them with my friends. that was...
  4. donna

    do you know how

    just wondering who in here knows how to cook any kind of Lao food? i know how to make stir fry, gang(chicken only!), marinate meat for frying or baking i don't really cook Lao food. i live by myself so i mostly eat American foods. easier to make... haha what about you?
  5. donna

    would you do this?

    how do you feel about arranged marriages? for me, two words, hell no! that is so outdated. i wouldn't want to be forced into a relationship. there has to be feelings involved to make the relationship last! the reason i brought up this subject is cuz i know of a few ppl who had to marry someone...
  6. donna

    typical asian height

    juss wanted to know... do you fall in the typical asian height? you know short as hell! hahaha as for me, i'm about 5'9", pretty tall compared to my other asian friends. but not as tall as white/black ppl. so, how tall are you?
  7. donna

    anything new about Laos?

    Hi just wanted to know if anyone had any news about Laos. Are there any new buildings, special events, etc.
  8. donna

    wat are u?

    I was just wondering, what do Lao people believe in? God or da Buddha... As for me, I go to church. I go to the temple just for da parties. So, what are you? :D