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    Laos Fashion please help and support us!

    Please help support us! We are one of the first Laotian to open up a store on 6th ave in NYC! We collaborate with Miss Universe and many other celebrities! it will really be helpful if you guys spread the word and like us on FB! THANK YOU LAOTIAN FRIENDS...
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    Ken is a monk

    Ken theeradeth was ordained into monkhood today
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    365 Wan Heng Ruk

    I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeee with this lakorn! I think Anne and Ken have the greatest chemistry and the story line is sooo good! it's such a romantic lakorn! and very believeable i love it ! i just dont understand why the rating is not as good ! it makes me sad. How do you guys feel? do you like it?
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    Menstrual Blood Lao/Thai/Khmer Voodoo

    I have heard my mom and aunts talk about how women put their menstrual blood into their mens food in order for the guy to fall for them and love them. Has any one else heard of this? Do you think it's true and it works? Please share your stories.
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    The people in laos music video

    I have seen the music videos from indeerecords... and all i gotta say is "cant they find some better looking people to put on the video"? I wonder how they choose these people.. do they have to go to auditions?? or they just choose them cuzz they're related?? or what ??? lol like my uncle...