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    BEST COUPLE OF 2011-12

    guy and vill
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    BEST COUPLE OF 2011-12

    guy and view
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    Who is your favorite actress right now????

    in the 90's it would be mew lalita.. rite now my favorite are: ch7 min p ch5 view w i dont have a fav from ch3 but i like almost all the actress from there my all time favorite was pinky savika but now i just like her acting cuz of her scandel aom piyada
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    You Fav View Drama

    i want to watch kohn teun, do anyone know where i can watch it with eng sub? view is my fav actress from ch5. hope she get more lakorn and main role :)
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    [Ch9] Sao Noi (Exact & Scenerio)

    yay another lakorn of view. cant wait to watch
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    [Ch3] Sanae Ruk Poot Sao (Dee One TV)

    thankz alice for the pic and video... cant wait to watch it
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    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    little dok soke is so cute.. love this lakorn so far. cant wait for more
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    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    not chatchai - he too old, ruin the lakorn with jainie. need to retired pancake - dislike her, idk maybe her acting or just overrated poo - dislike her as nang ek, she cant act to me. she better off being rai
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    [Ch3] Sanae Ruk Poot Sao (Dee One TV)

    thanks for the picture upload
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    [Ch3] Sanae Ruk Poot Sao (Dee One TV)

    yay cant wait for someone to upload their lakorn
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    [Ch8] Thong Prakai Sad (RS)

    hope they sub this in english it seem interesting but i just dont like her role too many husband. im glad to c pinky again
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    Pinky Savika

    love pinky she one of my favorite actress
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    yards younger pic in her lakorn..

    she a cute little girl n now she grown into a beautiful woman
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    Joy SiriLuk

    she pretty, miss her on screne
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    Chuen Cheewaa Navy (Quiz & Quest)

    tui and yard r cute in here but i also like the supporting couple more... im just glad yard get to be n'ek
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    [Ch3] Sanae Ruk Poot Sao (Dee One TV)

    im glad to hear yard get another lakorn and she main lead yay lol. nat and yardthip are so cute. i caint wait for this lakorn hehehe :coverlaf: :dance1:
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    [Ch5] Marnya Rissaya (Exact & Scenerio)

    i hope it not pancake. im tired of seeing her in every where and every lakorn. give someone else a chance to be lead. bee is cool and im glad pinky get another lakorn, eventhough she playing n'rai
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    ❤️[ONE31] Si Nae Ha Saree (The One Enterprise): Sean Jindachot / Baifern Pimchanok

    i hope yardthip get to be lead. i havent seen her old lakorn, the only one i saw is the one she play with tui and first. i like her in those lakorn. just want her to get more offer
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    om and min r cute couple but i like om n sammie roles better. i like this lakorn it cute lol
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    [Ch3] Duang Taa Nai Duang Jai (Quiz & Quest)

    the grandfather r funny, i like his charator. boy r so cute to bad he didnt get no on at the end. first and yardthip r a cute couple in here. liking the lakorn hope yardthip get more main role