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    Ploy Cherman & Ananda Everingham

    this reminds me of the 1993 cover of Rolling Stone magazine of Janet Jackson's own breasts being covered by the hands of her then husband. LOL...
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    ploy dome back together?

    It's so obvious these two haven't gotten over each other..still looking at each other lovingly and totally smitten
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    ploy & golf not over?

    Ploy & Golf just’s not over says inside source March 14, 2009 The Entertainment industry is known as “Maya” - now we all know what that means. Maya is just an illusion - it’s not real. Just like the relationship status between “Ploy” Chermarn and “Golf” Pichaya - is not real...
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    Dome has a new girl?

    so i found this article on this website which states that Dome is admitting to pursuing a relationship with Cartoon Intira.
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    Interesting....Dome V.S. Golf?

    so here's a new article posted about the whole dome, ploy, golf thing. It's actually quite entertaining to read. And if I can say so myself by reading between the lines, do I need say I sense a little bit of jealousy coming from Dome? -_-...
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    Ploy’s Mother Reveals What Really Went Down

    ;) Referring to Kwan and her mother and all the drama that's been mentioned about them recently and in the past....the old saying goes "the apple does not fall far from the tree" Kwan needs to find a way to move on and her mother needs to stay out of other people's business. So what if Ploy...
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    Forbidden Love/Relationship

    I know of a similiar situation like this. Back in high school, there was a girl who I knew of as a Vang, but then after she graduated she married a vang? I was like WTF? Then my mom told me she is really a yang, but took on her stepfather's last name Vang when her mom remarried after her dad...
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    Actors That Don't Look Their Age...

    I think the aging process has a lot to do with genetics and lifestyle. If you live a healthy lifestyle and have the $ to do it well, of course you will look like you age gracefully and if you have good genes to go with it, that further slows down the aging process. And not only that, but people...
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    Dome cheating on Ploy again?

    yes, indeed, it just goes to show how they too are just 'normal' behind all the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry
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    Dome cheating on Ploy again?

    look at this link y'all and translate for me please. If it is what I suspect it to be, it's no surprise. I just never get why some women choose to go back to cheating liars? Especially the beautiful women who can be with any guy they want.
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    Dome and Ploy

    If they really are back together, good for them. One of the few thai celebrity couples that I admire. They still seem so in love though.
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    Dome and Ploy

    Really back together again? I can't read thai, so if someone could please translate this into english.
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    Dome and Ploy

    I'm confused....r they back together or not? Or is it just wishful thinking for Ploy?
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    Dome and Ploy

    Here's a few pics of them back in their happier days together at a magazine photo shoot in no particular order.
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    Thai tennis star Paradorn set to marry former Miss. Universe

    here is the link:
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    Jail possible for Thai king insult

    The punishment should defintely fit the crime. 75 years in prison is just proposterous. That seems more like a sentence that should be given to the pedophiles who exploit the children of Thailand.
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    Utt Utsada

    :yahoo: Finally!!! After all the pics of beautiful ladies, a man posing in the buff and erotic positions! hhahaaa...sexay! I think I just had an orgasm. Love it! I hope there is more to come! :drool: :clap:
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    ploy and dome getting a massage

    My favorite couple in the thai entertainment industry! I hope they remain together in years to come. I couldn't picture either one of them with anyone else!
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    Marsha Wattanapanich pregnant?

    This is a link to an article displaying pictures of Marsha with a visible bump on her midsection indicating that she's possibly pregnant?
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    Pics of Dome and Ploy on vacation?

    There's some recent pics of Dome and Ploy on vacation in Germany I think it is. Here's the links: