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    [Mainland] Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 (HunanTV)

    ^I definitely agreed! This is one of the best series I watched. I like how for the most part it stay true to the Qing history and the characters have their own flaws. Overall, it's a well-made series and the plot is very well done. The only complaint I had is the horrible CG effect in some...
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    Aff Taksaorn & Aum Atichart: The Perfect Match

    Both look great together!
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    Sudsapda January 2010

    Navin looks very mature now. He used to be very cute like Win.
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    The Myth (series)

    i've been super excited about this when i first read the news. HuGe is a great actor and I'm so glad he's the main lead of this one. I really liked the myth and it's great they're making it into a series. Can't wait until it air.
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    Pancake Khemmanit [Autumn in Korea]

    stunning photoshoot! pancake looks great in here and the scenery and quality of the pics are really nice. she sure know how to model.
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    Yardthip & Pinky [Two Hot to Handle]

    they both look similar that they can pass for sisters. they're very pretty in here.
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    Bee Namthip, Yui, Yardthip, Vicky, Pinky, Aff, Tangmo:Magnificent 7

    can't wait to see the rest of the pic. they all look great although it seems like they were all cut and paste onto the cover.
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    Pat Naprapa [Dolly Mania]

    the photoshoot spread turns out well. i like most of her pics.
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    Pang Ornjira [Look Good]

    i still despise thai's photoshoot with the over revealing outfits/bra showing. other than that, Pang looks great. I like her makeup and hair. just not a fan of the outfits.
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    I've been a silent reader in this thread for the longest time ever since this lakorn hasn't been aired. It's a great lakorn and I enjoyed it as much as all of you guys. Pinky and Wier does have tons of chemistry together. Both of them really played their character well. I'm not gonna say much...
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    Ashley Thao looks similar to Ann thongprason

    they don't look alike at all. I can't see any resemblance
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    Piny Savika: Sexy Spicy Girl

    Pinky has gorgeous eyes! I love her eyes. She looks kinda like Aff in the fourth pic and her best shot is the 5th pic.
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    Pinky Savika: See through your heart

    pinky looks gorgeous on the cover. not fond of the see-through clothes tho.
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    Chompoo Araya

    I like her smile on the cover but not very fond of the shoot itself. I'm tired of all the shoots with the bra showing. It's like overrated.
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Pinky look very pretty with that hairstyle. I like their drunk pics. Vier and Pinky look very dorky being drunk. can't wait until the lakorn airs. btw, thanks for sharing the pics.
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    Kob Suwanan Kongying & Pancake Khemmanid Jamikorn [Beauty Issue/Beauty Forever]

    they are gorgeous in the photos although i dislike Kob's bang.
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    Amy Klinpratoom [Mirror Mirror]

    thought her mole was missing and i was right. Amy looks pretty and elegant in the photos. She kind of remind me of Pok in the last few pics.
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    Benz & Tangmo

    That does NOT look like Tangmo in the cover. She looks so different and sometimes it's hard to recognize her. I missed her old look altho she is still quite pretty.
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    May 11th 2009 - 8 am - Last Peace Rally for GVP

    I went to the rally today. There were tons of hmong people and it was all right. I was there for maybe 2 and 1/2 hours.
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    Aum Patcharapa

    Aum looks stunning. One thing I noticed about the cover is that for most thai actress, the cover most of the time has the actress in a bra with a shirt/jacket over.