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    hmong scary movie.. my sister in law was showing me and my sisters this trailer and it scared the crap out of us!!!! it's a new hmong horrow made in the US...give me your opinions of this new horror..xD the name of the movie is "Hluas Nkauj Dab" link
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    song request..xD

    ummm..does anyone have the song 'Yeej Tsis Yuam Kev' sung by Tub Yaj on a mp3 file from his movie 'Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia' here's a video on youtube with the song..xD THANK YOU!!!
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    does anybody know this song!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE :wub: this song but i don't know who sings it and what the title is :( cousin saved it to my computer but i want to know the singer so that i can look for more of his songs! please help me ;) !!!!! here's the song..i uploaded it onto imeem... ^_^ there's a title and who it's...