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    "Ridiculous" Lakorn Endings

    Ch. 5/Exact is just ridiculous. I've stopped watching their stuff for years now. Overwrought, melodramatic, draggy and nonsensical. I don't mind sad endings where they don't end up with one another or someone dies but it has to make sense. Like Joy/Num in Hak Liem Prakarn, them not ending up...
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    Mai is just so pretty. I like her a lot more after Tawan Tor Saeng even though Dome ruined that lakorn for me. No one can touch Pete's portrayal. Anyhow I loved this one right up until the rape. It was just too much and then it kinda went downhill after that. But before that it played more like...
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    [Ch3] Fai Nai Wayu (Tv Scene)

    I sorta remember this and it was boring. I think I only watched beginning and end for Chompoo, she was so cute back then. From what I remember it's mainly about the 2 brothers fighting. I think they're half brothers maybe. Anyhow Au set up Por so that he thinks he murdered someone so he ran away...
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    [Ch3] Yah Leum Chun (LakornThai)

    I'd love to see Aff and Tik again even though I could do without the remakes. Since its LakornThai, they mainly work with Janie, Ann and Cherry right? I could see it being one of those 3. And then Yaya and Aff had 1 with them? So there's always that possibility
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    [Ch7] Tawan Tor Saeng (Polyplus)

    Mai is so pretty and I like her Rasa better, she's a bit spunkier. Kobe's Rasa was just so self-righteous at the end I hope that doesn't happen here. But Dome and the new Pakapong is a fail. Pete was perfect and so suave. This one comes off immature.
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    [Media] Koom Pah Kham (Media of Media)

    I've been watching it on YouTube but don't think I will continue it. The story annoys me. I do not blame Joy at all, all of this is the dad's fault. Put a sane person in a psych ward and yeah they'll go crazy for sure. They've been calling her crazy as a little kid when she wasn't and who does...
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    They look good together. And finally Mai gets some feisty roles, this one and Tawan.
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    [True] Autumn in My Heart (True Vision)

    Noooo not Tik! I want a reunion of him and Aff and obviously that won't happen here. But besides that the story sucks. It was incestuous and the ending was dumb as hell but typical melodramatic kdrama. The only positive was Won bin's role. N'ek died from cancer and the p'ek died cause he got hit...
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    [Ch3] Kaen Sanaeha (Who & Who)

    Pat's adorable but seriously it makes me uneasy that teens are in adult roles with adults. It'd be different if they were both teens. It's skeevy even though lakorns have no real kisses or love scenes but just no. And it's no big loss. His lakorns have been flops the last several years. Even...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Khun Tao Fah (Citizen Ken & UMA 99)

    I thought it was tacky the exes tried to get back with him at the funeral. His mom was barely cremated, they could've given it a day or 2 lol.
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    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    Ok I'm actually cheating here cause I don't know the title myself but figured one of you gals would. I saw the preview on youtube awhile ago and now I can't remember the title to watch it again. All I know is: N'ek is Oui Suthita (she played Ying Yor in Sai Rak Sai Sawat) and her name is Tien...
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    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    Janie looks pretty as the strong twin. I don't think we're supposed to take any side but the side that wants n'ek and p'ek and to end up together like all the other lakorns. :coverlaf: Most "revenge" lakorns aren't justified for reason or another. I have yet to find a lakorn where the reason for...
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    Ahh the teaser looks good. Kim and Nadech look like they might have chemistry but the clips are too short to say for sure. Storyline wise, I don't mind it that much. Let's face it, half of the lakorns have p'eks emotionally cheating on their current significant other cause they fall in love...
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    I can't wait to see the teaser for this and hopefully this airs this year.
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    [Ch5] E-Sa (Exact & Scenario)

    Weird, Noon was in the old version too. Although she wasn't E-Sa, she played another character. And there really isn't a p'ek, E-sa has a few husbands. This is one of those stories that concentrate on the entire life of a character, it's not really a love story with pranangs. Her kid, could be...
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    [Ch3] Raeng Pratana (Lakornthai)

    The pictures are seriously adorable. And finally Kim has a nice age appropriate wardrobe. I hope this is the breakout role for her and that Kim/Nadech have some chem.
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    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    I got the impression from the article that Tinah posted that it's a brand new newbie, not one we've seen before and he's like we'll let you see at the opening. Noon was never in consideration for Majurat. He understands Aff had to pull out, she talked with them before she got married. He said...
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    A Case of the Cheating P'ek

    Well most of the time p'ek is usually cheating on his current girlfriend and n'ek is the "other woman." Then they try to play if off by making n'rai a crazy bitch or the current girlfriend is supporting and saintly so lets p'ek go. I'd like to see the current girlfriend not be crazy or saintly...
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    Aff - Songkarn Wedding

    Aff was stunning in that one shoulder blush dress. Reminds me of a Vera Wang dress a few seasons back. The white one I agree is more Grace Kelly but it's a bit too fussy. As is all the flower so I think I like the simplicity of the wedding at Songkran's place more. Their video is absolutely...
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    [Ch7] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (DaraVdo)

    So does anyone know for sure if this is a remake of Johnny's lakorn Nangfah gub satan?? I loved the old one cause even though it was about revenge somehow Johnny infused his character with comedy. I think the rape night was the only time it was really intense and dramatic. All his interactions...