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    Thai Life Insurance Commercials
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    Pop Calories Blah Blah - Pah Ti Hahn Tee Raw Kauy

    this guy has a good voice but i've never heard of him,
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    What would you do?

    if your partner makes friends with someone of the opposite sex, at a shopping mall, gym or at school, how would you react? and what if he/she was better looking? and what if he/she wasnt any good looking overall see now, the average person would be jealous and feel insecure, though if you...
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    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    The Hmong, a minority group from Laos, began arriving in Australia in 1976, having fled their country after the communists came into power in Laos in May, 1975. Their population in Australia is very small even within the Southeast Asian population. By 1983 the number of Hmong in Australia had...
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    What has done to you?

    Well for me, it seriously makes me come here all the time and I got assignments and homework to do! :(
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    The Reagan!

    haha expected to see some hot guy huh? lol sorry! -delete I see you.... :shocked:
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    Pictures of latest thing you bought,

    I bought this siamese fighting fish for my friends 21st, + t shirt, check it out!
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    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    Ok people lets describe our ideal Lover, from detail! Keep in mind, we end up loving somebody totally different, yet we are happy anyways...and that is all that matters.... :sweat: Lets go! Name: Sex: Age: Nationality: Birth Place: Current Place: Eye Colour: Hair Colour: Hair Length: Hair...
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    Forget to zip your zipper?

    I never thought as I am older it would ever ever happen to me but a few days ago while walkin from my car to my lecture room it happen, i walked to my lecture room with arms wide open, my jeans are not baggy so it kinda spreaded open and I was walking around with air conditioner for my jeans...
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    R e a g a n

    Here are some songs, I'll keep them coming Random – I’ll try Akia – I still miss you usher – nice and slow usher - seperated usher – can...
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    Random - I'll try

    Download Here : Lyrics written up by the man himself Reagan! :sweat: - - - - Random - I'll try - - - - Oh Oh yeah yeah Gonna miss you,, gonna miss you I guess It wasn’t meant to be, no forever no you and me I wish it didn’t have to be this way, But I...
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    I'm curious about this situation, obviously nobody wants to be stalked or what not, but my question is what if the person stalking you is like very attractive and has good body figure, I mean would you pass that off? without experience I'd say Yes lets make it work! :sweat:
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    Escapees flag down wrong car Three escapees from a western NSW correctional centre managed to effect their own recapture yesterday, when they inadvertently flagged down an undercover police car for a ride. the odds of that
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    What does this mean?

    Can anybody figure this out?
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    Laos Ranked 172 down to 182

    The fifa world ranking of Laos has gone down 10 spots, oh wells =/
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    Love the World CUp?

    Then check this out before you start cheering next time
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    Check out this Sign

    So I was driving down the road and "WHAT THE"
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    how to act around girls?

    just copying the other topic, how do you act around the girl or girls you like, I just try to be prepared when I talk to her lol
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    How much you spend a week?

    How much you spend a week on average? I spend about $50-$70 on average, This includes petrol, food I buy at university and Lotto haha thats it, how bout you?
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    Wife Store

    The first floor has wives that love sex. The second floor has wives that love sex and cook. The third floor has wives that love sex, cook, and have money. The fourth floor has never been visited. not many people understood this one....