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  1. raymond_obsessed

    Signature Question

    Hey guys, I want to ask this and hope no one takes it the wrong way. I know we love to express our love for our stars through our signatures, but is there a way we could limit the amount of gifs used in our signatures? I don't have a good connection, and I mean, it's hard enough to go through...
  2. raymond_obsessed

    My Letter to Him

    I broke up with my boyfriend on the 4th of July, and I'm finally close to getting over it...the only way I could have done so was by writing these little letters to him. I never sent it to him, because he didn't deserve any more of my time, but I wanted to say the things I needed to say, and it...
  3. raymond_obsessed

    Anyone else having a problem accessing the Thai threads?

    I've been trying to go to my Thai lakorn threads, but google won't let me because it says because of some things from, there's a risk for malware or that problem happening to anyone else or is it just me? I wanna go on my Thai threads but I'm scared I could get a virus.
  4. raymond_obsessed

    [tvN] I Need Romance 2

    Watch Online with Eng Subs
  5. raymond_obsessed

    Trying to Figure Out If I Have Feelings For a Close Guy Friend

    Okay, so I have this guy friend, that I've known for a very long time...and we were introduced by my cousin because she was trying to set me up with him...but I just didn't like him like that. We still talked and hung out and ended up being really good friends. He's one of the few decent guy...
  6. raymond_obsessed

    *~*Jay Park*~*

    I didn't know whether to start a thread for him here or in the American section, but since we all knew him because of Korea, and he is Korean, this will just have to do. I also didn't see that it was right to post about him in the 2PM thread, since he's no longer a member, although, to me, he...
  7. raymond_obsessed

    [SBS] Smile, You

    In the story, Lee Min-jung is the daughter in a rich chaebol household, while Lee Chun-hee is her immature older brother. The SBS drama is Lee's first leading role, and features her in a riches-to-rags role; her sassy, rash character is dumped by fiance Lee Kyu-han after her rich family meets...
  8. raymond_obsessed

    Don't you wish certain actors/actresses were on a different channel?

    Well, for those who know me, you know I always have something to say about everything, and this was just on my mind, and was curious about how you felt on the subject...I like you can tell. I usually watch lakorns with my favorite actors, but Janie is the only actress that I...
  9. raymond_obsessed

    Peck Palitchoke - Time and People's Hearts MV

    The video is finally out and this one has subs I'm lovin' his new look, and I love the song, the more I listen to it, the more I like it I like the concept of the story, the girl is kinda shady...but dang Peck can dance... I've really missed him, and...
  10. raymond_obsessed

    Discuss Season Finales

    Okay, I just needed to get this out of my system, because I watch A LOT of shows on a daily basis...and this year's season finales have got to be the best I've ever seen for anything that I've seen in my whole life. Heroes: Sadly, Nathan dies, and Sylar lives pretending to be Nathan, but...
  11. raymond_obsessed

    Vote for who you would like to see in America next!!!! Don't say you never got an option. Go vote for who you want to see in America next...and it might happen...they brought Lift-Oil and Mos....and many others... The woman they have to choose from is Pinky, Bua Chompoo, Anne T., Annita Nisita, Aff, and...
  12. raymond_obsessed

    Nichkhun's new look

    I personally don't like the hair, but love the man. His baby face needs some man bangs, that's what made him so cute... This new 'do looks weird on him. It looks fine in the pic. But looks awkward in the video. 2PM - Again & Again MV What do you think?
  13. raymond_obsessed

    Preview of Ice's first solo concert

    Well, thanks to sanonomiko, aka icefan...we get to see what and who to expect at Ice's concert this March. I've been following updates, but not lucky enough to see him in Thailand...If you're an Ice fan, this is the blog for you: Anyways, here's a new dance to...
  14. raymond_obsessed

    Bie's new MV: 7 Days of Loneliness

    Teaser This boy is on a roll.
  15. raymond_obsessed

    Fahrenheit going Japanese...

    Just some videos of the boys' songs in Japanese...or ones they've specifically released for Japan Only You 2 min preview (the boys look super hot....this is recent) Heng Xing (just a song preview) older...
  16. raymond_obsessed

    Praew - Musical Gangsters: Ice, Mos, Bie, Mike & Golf

    Ice is so hot...and Mos looks good for being the oldest person at the shoot. Bie looks weird in this one Those are the only ones I could get...if you want to see the other guys' individual photos, go here: Praew
  17. raymond_obsessed

    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Wong Wien Hua Jai (Revolving Hearts) Cast: Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Tos Kanaphan Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech as Bow Buphachart Pol Poolaphat Attapanyapol as Pong Woraphong Tarn Kanya Rattanapetch as Nee Vithinee Kitaphat Untimanont(Jieb) as Baitong Air date: Wed-Thurs 8:30pm Watch...
  18. raymond_obsessed

    Project List

    2009's Prajan See Roong and Dok Ruk Rim Tang...those are our only projects at the moment
  19. raymond_obsessed

    Comment Thread

    Please leave your comments about Bie's videos or us...
  20. raymond_obsessed

    Info on GumBie Fansubs

    We've created a Bie fansubbing group dedicated to subbing Bie's upcoming lakorns...This is our channel at Youtube GumBieFansubs , and we also have a blog: GumBie Fansubs' blog So far, leemyis, luvgolf, and myself are the main members and open for anyone that would like to join and contribute.