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    Welcome Back, sarN!

    boy bashers back lol
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    Muddie's Pics!

    you have a nice look muddie, I really like that...
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    raves are awesome man!!!!
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    raves are good man, LOL you suckk ning
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    Your 411

    hitting the 21 in a few weeks, god DAMN!
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    One Missed Call

    can somebody upload it? hehe
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    this Aof video is so sad!!!

    download VLC media player to view large majority of video files =) it works for this one also.... this song, damnnn its for both sex, nobody wants to act that way after being heart broken it just happens....nobody chooses how to react to heartbreak,.... IT JUST HAPPENS!!!!
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    ScArY!!!!!!! Global Warming

    that is a good trailer, upload it now! hehe
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    Hussein executed

    there is another solution to find out, but its difficult, just dial random iraq numbers and ask them personally,... get some first hand experience from the people themselves
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    Hussein executed

    Alot of people say he tortured and killed thousands or even more, I mean who here has proof, aside from the fact what they read on the internet and what the media says, so its information passed from one to another, Im not supporting no side, just wondering if he really did get executed, why so...
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    Sao Lao Bao Thai

    hey vanida, I want to be actor, where do I start? LoL
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    hey tang, goodluck, I remember when I applied to University Couldnt wait!!!!, getting in is the only fun part besides making new friends at uni, studying is the downfall =) tang, they say the ones your going to be friends for life are most likely the ones you meet at uni, who knows =)
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    **New Year Resolution 2007**

    2006 roll over to 2007 =) meet up with MUDDIE MURDA!!!!!!!!!
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    thats a ghetto pic =)
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    this makes me angry!

    be there for her, and make sure she doesnt get hurt again, not all guys are like this by the way, so smile soupansa....
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    I what?? nooo I said you got nice skin colour, I think its an attractive colour on asian girls what you on about! I should of saved that photo! =) and isnt that banner two guys? Waht the f...
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    OMG its SARN

    its ok sarath ur last name will change when I get my green card
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    The meaning of kiss

    kissings yuk after the first couple of seconds,
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    Moving to Laos

    there is make up, just not alot like in america and them western countries that rely on it. Laos doesnt need fancy stores nor fancy decoration, its got it all baby!