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    [CH3] Kaen (Thong Entertainment) : Taew Natapohn / Nine Naphat

    Nine Naphat and Taew Natapohn will have a costume fitting for their roles this late May 2022. According to the actress Aon Sriphan, Anne Thongprasom is a producer of this upcoming drama titled “Kaen”. Taew confirmed that the drama is going to start filming next month...
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    [ONE31] Manee Morana(New Thitipoom/Bua Nalinthip)

    Bua Nalinthip is likely to star alongside New Thitipoom in the new ONE 31 drama In February this year, Bua Nalinthip became a free agent after her contract with Thai TV3 expired. On April 12, Daradaily reported that Bua Nalinthip is likely to star alongside New Thitipoom in the upcoming ONE 31...
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    Who should Nadech's next Nangek be?

    Nadech is shooting Lai Kinnaree with his sweetheart Yaya. I expect it to air in second half of 2022 or in 2023. Going by daradaily article, Nadech may have a lakorn with Taew. But no official confirmation from Nadech or the channel or producer Jett. According to most fans' demand, they want...
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    Daras who shouldn't be cast together and why

    For me the below pairs don't seem to be a good match- 1. Matt Peeranee and Mark Prin Matt just looks older next to Mark. Their acting styles are different and not compatible. I don't want them to work together. 2. Kimberly and Mario Same case as above. Kim looks older than Mario and though...
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    Who is the best onscreen partner of Weir Sukollawat?

    Vote for actress who is best onscreen partner for weir sukollawat
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    [CH3]Jon Kwa Ja Dai Ruk Gun / Love at first night(Rak Lakorn) : Mark Prin / Yaya Urassaya

    Mark Yaya meet again! Rough Translation of daradaily article - Scream out! Of course, meet again of "Mak-Yaya" Make an impression in the drama "Klew Life" after the first couple for "Mak Prin" and "Yaya Urassaya". Recently, the station picked up a rerun in the drama after the...
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    [CH3] Tai Ngao Tawan (Maker J) : Mark Prin / Bow Maylada

    Bow revealed that she received 2 dramas in the online entertainment family program on August 25, 2021. Confirmed for sure, one story, playing a couple, Mark Prin, P'Nok Jariya's camp producing it. The title has not yet been identified. Interview -
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    [CH3]Mat Huajai Yai Sup Tar (Kai Varayuth): Janie Thienphosuwan /Gulf Kanawut

    According to the show “Kaw Sai Kai”, the popular BL actor Gulf Kanawut, who just signs a contract with Thai TV3, will star alongside his senior actress Janie Thienphosuwan in the new drama. Source-
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    [CH3] Karn Kridsana(Maker Group) - Nadech Kugimiya/ Taew Nataporn

    According to Daradaily, Nadech Kugimiya will reunite Taew Natapohn in the new drama remake “Karn Kridsana”. The source adds that “Song Sanaeha” producer Jett Nattapong will produce this drama remake. The original version of this drama aired in 1996 with the performance of Sam Yuranunt and Mam...
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    Haunted Tales

    It's movie with 3 short ghost stories. Mark,Prang and Pae play the leads for each of the short stories. Mark's story title is "Bai Lan". Will be released on February 4, 2021. More details to be updated soon..
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    [CH3] Mummy Tee Ruk (Master One) : Margie Rasri/Smith Paswitch/March Chutavuth/Mona Amolrada

    According to Thai TV3 lakorn, Margie Rasri will make a comeback after 2 years with a new age-gap drama “Mummy Tee Ruk”. The source adds that Margie Rasri will play alongside Smith Paswitch, March Chutavuth, and Mona Amolrada. Master One reportedly is a production that will produce this new...
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    Mor Luang (Sonix Boom): Mario Maurer / Kimmy Kimberley

    TV drama producer Chu Chudapa and Kong Piya will produce season 2 of the popular TV drama “Thong Aek Mor Yah Tah Chalong”. Mario Maurer and Kimmy Kimberley will play the leads as season 1. Source: daradaily
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    [CH3] Petchakard Jun Jao (minds_at_work) : Great Warintorn / Yam Matira

    Great Warintorn and Yam Matira to come together for a new lakorn which will be aired in 2021. This upcoming TV drama titled “Petchakard Jun Jao” is reportedly a new script. It isn’t adapted from the popular novel as other Thai TV dramas. Source: Daradaily
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    Ice Preechaya

    Ice working with top actors Great,James Ji,James Ma.
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    Can we rank actors and actresses from channel 3? Who do you think are at the top now?

    Asking all the veterans out here to rank the actors and actresses of channel 3 based on their popularity. I am new here and it would be interesting to know what you think about them.