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  1. jthepsen

    Lakorn Makeup

    Does anyone know what kind of makeup they use on the female characters in lakorns? Every time I see a n'ek or n'rai cry, their faces almost never get ruin. It stays like, perfect, you know what I mean? I'm thinking "What makeup are they using? I sure would like to get some of that."
  2. jthepsen

    Prize Ideas?

    Hi Everyone, My department is having a team building game and I was put in charge for prizes. There will be first, second, and last place prizes. We currently have something funny in store for the team that is last place, however, I'm having trouble coming up with prize ideas for 1st and 2nd...
  3. jthepsen

    Someone help me get rid of this DIRT!

    It's embarrassing to say that I have a lot of dirt surface built up on my neck (especially the back) and for some reason, I can't get rid of it no matter how hard I try. :mellow: :mellow: It's proly due to negligence in taking care of myself when I was young (when I was lying on the ground...
  4. jthepsen

    มีดประจำตัว Mit Pracham Tua

    This is a Thai short story that starts out with one male, introducing himself, his wife and son as they arrive at a night event. He describes each character with his son being a little nervous due to the fact that it's his first time and his wife a little anxious, probably because she is...
  5. jthepsen

    Creating/Editing Digital Video Softwares

    Hi, does anyone know what's a good software to get for creating digital videos or movies? I've heard from my friend that Adobe carries some software for that, but I just don't know which one. I know these softwares are very expensive, but if anyone knows where I can get them at a reasonable...
  6. jthepsen

    Jen's Collections

    Yay! My really first artwork. Took me hours to do it...but haha, I'm a beginner.
  7. jthepsen


    Okay all you shoppies...I still haven't done my christmas shopping yet and won't be able to start until 3 days prior to I'm not much of a shopper so can anyone give me some ideas for gifts I should get for: My Dad who is a farmer, like's to fix things, especially his car and...
  8. jthepsen

    Lao's music

    Hi lao sarnies! I just started listening to lao's music when I happen to listen alexandra's music and found out that they are acutally good. Does anyone have a recommendation on artists and maybe upload them for me? I like the style of music similar to alexandra's music where they're more...
  9. jthepsen

    Avatars & Signatures

    Hey guys, I have this video I want to make an avatar or signature out of. The only thing is, I don't know how. Calling the wise to come and help me out. I've seen lots of cool avatars and signature with video clips on it and would like to do one too. B)
  10. jthepsen

    Internet Service Providers

    Hey, any of you ppl know which internet service provider provides the fastest internet connection? You see, I'm currently signed up with Verizon DSL and it takes me a little over an hour to upload episodes that are more than 1 hour long. However, I sometimes use the computer at work and it...