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  1. saobomp

    Thai Singing Contest Show

    I'm not sure the name of the show but I've been following it more since a Laotian lady by the name of Pat D. has been in this competition. She went all the way to the highest level #21 winning the grand prize money of 1 million baut. She had to quit school and left home at the age of 12 years...
  2. saobomp

    Tik Shiro Concert in ATL 10-8-16

    Anyone plan to attend his concert? Just curious :):):)! I was a big fan of his growing up hehe. I plan to attend with some friends and my siblings.
  3. saobomp


    Please take a few minutes to read and then go to Jai Lao in Facebook and like their page and go to Essay# 4 under note and like it as well. This foundation will surely bring a small and more knowledge to the small villages in our native country. We need as much vote as possible to win so they...
  4. saobomp

    Your opinion which actress should stick to n'rai roles

    My opinion that Joy R, Benz P, Ploy C should stick to n'rai roles because they are so good at it. I dont find them n'ek material... Aum P. could be n'rai too bc she has that evil look in her when she played mia luang.
  5. saobomp


    i recently saw this movie about this one team that was picked out to compete against other teams playing basketball. in order to get that goal there's fighting throughout to prevent each team from scoring. some teams cheated by using deadly weapons toward the good team... the main guy brother...
  6. saobomp

    Vairous movie being uploaded

    Just wondering if anyone know if these movies are in thaitv or on the media section being uploaded? if it's complete? maung bung jai - kob and john ngao jai - kob and brook plerng boon - chatchai and ann t ubat rak tihed - kelly t and numfon thanks! i was watching it on youtube but it's not...
  7. saobomp

    Poo Kanh Rueh Rae

    Does anyone remember this movie? Is there a remake? If so, who are the p'eks and n'eks?
  8. saobomp

    diet pills

    if anyone is interested in diet pills i know where u can get them. it really works hehe b/c my sister started it for 3 days and already it's helping... of course there's guideline for some people who has health issues. i have more info; if ur interested pm or email me at
  9. saobomp

    Hua jai nee pueh tur

    anyone remember this lakorn? it was 7 tapes long. p'ek was neung (he also sings album-hua jai sai kapook) and yui (the girl that played in bah daun jai with sam). something like p'ek dad was in love with n'ek's mom but didnt get together. well n'ek has a heart problem. at first p'ek didnt get...
  10. saobomp

    about weir it is true that he's????

    i donno if his is true but my sister just came back from laos. she said that her in laws said that on the magazine they read said he was gay... if he chooses that then it's fine but can someone confirm if it's true or is it just rumors???
  11. saobomp


    is it true that the queen of lao singer is touring in the usa? if anyone know where and when please let me know. i want to go to her concert. she's a great singer.
  12. saobomp

    Boran(Likit & Tik)

    I seen the preview of this boran in sarn's store. Can someone give me a summary? Is it good?
  13. saobomp

    Phet rung fai

    is this movie any good; can someone give me a summary? i seen a sneak preview at sarn's store...
  14. saobomp


    wondering if anyone knows any news on him. i love that guy. he has some great voice and great songs.
  15. saobomp

    Where does everyone reside in?

    Just wondering since we all come here to search for help or just for fun. I was wondering where does everyone live? I'm always looking to get to know fellow laotian friends. Thanks!
  16. saobomp

    kamin ka poon?

    anyone seen this movie? what's it about a short summary please???
  17. saobomp

    Wan morakot

    anyone remember this old movie? the n'ek now plays as mother in modern movie. i believe her recent movie is as khompai(in kob and chakrit's movie) best friend's mother... she was born with a ring i think. it gave power. they had said that she was ka la kee nee... she had the pa ya nak to help...
  18. saobomp


    anyone remember this back in the late 80s perhaps. i seen this one when i was a lot younger. n'ek was capture and torture b/c they knew that she was p'ek wife. had to do something with her getting married before the time and she turned into a monkey. she had 2 sons and they were the ones...