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    Cursed Hair Pin (ToomVill and TooMo)

    I can't stop but have to write this ff. it popped out in my mind. It is gonna be a love triangle story. It's a ghost story!!!!! :scared: Characters Toomtam as Tripope/ Tawan Vill Wannarot as Rasika Mo Mochanok as Kaew/ Dara Kangsom as Pranot Introduction: 2 sisters One man Who will he...
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    Can't Hear Can't See But Love (Mteam FF)

    I have this goal to update every month at least once or twice but I always got something in the way Can't Hear Can't See But Love Characters: Mint as : Neth Mark as: Kan Kimberly as: Pang Toomtam as: Tripope Mo Mochanok as: Thida This story will be a story written during spring. It will be...
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    The Game of Love (4+1 superstar)

    **fanfic for 2014 Lol I promise I will update the other ones. I might do this ff if people wants to read it. Summary: We both are players so let's play a game. We will hangout with each other 24/7 We will go on dates We will talk flirt with each other We will go places together We will...
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    Love or Not?

    Ok I just want to ask if this is love: I use to hate this one guy thinking that he was a playboy because of breaking my friends heart 3 years ago. We never met for 2 years now and yesterday he added me on FB as his friend. I was shocked and accepted the request. He started messaging me right...
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    Bittersweet Uncle: the sequel to Mr.Playboy versus miss HiSo COMPLETED!!!

    Characters: Mark as Mark Mint C as Fah/Mint Vill as Vill Nadech as Nadech Yaya as Yaya Kim as Kim Ken P as Ken Porsche as Por Namtarn as Nam Summary Ever since Mint died I had marry Vill just to make me stop missing mint but it did not go well that I divorced with her. I heard that Yaya had a...
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    4+1 superstars versus The 5 Lions!!!

    Which team is more HOT POPULAR CUTE HANDSOME
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    Broken Love Triangle of several life time

    Starring: Esther Supreeleela as WilaiRampa/ Bua James Ma as Ronnapee/ Chai Pope Thanawat as Kla/ Nu Mint Chalida as Nachawaree/ May Summary: WilaiRampa and Ronnapee was forced to marry because of the family's promise while Ronnapee brother was her ex-boyfriend who moved to Switzerland and...
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    Who is Mark Prin really dating??

    So I read through a bunch of news about him!!! He is rumored to VILL He is rumored to MINT C I am confused???
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    My Lovely Fake Husband

    My Lovely Fake Husband summary: Jittapa mom wanted her to marry a men which she don't like so Jittapa asked one of her guy friend to be her fake husband. But what happens if Fake Love turned into Real? As they play along as husband and wives Jit and Prin falls for eachother and wouldn't be able...
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    Love In A Dream

    Love In A Dream: Starring: James Jirayu as Phet Phet is a doctor who loves everybody with his heart. But he never knew what the word LOVE means. Mint Chalida as HongFah HongFah is a young actress. She never focus on love only on her career the most. Ja Jittapa as Ying Ying is an actress who...
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    Mr. Playboy versus Miss. Hi-So COMPLETE!!!!

    Preview: Mark Prin as Mark He is a playboy and thinks that money can buy anything. Mint Chalida as Mint She is a Hi-so girl who is popular in college. Mark tries to get her but she is not easy she fights back. She thinks money is not love. Yaya Urassaya as Yaya She is Mints friend who is...
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    My Lost Soul

    My Lost Soul Starting: Mark Prin Chalidaluvprin Mint Chalida Yaya Urrasaya James Ma Barry Nadech Min pechaya
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    Koo Kum------ My ENDING

    Bie Sukirt as Krobi Noona Nuengthida as Angsumalin After the death of Krobi, Angsumalin still kept him in her heart. That night of his death she dreamed about him: Krobi: Angsumalin even if I die I will still love you forever. Remember that even if I'm not by your side my soul will be with you...
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    Fai Hua Jai ( Fire Heart)

    Fai Hua Jai Starting: Mark Prin Suparat Mint Chalida Wijiwongtong Min Pechaya Wattanamontree Genre: time period Romance/ Slap-kiss/ Drama Roles: Mark as Din Mint as Hua Jai/ Ja---NangFah/ Fah Min as Chumpoo/ Poo ( I love all the M's so I made this ff) By the way taping a broken heart will...
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    Losing all The Lovers (no need to love another one)

    Losing All The Lovers                     Starring: Mark Prin Mint Natawara Yaya Urassaya Kimberly Anne Ploy Cherman Noona Nuengthida BaiFern Pimchanok Mint Chalida Summary: When you love somebody you love them forever. When she wants something you gave it to her. But when she cheats on you...
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    Unforgotten Shadow of love

    Unforgotten Shadow Of Love                 Starring: Mark Prin as Khun Luang Mint Chalida as Chapa/ Chalin Kimberly Ann as Amee Ken phupoom as Fee Summary: The 2 twins Chapa and Chalin was separated by there parents since they were small. Chapa the older twin lives in Chiangmai with her mom...