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  1. myyang

    Thai stars on Facebook?

    hi. i was wondering if anyone know whether or not some thai stars are really on facebook ( if so, who? and how do you know for sure? i really want to know because i just had the weirdest experience ever on facebook just a few minutes ago!!!!!
  2. myyang

    looking for a very very old thai (ghost) lakorn..dalayan?

    hi. i was wodering if anyone of you have seen a ghost lakorn where the ghost's name was called "dalayan" (pronounced da-lah-yahn). i watched this lakorn back in the early 1990's and now i want to watch it again. i really don't remember who starred in their, but the main guy's name in the...
  3. myyang

    ngao asoke lakorn 4 sale?

    anyone willing to make me a copy of ngao asoke? i konw that the lakorn could be found and purchased at problem is..i only want PART (after the girl gets older) of the lakorn. if anyone could help, please let me know. i will be more than happy to pay for the lakorn.
  4. myyang

    Please HELP>>>Dig Muag Xuas Ntiv Qhia or Gaew-tha Pee

    Has anyone seen this Thai lakorn (dubbed in Hmong)? If so, maybe you could help me... I really like the HMONG SONGS that they put in the lakorn--- especially the song that was sung by the girl. It goes something like... "Vim li cas os txoj kev hlub.... " (This hmong song was on after the...