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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    If your looking for good stuff then i suggest:: Ouran Host Club, Ninja Scroll(it's kinda for mature people), Card Captor Sakura(absolutely cute), and Rurouni Kenshin :)
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Have anyone watch Ouran Host Club? if not it's hilarious, i really recommend it. (some hot bishies :lol: ) i think there up to eps. 7 rite now.
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    Any manga readers?

    the drama for mars was kinda of a snoozer... <_< i also like the manga more.. :D the guy who played rei was hawt. :wub:
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    ::ahem:: photoshop is giving me a headache... <_< okie, i got the numbers from the front page n insert it in the 3 blanks and all, but after that, i go to install but where is the install button??? :blink: (maybe i eyes hurt from staring to long at the keygen :P ) when i click on the photoshop...
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    little boy from Ju-ON

    dat boi is more creepy than scary, :) but he is also cute without all of the black make-up, though. ^^;
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    wat's KIBA? give me some feedback on it. *anyone is welcome to :D * also did you guys hear that the prince of tennis ova 1 came out yesterday. :) yea. no where to d/l -_-
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    Japanese Stars

    *blows whistle* damn they reallie change. their like a ninja in disguise :ph34r: ^_^
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    i second you on dat!!!~i wuv tezuka.~hawt hawt hawt. :wub: :wub: my fav anime is one piece and of course prince of tennis. :D
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    Matsumoto Jun

    aw*repeats*he's so cute. :wub: i just wanna pinch his cheeks :D :D gosh, ur are so cute. :D :wub:
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    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    yul is so cute... :wub: i just wanna pinch his cheeks :P shin seems more mature -_-
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    why go to college?

    i want to go to college b/c my parents lived on welfare to support my 5 other siblings... i don't wanna live like that so i want to build a better life. ^_^ v
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    Kyoko Fukada

    in the picture you posted above she looks very innocent <_< maybe i always went for bad girls, they are much funner... :P
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    Bio Booster Armour Guyver

    hey i wanna see it, can you tell me where you saw the pictures from? ;)
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    [KBS] Autumn in My Heart

    yep, it's destiny,alrite :lol:, i don't like how their voices are in the drama. <_< *anyone elses agrees wit meh.*(for the hmong version only)
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    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    Go to, they are hosting the whole goong series starting 4rm 1 and so on... :D
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    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children be a member first, though ::::credit to nameless for telling me that :ph34r: :::: :D
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    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Is there gonna be a game done on the movie because about a month ago i went to hollywood videos or something like that and on the self was a display box with the movie pixes on it. it says "reservers yours now to play" EDIT... oh crap sorrie i think it was just the movie coming out in america...
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    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    in the manga version, peeps are saying that they want to burn shin's dad... :blink:umm... i think i'll be quiet since i haven't seen what happen yet in the manga hee...hee :sweat:
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    Hana Yori Dango

    okie, hana yori dango is kinda of a chick flick, rite, so one day i went to watch the drama with my little girl cousin. so as i enter the room, my boy cousin was watching it, too(he's about 15 or so and the day before he said to me that he thinks hana yori dango is for girls who desparately...
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    Any manga readers?

    i've heard a lot about from other sites "hot gimmick" is it good? and isn't tokoyo babylon shounen ai, confused a bit...