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    Aum Patcharapa

    she is so pretty
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    i don't know where to post this, but i need help. ok, do you know what it is call when you are a permanent U.S. having a green card only, but not a citizen and when you want to visit countries outside of the U.S. you need to do something like filling out a paper work? what form is that and want...
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    i think ann need to put some meat on her face. joy looks refreshing, youthful, and prettier than annin some pixs. if ann puts wt then she sure is pretty like joy
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    who's ann thongprasom's boyfriend?

    ann is almost in her 40s i know she is not close to early 30s
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    Rongram Pee (Exact)

    it has to be him? he must be tired or just woke up or getting older. Being a ghost won't make him like that. plus, he looks a lot older and can't deny it cuz he is older.
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    Jui Wattaraya & New Wongsakorn

    jui jus has sharp features n a big boned person. new is jus girly looking esp with da lipstick on n is a small guy n his features r not defined.
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    Poo Praiya & Oh

    sometimes poo's face is distorted. at times her face is much rounder and fatter while at times just look right like not too skinny or fat like healthy. poo doent always look great with photos. the other girl outshines her in this shoot.
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    dat girl with the red sirt has true religion jean on- the designer jean!
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    Tv inside hot Awards 2009

    aerin put on a lot of make- up 2, but view has more
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    Janie Tienposuwan

    it doesnt make a diff cuz she had it done a long time ago it is jus a matter of redoing it or not
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    Ploy Cherman Boonyasak & Others

    she has uneven eyes
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    Poo Praiya | Return Sexy

    i wonder how does a person look bloated unless it is called weight gain.
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    vill looks mixed caucasian right there....she is a few who looks good on certain pixs and on screen.......she is pretty but not always photogenic
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    ch 7

    where cam i watch ch 7 lakorns? i paid to watch lakorns on iptv and since they have copyright issue with ch 7 i can't watch it. any solutions?
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    Ann Alicia & Puri

    being skinny now it makes her face look weird. her face is like bony and she looks older. i dunno maybe the bangs. but u know her body is slim and she looks good like that, but she should have more meat on her face.
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    wat happen to ch 7 lakorns on iptv online?
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    wat happen to ch 7 lakorns on iptv online?
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    Pancake, Rita, & Others

    most of them r pretty and i think rita is not the most prettiesta. all of them have their unique beautiness.
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    tik got married!

    he isn't as attractive as b4. he looks old now and the girl she looks kinda old even with the bangs, but she is not ugly ugly.
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    Engagement Aom Phiyada 4-Jul-2009

    he is handsome in that pix and he looks better than his cousin i forgot his name i think puri.