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    Lao Boy Band "Awake"

    look we got some good looking ones! lol. kidding. pics are a bit small but that's all i can find. and sample their music. not bad at all ^^
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    Lao Entertainment Websites

    General Artists
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    Jen's Fashion Photos

    here are some of the works i'm quite proud of ^^ this one is of my newest work. it's a collaboration between myself and my co-producer, jane, of the school's senior fashion show. this dress is made specifically to open the fashion show and for the posters of the show. it's more of an artwear...
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    The Roomies

    I'm bored people...
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    Ong Bak 2

    credit to the nation. FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT High-kicking khon Thailand's action hero prepares for his latest role - melding the grace of traditional masked dancing with the aggressive moves of muay Thai More than a year has passed since action hero Phanom "Tony Jaa" Yeerum spiced up the big...