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  1. sueliq

    hard subbing???

    Okay.. here's the thing. I wanna know if I am able to burn an avi file with soft subs? Or do I need to hardsub it first before burning onto a disc. If I need to hardsub it, what program would be good. Plz help. thnks in advance.
  2. sueliq

    mobile games

    I just got a samsung blast.. and I was wondering if anybody know where i could get some free mobile games, and how to install it. the ones that is preinstalled is wack.. thanks in advance.. B)
  3. sueliq

    Tickets to Cambodia

    I was wondering if you guys know of place that sells reasonable priced tickets to Cambodia.. and what airline is good?..<<it is so expensive I'm in DAllas, and i don't know if the airport here does international flights.. but plz help me..
  4. sueliq

    Help!!.. WinAVi converter

    I'm using WinAVI converter. v7.7 I'm trying to convert avi and wmv files but it pops out a error. "can't decode this file. Maybe the file is broken or the relative decoder is not installed." is anyone having this problem and what should i do??..