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  1. Vamkim

    Cashing Moneyorder

    Ok, I have a bad moneyorder experience once and it didn't go so well until one day in a long time. And now I have a person who is buying an item from me and wants to pay by post office moneyorder, not Western Union moneyorder. The question is can I cash a Post office moneyorder at any bank even...
  2. Vamkim

    Transfer money thailand

    Ok, What is it called when you want to send money to your relatives in thailand but prefer to send it to them without using the postal mail service? Like a money transfer I think? How does it work? And what place do I go to send money to them? How much will the fee be? Do I need a bank account...
  3. Vamkim

    50 things your not supposed to know!

    01 The Ten Commandments We Always See Aren’t the Ten Commandments 02 One of the Popes Wrote an Erotic Book 03 The CIA Commits Over 100,000 Serious Crimes Each Year 04 The First CIA Agent to Die in the Line of Duty Was Douglas Mackiernan 05 After 9/11, the Defense Department Wanted to Poison...
  4. Vamkim

    Poj Txooj

    These stories have been told recently by my elders. Long ago when my neighbors dad was still a kid, he and his family went mushroom picking. He went off alone into the river with high rocks around and started feeling tired and went to sleep. He later woke up being stuff into the bottom of a...
  5. Vamkim

    Hmong actress

    Ok, so I heard alot of people saying that they like this hmong actress. And I also heard that she did a porn movie with this thai hmong guy? She is the actress from ''Ua neej yuam kev''.
  6. Vamkim

    Sites to post up music for websites?

    So I need a website to post up this song so that I can put it on my Myspace page. Any suggestions? Its going to be my background music. Things have really turn bad since imeem is gone.....
  7. Vamkim

    This SUCKS!

    Has anyone notice or knew that Imeem is now part of myspace? It really S***s! All my music and playlist is all gone...
  8. Vamkim

    How do you shipped a pet?

    Ok, I bought my girl a Betta fish. I dont know how am I supposed to send it across the united state. Can anyone give me some tips?
  9. Vamkim


    Alright, im planning to go to jobcorp but I have lost alot of experience that i had when i was still attending school. I want to study and major in Art Such as drawing and paintings. Is it possible for me to do that? I know Art Institute is the perfect place for that but its really expensive. So...
  10. Vamkim

    Oh No!!!

    Ok,ok. I have bought some rims from an ebay seller and he gives me his address to send my moneyorder payment to him. And I didnt pay much attention to his address becuase I was in a rush to get things done. And just now I decided to goggle his address to see if its real and !!! He lives all the...
  11. Vamkim

    Legend of the mask K-20

    Have anyone seen this movie? Is it out yet?
  12. Vamkim


    They are making an Onimusha live action! Starring Tekashi Kaneshiro! He was also the model one from the games: in Onimusha-warlords, Onimusha-demon seige, and also as Tenkai in dawns of dream.
  13. Vamkim

    Karma Kula

    I thought this was very well done. Reminds me of a mixture of Wuxia with hindi, and Native American epic. Lets see what you guys think.
  14. Vamkim

    Avi converter

    Ok, If anyone can help. I just need a easy,simple to use video converter that can convert avi to wmv. Thanks!
  15. Vamkim

    What is wrong?

    I dont know what is wrong with my extended harddrive? Its not working!! When I turned it on it sound like a dying engine? Everything I have acheive for the last 3 years is in there. :( Does anyone have a clue?
  16. Vamkim

    Flash windows mobile

    OK, I have been trying to flash my windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6.1 for the past week. And I have been encountering alot of problem. I just cant seem to figure it out. But I've seen some peoples who have figure it out and know where to put the files into. So, I am asking you fellow...
  17. Vamkim

    Hmong Potato

    Have anyone ever heard or seen hmong potato? ''Hmoob Qos''
  18. Vamkim


    I have never used moneyorder before and I received one about 4 months ago. I took it to washington mutual to cash it but they told me that I need an account and I do have one but I cancel it 3 months earlier becuase I was unemployed. So, today I called the phone number on the moneyorder and...
  19. Vamkim

    Joining the ARMY

    I only have one month to decide and think about if I would join the army. I have always wanted to serve my country since I was 11. And just about 3 months ago, I have thought about joining the army and have talk to my parents about it but, my mom refuses to let me join. So they bought me a new...
  20. Vamkim

    Working out!

    Can working out and doing too much weight lifting make you shorter? Is this true?