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    [One31] Traa Barb See Kaw - Bie Sukrit / Fon Nalinthip / Pim Pimjira / Bam Pakakanya / Tawan Panwa

    Haven't seen any threads about this lakorn so I started one... if there is another thread admin please merge. One31 will remake a popular lakorn in the past, ตราบาปสีขาว / Traa Barb See Kaw (White Sin) aired back in 2010. The original version starred many renowned actors such as Tang Saksit...
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    Looking for a full synopsis of a lakorn

    Hi there asianfusers! I am looking for a detailed synopsis of an old lakorn aired back in 1993 named Chuichai (ฉุยฉาย). It starred Mam Jintara, Oh Warut as the main character, and from what my friend told me, Mam was a traditional dancer with a very sad life. I was really interested and wanted...
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    Ching Chang Remake

    Hi there! It has been 8 years since Ching Chang aired and in my opinion, this lakorn should definitely be remade. The storyline was a bit too crazy yet it was so exciting. It's not the typical lakorn where good people behave as if they were angels, every character has flaws and depths. And the...