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  1. judyp

    looking for Roy Leh Sanae Rai

    my all time favorite and im looking to buy. anyone? thanks.
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  3. judyp

    Free KFC Meal!!

    hey everyone. i just got this message from a friend this morning. oprah just bought the ENTIRE country a free meal at KFC. it is a limited time download: go here for more information: FREE KFC COUPON now go print it and grab your free meal!! woohooo thank youuuu oprah!! :) ps. i went to the...
  4. judyp

    At Least 61 Killed in Nightclub Blaze such a sad story to hear when waking up this morning. my prayers go out to all the family and loved ones.
  5. judyp

    topic view settings

    i swear i didn't change anything, but when i click on a topic, the replies are listed as like an outline format. it doesn't all show. instead it shows the topic and then a list of links that are responses from others (basically). i have to click on each individual response to read it. am i the...
  6. judyp

    I need song recommendations

    Okay, I have lots of Thai song that I've incorporated into CDs. Apparently, I've "outplayed" all the CDs in my car so I'm trying to put some more together. :) I haven't bought any Thai albums for awhile now and it has been awhile since I downloaded any songs. Just wanted to hear some...
  7. judyp

    Contact Lenses

    I've been wearing glasses for about 2 years now. I don't wear them all the time, only when I absolutely need them, such as when I'm driving at night. Anyways, I was doing clinical work at the hospital for school and realized what a pain the ass my glasses were. They kept sliding down and...
  8. judyp

    what is/are your career goals

    this topic was inspired by the topic about working in the hospital setting. please share your career goal(s) or if you've already reached your goal(s), how are you liking it and is it what you expected? im currently in my first semester (summer) of nursing school and will be done by the end of...
  9. judyp

    Janie Tienphosuwan

    Profile: Full Name: Janie Thienposuwan Nickname: Janie Birthdate: 11 September 1981 Status: Single Height: 167 cm. Weight: 46 kg. Favorite Food: Chocolate Education: School of Communication Arts, Department of Advertising, Bangkok University Sport: Horse, Fitness Status: Single TV Drama...
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    i notice a lot of availability of programs for windows. im the odd ball w/ the mac. just wondering if you guys have any programs for macs. i know apple is making soo much money off of people like me because of compatibility issues. anyhow, i would like iwork if anybody has it. :D :D but if...
  11. judyp

    Bride Price

    In case some people do not know, bride price is a payment in cash and/or goods from the groom and his family to the bride's family. I know the standards today are different from the past, but what is your overall thought on it? In the past, bride price helps determine the status of the groom's...
  12. judyp

    avatar setting

    okay, i've used it before and changed my avatar to what currently displays. now im trying to change it, but apparently it's not displaying it. if i go to avatar settings in my control panel, it shows my changes, but as i look at my profile, it has the avatar that i want to get rid of. help anyone??
  13. judyp

    janie tienphosuwan

    anyone knows who shes dating? i've been reading that he's not attractive, so im just curious. any pictures of him? also, any news of upcoming work?? thanks. ^_^
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