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    i don't know where to post this, but i need help. ok, do you know what it is call when you are a permanent U.S. having a green card only, but not a citizen and when you want to visit countries outside of the U.S. you need to do something like filling out a paper work? what form is that and want...
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    ch 7

    where cam i watch ch 7 lakorns? i paid to watch lakorns on iptv and since they have copyright issue with ch 7 i can't watch it. any solutions?
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    wat happen to ch 7 lakorns on iptv online?
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    wat happen to ch 7 lakorns on iptv online?
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    pok p.

    pok piyada looks dif in the lakorn with Aum. i know she is fatter, but she looks diff. Is it due to pregnancy, surgery, or just aging? how old is she?
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    do u know where i can buy modern dresses by thai designers? any websites to go to? those dresses like in the magazines.
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    mayura dubbed dis yet?

    has mayura translated vier/pancake's lakorn about singing yet? the lakorn where they have to stay in the house and get eliminated if they lose the singing contest. It is plik din thai
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    has Kwan goten bangs b4 like Pinky's bangs? Any pix?
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    site of khmer dubbed lakorns

    know any khmer dubbed lakorn sites cuz somehow e- bay dun have it any more? wat happen to those people at e-bay selling khmer dubbed lakorns?
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    how old is Jui? some people said she's old for her age like when she did a lakorn with cee. I think if she's around 24- 25 then I think she is not old for her age. I think she looks good for her age. There seem to be a diff bt asian and american people. Most white people look mature or...
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    I am so mad right now. People just pissed me off. Gosh, I hate those people. OK, i got into a car accident for the first time. I was driving straight and this parked car opened the door kinda wide and at the last minute so I hit his car. We exchanged info and I called the police like 7 or 8...
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    wat should i do?

    I'm so stressed out right now and i think i need to let it out and hoping u guys could gimme some advice. Ok, well I jus graduated in nursing. Trying to find a job in the East Coast and it's not what I expected. They offered me jobs that I am not interested in it and most of those jobs preferred...
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    can someone give me a lil info on this lakorn " bropnol likit (khmer title)" starring pupae, Au, cherry, worrarit? thanks!!! Is the khmer title same as the thai title ( Tarm Ruk Kuen Jai)? are they the same lakorn?
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    sorry this is not thai related. do any of u guys know anyone who took the NCLEX exam, a state board test for nursing? If you do, how did they study for it? my cousin took it and she failed, but she studied a whole lot for it. i hope i can cheer her up, but she is still depressed.
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    Nek Toh Snaiyha

    Is this lakorn any good- Nek Toh Snaiyha(khmer title) starring John/
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    ch 3 and ch 7?

    what do you think about ch 3 and ch 7? As for me, i really like ch 3 cuz they give people (new people) an opportunity and they do not cast the same people over and over again and they do not have da same people over again like ch 7! But i do like ch 7 too!!!!! Ch 7 seems to prefer within their...
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    Sombot Thow Doung Dara

    do you know what this series "Sombot Thow Doung Dara" is about starring Dom Haetrakul & Ramavadi Sirisukha and also khem, chatchai and his girlfriend? could you please give a short summary? Thanks!!!!
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    Mai Meung

    anybody know the storyline to Cheur Srok starring Andrew and Benz? It's an old lakorn. Is it good?
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    Ngao Asoke

    wat's the khmer title to Ngao Asoke (starring ek and aesiya)?